New TTT2 Character Unveiled?

According to our friends at inatekken, the newest issue of Famitsu Magazine has a short feature on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 where they unveil a new character dubbed as “Jaycee” ! EDIT 12:42 AM – It is confirmed that “?” from the Christmas trailer is indeed “Jaycee” ! Thanks to The Lone Gamer’s tip, here are some pics of the article!


100 thoughts on “New TTT2 Character Unveiled?

    1. jaycee??? markman you have no idea how happy you made me not only we get some returning characters from TTT1 but also a new characters thats freaking awsome, i am really curious about his fighting style.

    2. Hey YO, is sd and atp loading slower for anyone else? It takes nearly 30-45 seconds to load now. Nither site works well with the PS3 anymore. These are the only two web sites that are slow out of the blue.

      You know whats up MarkMan?

      Something to do with the new black background (seem to start around that time)?

      I’m just asking…

  1. Namco has seriously gotta stop this, any more awesomeness and I might scream. I played the hell out of TTT back in the day and have it on my candy cab at home. I seriously can’t wait for this to come out and game with all you fellow Tekken peeps out there.

  2. Did they just simultaneously confirm both the new character as julia chang, AND reveal the return of Jinpachi?
    ma bwain hurts

  3. As far as i can see….harada isjust tricking us :P.
    he doesnt want us to tell who exactly she is.
    So fingers crossed.
    but once he showed the original Julia iwud b confirm that this girl is eitehr an Alter Ego of Julia or a new character..:D

  4. Seems too much of a coincidence that the character is jaycee (J-C) aka Julia Chang? Was hoping it was Christie since the massive overlap with Eddy.

    Nice to see the return of Jinpachi but I hope he just has “normal” moves and keeps away from his “demon form”.

    Also noticed the person above Law in the pic but it isn’t clear enough for me to make out if it is Yoshi, Kuni or even a totally new character !!! Great find !!!

    1. It’s a picture of Yoshimitsu. Actually it’s a picture of a figure of Yoshimitsu that is going to be made by Kotobukiya.

  5. In that pic of Jaycee on the bottom left hand corner she sure looks… Well she looks exactly like LEO does when Leo does that Oki move that smashes a grounded opponent, Hmmmmmm……..???

    If they’re related somehow and if this does happen to be Julia Chang… WTF. Ok stopping now. Too many interesting things I’m prolly WAY overlooking! =)


  7. Let me end all of the speculation right now. On Avoiding the Puddle Episode #14 Featuring Harada-San, Michel Murray, and the other guy (lol), Aris asked the question about characters that will be making a return to Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Michel Murray said, “All of the characters that you can see on the character select screnn in Tekken 6 will be making a return to Tekken Tag Tournament 2.” This includes Julia Chang!!

  8. I don’t think that Jaycee is Julia Chang i think that it might be Julia’s relative because Julia and Michelle were really close freinds to King and Armor King so I think Jaycee is a new character. AND HARADA COMFIRMED TO ME THAT THAT IS MICHELLE CHANG HE SAID SHE WAS IN MICHIGAN WITH HER MOM ‘TIL SHE DIED AND NOW SHE IS LOOKING FOR JULIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @ellijah gaddy just cuz i like jnpachi you change your name to jinpachisux and say something and then change your name to something else, to answer your own stupid comment,every time there is something new you asshole are the first one to open your disgusting mouth and trash talk about it cuz your fucking sick, hay its not my fault if people are ignoring you, no one wants to be your friend , cuz you are mentally sick and probably die alone

    1. @ellijak gaddy dude i swear god your the most annoying asshole….typing like me will get you no where u asshole, worthless crack head, u are still the same low life retard. u never change cuz your mentally sick

      1. well you know what all these people are saying about tekken tag 2 im trying to protect yo tail sittin here trying to talk about someone woth an idea and you dumb asshole you need to think this could be julia because this game is non canonical so there is no timeline so dumbass what do you have to say for yo fucking self huh cough it up cause you know im right

  9. Cant wait to play this game. Hopefully namco can bring back everyone from T1 leading up to T6. Also please bring back the classic mini games like Tekken Force Tekken Bowl etc.

  10. Jaycee huh?

    VeNoM362 is pretty sure thats code for Julia Chang.I’ll proably use Jaycee but Julia BETTER still be in the game,that’s one of VeNoM362’s girls.

    If for some dumb reason Julia is out, Michelle better be in the game with Julia’s move list at the very least.

    As for Jinpachi, thats cool as long as they balance him. Pretty sure he won’t like he was in TK5 and DR. If he is…that would be a giant pile of PANDA SHIT!!!

    If he is still final boss broken I’ll tell you what…

    He better not have a tag partner…or VeNoM362 will drop that motherfucker!!!

    I’m just saying…

    1. @VENOME it’s a tag team game of course he is going to have a partner and dont worry tekken is good at balancing the game some of his moves are normal just like other characters like 1,1 1,2 2,2 f, b+1 f+4 and… and his parry is similar to one of wang’s parry, his d/f2 is the best thing, but the most important thing is that he is easiest mishima to use out of all mishimas for pad players it’s not like this is MK game and midway is in charge of balancing this game, namco knows what they are doing trust me.

  11. Dunno why everyone is worried about Jinpachi being balanced. He’s clearly in his 100% human form and if he’s gonna be a normal character he’ll be balanced to hell and back. His DF+2 EWGF will most def. be changed to a normal f,N,d,df,f+2 like all the other Mishimas. Kuni is back apparently…wonder about Jun.

  12. omg fo real is Jinpachi Mishima really confirmed?

    In that case I hope he at least have WGF, and as NarooN said earlier in the right Mishima-notations for it.Maybe even EWGF, why not? He is the oldest Mishima in the game now!

      1. You’re either misinterpreting what he said or he just worded it oddly, but bound is still in, just modified.

  13. Why are people presuming that the *new* character is “J”ulia “C”hang?? If they are deemed a new character, they are not previously known to the series.

    Otherwise it would be like a pallet swap, akin to Christie and Eddy, even with slight move variations. Don’t be silly.

    1. It’s most likely just Julia with a new moveset, so she couldn’t be a palette-swap. Julia is friends with King and/or Armor King, so her going lucha-girl all of a sudden isn’t too far-fetched.

      1. you know what i don’t get you confirm julia and jaycee, im not sayin thats not julia but why would you confirm both harada at first

    2. are you new here little boy, are you lost??…..would you like some candy ??

      seriously man, its julia chang… * does a Flip * Okaay !

      1. Jun will always be the best and true ogre will be no match for me and (don’t laugh) lili and asuka

  14. oh yeah!makes sense that its julia..she slams her opponents alot anyway..and the “feather” details on the mask just shows the native american side of it

  15. man @tekkenlover im really sorry but you need to stop cursing at a thelve year old and if you do im done. if that was mean to you @tekkenlover im sorry about that 2

  16. wouldnt it be funny if michelle came back from michigan because her mom died and she knows when julia finds out that her grandmas dead then she will be devestated SO PLEASE BRING MICHELLE BACK BECAUSE JULIA HAS CHANGED HER STYLE AND MICHELLE WILL BE A RELIEFE FROM JULIAS CHANGE

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