Americans defended Dallas!

Six Asian players in an American T6 tournament and none of them in top 3? Impossible is nothing! Anakin from Atlanta became the first Major League Gaming Pro Circuit National Champion, winning $12,500 and lots of other prizes. Kor from Texas and Fab from NYC took 2nd and 3rd place, placing higher than Knee (4th).

1st – Anakin (USA)
2nd – Kor (USA)
3rd – NYC Fab (USA)
4th – Knee (Korea)
5th – Nin (Korea)
6th – Crow (USA)
7th – AO (Japan)
8th – JustFrameJames (USA)

Also, don’t miss the Sunday’s 3v3 competition!

65 Responses to Americans defended Dallas!

  1. Devil Kazuya says:

    Props to Anakin and Fab! Very solid play.

    about Korean and Japanese players… They can’t win every US tournament, when the game is called Tekken 6.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      LOL , Was that a stab at SSFIV ????

    • Caliscrub says:

      It seems none of the top players can dominate in T6.

      I want to quote what Rain had to say about BR.

      “All the new elements in Tekken 6 like bound, bound after low parry, item moves, rage, floor and wall breaking makes it easier for new players to approach the game. And that is very good because it makes it harder for the masters to win. My goal is to win but playing more people is a higher priority. Rage adds more variables to the game and makes the outcome more uncertain so in my opinion it makes the game more fun. The reason I don’t like TTT is because the better player will always win, this game lacks variables and uncertain outcomes. This is boring, why even have a tournament in TTT? Just skip the whole thing and give the best player his prize so everyone can go home (-_-). Because the outcome in BR is uncertain the game is more fun and exciting.”

  2. DrBhup says:


    The gap is closing..!

    * Lol

  3. Ashesfall says:

    anyone have a page or youtube channel where i can see all the fights?

  4. rio says:

    gap has closed…

    anakin=national hero

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    I have a new found respect for Gaming tournaments, this was my first Tourny ever and i have to say, it was amazing.

    I loved the atmosphere at MLG , so many famouse faces that i have come to know over the years,I got to meet Katsuhiro Harada, that was probably the highlight of my year. it was simply amazing experience, im glad i didnt miss it .

    Not to mention, i got to meet the SD tekken Crew, Filthy, Markman , Bronson, and so many others.

    Bronson give me a year to train with an arcade stick, cause what happen up there was straight up bullshit ! LOL. Ill be ready next year.

    But for anyone up here that hasnt been to a Big tourny like MLG, do yourself a favor and go, you wont regret it. so many matches, so many girls, so little TIME !!!

    Got to meet NIN, JDCR, HOLEMAN , AO , Knee , MYK, RIP, NAPS, PORKCHOP.

    MARKMAN and FILTHY were Hella cool, for guys that keep booting me off the site LOL.

    It was Just awsome !!

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    The gap isnt closing, But i will say that, there are more better players from the U.S now than there were a couple of years ago, cause that match between NYCFAB and Knee, was real tight Knit.

    NYC kept cool under pressure.

  7. rio says:

    btw anakin is asian but us asian

  8. 9thpixel says:

    The gap is closing for the select few top players in America, but we Americans as a whole still need to level up. Very fine way to end this year’s MLG. Hope for a next year.

  9. Zero says:

    lol Anakin is clearly asian. He’s either a malaysian or filipino.

    In the end it was an asian guy who stepped up for america.

  10. jns90 says:

    Only Asians Dominate Tekken full stop!!!!

  11. Cosmoslayer says:

    What’s Anakin’s character? Vids?

  12. J3J3K1ll3r says:

    An ASIAN helps America defend Dallas from fellow Asians!!

  13. MonsterP says:

    VIETNAM >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Korea

  14. k.d.e says:

    GG Anakin

  15. firsthingsfirst says:

    team vietnam >>> team korea!!!

    ^just like that quote from RAIN stated…

    the gap has closed, at least in T6BR between a FEW american players and the international players.

  16. rio says:

    i believe there was a mistake on mlg main page>3v3 anakins team beat team korea as well as in singles:

    In competitive sports, it’s not always true that the best player or team wins the championship. But it definitely was the case here in Dallas. This tournament belonged to one man and one man only, and that man was Anakin from Atlanta.

    He teamed up with Bronson Tran (Julia) and Trungy (Steve) to form an all-Vietnamese-American team, and although they were expected to do well, it was hard to believe that anyone would be able to beat the all-Korean team of Knee (Bryan), MLG D.C. Champion Nin (Steve), and MLG Columbus Champion Holeman. It would be almost insane to predict that a team would beat them twice.

    As it turned out, not only did Anakin’s team beat the Korean team twice, but Anakin himself was responsible for five of the six games needed to secure the Championship. In the Winners Finals, he brought his team back from the brink of elimination by getting dominant wins on Knee and Nin in a clutch situation.

    When it was time for the Finals, Anakin wanted to put the Koreans out early by riding his momentum from the Winners Finals. Anakin’s team switched their order to let Anakin go first, and he delivered, making short work of three of the very best players on the planet.

    Congratulations to Team Vietnam, and thanks to all the competitors who made the 2010 Season such a roaring success!

  17. imlinked says:

    wow, i just witnessed the OCV over youtube. that was some performance!

    I figured the Anakin’s singles victory, while well deserved, may have come from the uncertainty and random nature of Tekken 6…

    after seeing his Jack in action during the 3v3 tourney, I realized just how much of a beast he was.

    not many can beat 3 of the best players in the WORLD, nin, knee, and holeman (quite possibly the best Steve, Bryan, and Lars… all top tier btw) in a row… moreless get 2 PERFECT rounds off Knee in a single game.

    anakin’s play completely locked these players down… it was almost frustrating to see these great players unable to do pretty much ANYTHING while playing against his jack.

    grats on the victory!

    • john doe says:

      i’m still not convinced he’s better than knee until they rematch 1vs1 first to 3 cuz beating knee in team tourny doesn’t prove he’s better, even bronson tran dominated anakin in 3vs3 at mlg dc, he didn’t win a single round. and knee eliminated him in 1vs1, knee lost the first two matches then beat him afterwards at mlg dc.

      btw, fab can beat him with bob, but not miguel. fighting gm and jfj can also beat him, so he’s lucky he didn’t have to face them. also, let me inform you ignorants that holeman plays more WoW than tekken that’s why he lost his to a scrub eddy and steve player and got eliminated by jdcr. and jdcr eliminated addung, knee eliminated nin. and jdcr lost cuz he used bryan and he’s not that good with him.

      • rio says:

        who ever said anakin was better than knee?

      • imlinked says:

        dear john,

        i don’t know why you’re getting so offended. i applauded Anakin’s victory, nothing more nothing less.

        the players themselves didnt make excuses… i don’t know why you’re making one for them.

        you make it sound as if anakin didnt deserve the win due to x, y, and z factors. well, that’s just how tourney’s are – tough luck. i thought anakin had an excellent jack going on there and that’s all that matters.

      • firsthingsfirst says:

        dude, why are you making excuses for the koreans? YOU KOREAN FAN BOY! were you actually there at the tournament? have you even played against the koreans before? theyre not invincible you know. and if holeman plays WoW now he shoulda joined the WoW tourney instead of tekken Lawls

      • john doe says:

        i’m not making excuses for the koreans, especially nin, he really beat him. just saying he didn’t prove he’s better than holeman cuz he only beat him one game and holeman wasn’t at top shape due to WoW addiction. and that he’s not better than knee cuz that was a 3v3 not 1vs1 first to 3, knee could’ve done an epic comeback like he did against bronson tran in loser’s bracket and anakin at mlg dc where he was down 0-2 then came back 3-2. i’m actually glad he beat nin cuz i hate him, he’s arrogant. i’m just irritated that some people make him out like he’s the best in the world when he didn’t face the players who beat him before (gm,fab’s bob,knee,etc). that’s why i said he’s lucky. and yes i’ve seen gm, fab, and knee beat him at final round 13. i was at mlg dallas also. and seen jfj and knee beat him in casuals at mlg dc.

      • Mainstreet4ever says:

        John DOE what about JAPAN pwning Koreans in tournament?

        JAPAN OCV Koreans for FUN

      • xyz says:

        jdcr’s bryan is a tekken god in korea and if he’s not that good with him he wouldn’t have used him. to start with.

      • john doe says:

        so what if his bryan is a tekken god? have you seen the win ratio? it’s only 60+%, 600+wins, 350+ loss. he tacks experience. knee called him out for tekken god death match and he refused. bryan is just his favorite character, but he’s much better with heihachi and armor king. he was probably over confident that he can beat fab with bryan that’s why he didn’t change character after he lost the first match.

        you should’ve seen his bryan getting dominated by fab. that match was so boring. you can tell he could’ve done much better if he used heihachi or armor king. and btw, he doesn’t use his bryan in tekken crash. why? cuz he sucks with him.

      • xyz says:

        sorry john doe but his heihachi got bodied by fab earliter in casuals that why he didnt use him so your wrong yet again
        NYFab vs JDCR 1

        NYFab vs JDCR 2

        NYFab vs JDCR 3

        NYFab vs JDCR 4

      • john doe says:

        got bodied?? are you fucking retarded? the score is 5-4 in favor of jdcr’s heihachi! answer this u idiot! do you think his heihachi would’ve done better than his bryan? yes or no? you dumbass! and he didn’t even use armor king in those vidz.

        and btw, jdcr’s main is now armor king not heihachi that’s why he used armor king on tekken crash season 5 and he said on twitter that he’ll use him again for season 6. i’m sorry but you failed again dumbass! lol

      • xyz says:

        uh not going back and forth anymore america won korea lost get over it. lol

      • Cris says:

        I have to agree with John doe about JDCR main.

        I never seen him using Bryan in tournament except in MLG, maybe his stick was in bad state to play Heihachi.

  18. vinsor says:

    yeah i agree koreans ain’t tekken gods because they’re still beatable but no doubt they’ve got most of the best players out there, it’s still no starcraft broodwar in which they are truly gods of the game

  19. Copyninja says:

    T6BR movement is horrible that why you can spamm fast low a lot and Koreans can’t do anything about it.

  20. Schematic says:

    No tekken 6 movement is less noob friendly so you have to know what your doing. You don’t have ridiculous sidesteps where u just tap up and your behind someone. And also in this tekken you have to learn to backdash correctly. Don’t get mad because your a n00b. The reason why the Koreans can’t do anything about it is because they are afraid of the mixup. Jacks low moves has more range than anyone in the game speed wise as well. No one wants to get caught with a while rising 1 either… so logically a good player would eat the low instead of getting launched because they know anakin would recognize they are ducking and launch them. Also ff+1 is plus frames and locks down. Fully crouch d/b+1 is plus 9!!!!!!!! freaking 9 on hit and safe on block. Even with average spacing he can hit someone with d/f 2 from like range 3. Jack is a beast… he is easy to play at a higher level so in the hands of a pro its even more crazy. You can’t step him as much as you did before either and he has decent punish but his poking is what makes him great… like Miguel.

    • rio says:

      so you are going to take credit away from anakin’s performance and give it all to the character itself? Let me ask you this-> if jack is that good than why have we never seen a jack take tekken crash finals? what about all the great frame advantages of steve, bryan and lars? Are there any jack players in korea that are as well known like knee and nin?

      • Schematic says:

        How do u interpret me taking credit away from anakin. I said when you put a good character in the hands of a good player thats what happens. And tekken crash results aren’t the end all of everything tekken. Lili on paper is Godlike compared to 90 percent of the cast and you don’t see her in every tekken crash final. And people have made assumptions about jack because he is big and because of his weaknesses in the past.. no one every said he was bad or even average. Hell GM used to play him as a secondary and did extremely well. Tekken is a balanced fighter in many ways its only a few characters namco shit on. And made Lili so good because they have a thing for blonde haired blue eye jail bait lol.

    • rio says:

      in conclusion its anakins playstyle, knowledge of the game, and understanding of frames that got him to where he is today. i played anakin online one day by accident and the man is a monster. he was 3 steps ahead of me even before the match started.

      this game is not noob friendly (maybe you are refering to online). do you see tekken crash finalists originating from random out of no where? finalists are always well known like 3 witches, specialist, resurrection.

      • Schematic says:

        Also read my post…. I SAID TEKKEN 6 MOVEMENT IS NOT NOOB FRIENDLY. You should read peoples post before you make silly comments and 3 witches only got to the finals this year.. go back and watch again, specialist and resurrection however are common.

  21. Nhut Luu says:

    Hi all,
    I’m Anakin father, and if all of you know that how much
    time and trying Anakin put on Tekken game, you will give hime a better comments, he training by his Atlanta
    friends since he just 9, i, myself support and drove him
    any tournament he want to attend, I, myself stay with him like every day in arcade room everyday 4,5 hours just encourage him play Tekken better. With all his trying and really want to play Tekken day by day better also loved to be the best player, he deserve this time on MLG Dallas. I’m proud of him and love all Tekken player, specially Atlanta player.
    My English is not good enough please try to get use to.

  22. reno says:

    Anakin is dead. Its all about the HOA!!!!

  23. Nhut Luu says:

    Anakin of Tekken isn’t dead, ATL Hoa for USA and VietNam

  24. Nhut Luu says:

    OOp! ATL Hoa also for Atlanta

  25. firsthingsfirst says:

    how old is anakin anyways?

  26. extracheese says:

    Just to be fair, why hasn’t anyone mentioned the fact that there are people like “Mainstreet4ever” who also sound like a complete Japan fanboy? LOL Japan OCV Koreans for “FUN”? That’s the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. Stop trying to hide the fact that you are trying to exaggerate Japan’s level of Tekken by putting down Korea’s after the MLG event. Ao got demolished by Knee 3-0. Just admit it. In tourneys consisted of high lvl players, anything can happen. Even though Japan may have a larger player pool, if you watch the master cup videos on Youtube, you’ll see that Koreans do really well against Japan. So please stop trying to put the Koreans down just because Anakin won this one tourney. It’s just the beginning people.

    • rio says:

      mainstreet4ever is probably not even japanese>prolly just some fake to stir things up.

      i remember all those ao fanboys who thought japan was going to take mlg- where have all the fanboys gone? (in reference to post announcing ao is confirmed to mlg)

  27. Zero says:

    I heard holeman stopped playing tekken competitively because of WoW.. But no excuses o Knee and Nin though lol they got their cocky ass handed to them.

    Anakin is definitely korean level IMO props to you

    • john doe says:

      and no excuses that fab’s bob and knee beat anakin in 1vs1 and bronson tran pounded him in 3vs3 at mlg dc. he’s lucky he didn’t have to face them!

  28. fab says:

    Umm john doe thats not all the matches, cause I beat his bryan before that, than his hei which I think there is a extra vid of it, as well as raven. I played his ak after but it wasn’t recorded and it was bad. His bryan and hei are his best but I got the best of him in casuals hes still very solid and a cool dude. I just don’t see the point in so many people hating on everything.

    • john doe says:

      stfu imposter! you’re not convincing anyone to believe that bryan is one of his best. cuz it got owned by sun chip’s bryan, he didn’t win a single round lol. and fab owned his bryan. so how could you say that? after he lost to fab, everybody was talking about how terrible and boring his bryan was and they said he should’ve used heihachi or armor king. he won 3 in a row with heihachi in that vid. that’s proof his heihachi could’ve done better. and his armor king isn’t bad i’ve seen vids of it beating knee’s bryan and devil jin, malgu, holeman, etc. so shut up! and stop using fab’s nickname, you’re making him look like an idiot!

  29. David says:

    Seriously, all you dickheads on here just watch youtube matches and listen to avoiding the puddle and you think you’re some group of experienced tekken veterans. You don’t personally know any of the people you are talking about and you’ve never played them. Shut the fuck up

  30. filodude says:

    what can i say, all you americans want to be famous in everything.

  31. […] off of his recent win at the MLG Grand Finals event in Dallas… Hoa “Anakin” Luu from Atlanta signs with CheckSix Gaming to […]

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