NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII

Once again the gates will open for Europe’s longest running and most prestigious Tekken tournament. The UT team and NSTARGAME presents…

NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII

To ensure the highest quality possible, the 144 man tournament will be played on iiyama lag free monitors. With players from all over Europe as well as international guests from the US, Korea and Japan attending, this epic event will surely make its print in fighting game history.

The date has been set to November 13 and the location Paris, France. The combatants will compete for a prize purse of 1200 EUR with the addition of items from sponsors, and of course the honor of being a UT Champion!

We hereby welcome you to follow this great events with us through our live webstream and witness a magnificent piece of e-sport history!
For further info and media, visit nsut.tekkenarena.com.


15 thoughts on “NSTARGAME Ultimate Tournament XII

  1. Nobi [JP]
    Furumizu [JP]
    Malgu [KR]
    Sun Chip [KR]
    DanielPhoenix [VE]
    JustFrameJames [US]
    (NYC) Fab [US]
    FilthyRich [US]
    WayGamble [US]
    insanelee [US]
    Rip [US]

      1. uhh? yeah you post this so that you would like to see good korea vs japan matches like these old ones at m.l.g.

    1. best thing i’ve heard so far, it’d be hilarious if it happened, but if it does happen i’m bettin on major rants like europe got lucky seeding like in WCG lol

      yeah, there’s always a reason when someone loses

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