SOUL: Introducing Odashima-san!

Does your SOUL still burn? Harada-san had one last treat for us for the holidays and here it is! We know at least one man’s soul is burning brightly with a new project. Introducing Daishi Odashima. Odashima-san is currently the game director for the upcoming Soulcalibur project. He began his love with the SOUL series playing the original Soul Calibur and eventually joined the development team for Soul Calibur III. He then went on to design for Soulcalibur IV and Broken Destiny on PSP. With Odashima-san’s new role, let’s all give him our best wishes! Follow him on twitter for the latest updates on the new project!

His first order of business? Letting everyone know…



16 Responses to SOUL: Introducing Odashima-san!

  1. concretebody says:


  2. Super Joe says:

    Bring us back to the glory days of SCII please!!!

    My Voldo has never been the same since =*(

  3. Aris says:

    My soul does not burn.

  4. Chaoz says:

    We had a good number of players in our arcade during sc2… its been gone since sc3 :(

  5. sn0wb00ts says:

    away for block plz, no more block button…..then i’d play as much as tekken. well maybe

  6. CK says:

    Greeaaat the only game he didn’t work on was the GOOD soul calibur (SC2)…yep here comes another garbage game with garbage add-on characters in an attempt to draw in extra people.


    Soul Caliber 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2

  8. Malice says:

    I have been loving all of this Soul Calibur talk that’s been going on today. The Soul still burns!

  9. […] continuar! E o Twitter continua a ser uma fonte de alegrias já que foi por lá que Daishi Odashima anunciou um novo Soul Calibur (do qual ele é diretor)  e Katsuhiro Harada divulgou um novo trailer de Tekken Tag Tournament 2. […]

  10. Beefmaster says:

    Never give up hope this will be a good game.

    Use this guy’s twitter to tell him how it is and what he needs to do to bring SC back to it’s glory days.

  11. mac says:

    Actually, I did enjoy SC IV so this’s an excellent news
    for me. I jus hope they’ll release like next year.

  12. deebo says:

    not really a fan of the series, but im happy for those who are. Respects Harada San for listning to his fans

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