Check out this hilarious clip that directly references TEKKEN. Hasamba 3 G is an Israeli TV mini-series that is a sequel to a popular series of pocket books written by Igal Mosinzon dating back as early as the 1950s. The direct references to TEKKEN can be seen here in this torture scene where they specifically name drop Heihachi Mishima and some other TEKKEN related names… Enjoy!


9 thoughts on “TEKKEN IN POP CULTURE: Hasamba 3 G

  1. Wow… I have no words..!!!

    This is an israeli kids show??

    They show electrical torture of people on a kids show??? And the whole scene is shown like it was lightheaded comedy???

    No wonder israelis are the occupants at Gaza and are treating palestinians like animals if this is the stuff they show to their kids and think of torture in an humorous way!!!

    Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DrBhup666, the hypocrisy of people like you truly knows no bounds. It’s an action show. In action shows people get into fights, suffer torture, blow stuff up and save the day. It’s fine anywhere else in the world, but god forbid Israel should have an action show. The likes of you all crawl out of their holes and start blabbering about Gaza and occupation.

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