MLG Dallas Is Here!

The MLG Dallas weekend is finally here! Get ready for the Pro Circuit final battle with participants from all over the US, as well as some big names from Korea and Japan featuring Knee, Nin, AO and more!

If you are interested in using a chat while watching the stream, JUMP HERE.


19 thoughts on “MLG Dallas Is Here!

  1. Well…JDCR just got the boot by NYC Fab.

    BTW, their having all these good high level matches right now but their not showing them. WTF MLG?

    Knee just shut out AO and took him out the tournament.

    Guess VenoM362 will have to catch these matches later when posted.

    I’m just saying…

  2. 5 Koreans, 1 Japanese, none in Top 3!

    Wow, US putting in major work today.

    Good job and Props to all players.

    1st: Anakin(Jack-6)_ATL


    3rd:NYC Fab(Miguel)_NYC

    VenoM362 loves watching Kor go into rage mode,lol.

    Ladies & Gentlemen…THE GAP HAS CLOSED!!!!!!!

    …Atleast as far as this tournament goes.

    I’m just saying…

  3. Anyone who wants the top 8 here it is…

    1st: ATL Hoa (aka Anakin)

    2nd: Kor

    3rd: NYC Fab

    4th: Knee

    5th: Nin

    6th: Crow

    7th: AO

    8th: JFJ

    BTW, Anakin gets some SICK PRIZES.


    A trip to Japan and Namco studios

    A Tekken 6 BR arcade

    And more!

    That lucky Bastard…

    I’m just saying…

      1. koreans didnt place so some people are already concluding that USA is the best in SSF4 and Tekken 6.

        don’t get me wrong i ain’t hatin or bein a fanboy, it’s a single tournament but what’s for sure is USA’s game has been improving

    1. LOL just bec. of that won your gonna say US is the best in TEKKEN 6, WTF?? how old are you?? thats the 3RD tournament US won since DR kiddo, the rest is either won by koreans or japanese.

  4. On behalf of Anakin, I’m his father, very proud of him
    and thank you for all of you, who supported my son,
    All those years since Anakin only 9 years boy this tournament is the biggest tour of his time. I think he
    did got what he dream of. I want to share my happiness
    with all of you, who has known him within 10 years until now,Porkchop, Bryan Nichol, Bane and a lot of
    his friends around Atlanta and some other state as well.

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