SDTEKKEN Will Interview Maxi Milian!

Maxi Milian is supporting the Tekken community with South Korean news as well as Bloodline Rebellion videos. David agreed to be interview by you, our readers. As usual you have 7 days to submit your questions to our guest. Go to the comments and post!

33 Responses to SDTEKKEN Will Interview Maxi Milian!

  1. Cyrox says:

    MAXI! Why so famous !?

  2. The Invincible says:

    How did you get to work in South Korea? ^__^

    Might be a bit personal so you can choose not to answer if you don’t want to.

  3. Colin says:

    Are you gonna live in South Korea forever?

  4. Fredrik says:

    What has suprised you the most during your stay in korea in a tekken perspective ?

  5. filodude says:

    Do you work there? Do you study there? How old are you? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

  6. Yakub says:

    Hello maxi i am so grateful that there is a person like you in this world that is supporting tekken and gaining others by supporting it to i always wanted to come south korea to play and live tekken in the no.1 country in world i have no challengers i have no friends that play tekken basically i just watch green arcade videos, gosu and crash matches and that is to with our korean tekken players maxi i wish i could meet you in person and praise you for what you have done for me every time i will think of you and say to my self i will meet maxi and praise and thank him for all the absoulute hard work for the dedication and for the love of tekken and thank you so much that i will say to my self i meet maxi and the korean tekken players and keep it as remembrance for the rest of my life^^ thank you so much once again maxi for every thing you have done from the start thank you^^

    • Anirban says:

      Same here bro, “i have no friends that play tekken basically i just watch green arcade videos”. So sick man hardly few even know about Tekken here and then worse only a handful play seriously. Even they are no match for me :(

  7. Colin says:

    What has starcraft 2 done to u and the korean tekken fanatics

  8. XelNaga says:

    In your opinion, can the US support a healthy competitive tv show like Tekken Crash or starcraft, or is the Korean community that intertwined that it would not be successful.

  9. macshady23 says:

    in your own opinion, whos the best tekken player?

  10. av kazama says:

    Hi Maxi, it’s good to see that you’re getting more exposure since you’ve contributed so much to the community! anyways, who is your favorite person to watch in Korea play?

  11. k.d.e says:

    have you tried hitting on the tekken crash girls? lol.

  12. yup yup says:

    Your thoughts about the gap between Korea and US.

  13. Wayne88 says:

    Korean and Japanese girls, Which are the hottest?

  14. keke says:

    Why did you change to Bob?

  15. VenoM362 says:

    What’s the craziest thing you have seen in Green Arcade?

    Has anyone ever gotten in a fist fight over Tekken there?

    Has anyone freaked out cause they lost a match or got demoted?

    Has anyone gotten so upset that they ran out of Green Arcade crying with snot flying out their nose?

    I’m just asking…

  16. keke says:

    Ask him about racism in korea

  17. coilover2005 says:

    I noticed there’s some pretty funny and outrageous moments in some of your videos. Whats the funniest thing you’v’e experienced in Green Arcade to date?

  18. Although you spend a lot of time at green arcade, you don’t seem to play much yourself. Why is that?

  19. TCO-TheOne says:

    What was your first thoughts going into green arcade and how has it affected you since than.

  20. TCO-TheOne says:

    If you were in Tekken Crash who would your partners be and why?

  21. Yakub says:

    maxi what are the players thoughts on tekken collabarating with sf and what do the players think of this project namco are doing with capcom with both versions?

  22. Forest says:

    Can Japanese players qualif for Tekken Crash or is it Koreans only?

  23. Highlander says:

    First off, thanks for the vids :) been in the community for awhile and I remember u even did the ftp stuff back in the day. I was just curious what the mannerisms are in the arcades in Korea? Are they generally nice to new people? Or do you basically have to have some sort of acquaintances in order to be able to hang out with the people in the arcade? Anyway, thank you again for the support, don’t know how much props you get but man! You are definitely one of the people who make the tekken community stand out, so again, thank you for everything that you do for the community :)

  24. Anirban says:

    How old are you? Where do you see yourself five years from now? And this one came just out of curiosity – How much money do you players win from tournaments on an average? =)

  25. Anirban says:

    Can only Korean players play in Tekken crash or is it a global platform? Is it compulsory to play on stick in Tekken crash? What about those who are used to playing on PS3 remotes?

  26. snuffkin says:

    what urged you to cover tekken?

    who is your favorite tekken pro player? (asides rain if he is your fave)

    if there will be another event match in tekken crash, who do you think should battle?

    do you think tekken crash should import international teams, like maybe from the us, japan or europe?

  27. qwerty says:

    what are the names of the tekken crash chicks?

  28. RC says:

    Who is, in your opinion, the most handsome Tekken-player?

  29. Wayne88 says:

    Korean and Japanese food, which is the best?

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