*UPDATED* AOU TTT2 Gameplay Videos

First Tekken Tag Tournament 2 match videos from this year’s AOU are already available! Be sure to check this post frequently because it’s going to be updated as new videos pop up!

60 Responses to *UPDATED* AOU TTT2 Gameplay Videos

  1. Mohammad says:

    FIrst one here

    • DrBhup says:

      You see new videos of TTT2 and THIS is all you have to say????!!

      Jaycee’s playstyle is so much like Julias’ that this has to be the worst disguise ever!

      There seems to be two types of bounce, in one of them they bounce higher and your partner may connect hits.

      Both True Ogre and Jun have been confirmed so I dont get why they bothered to blacken two sloths.

      I don’t like Jinpachi having fireball, keep that shit to SF.

      And to everybody who is ranting about Kunimitsu not being in this game.. give me a frikin’ break!!!! Because she was “SOOO GOOD”, wink wink. Nobody gave a shit about her in TTT. Now that she’s gone, everybody wants her back. Even n00bs that haven’t played her at all jumps on the train and says, yeah bring her back.

      This game is YEARS from a console release, Namco is cetainly going to do alot with the game before then. We already have 43 chars announced.

      Just look at that pile of shit MvC3, Capcom gave them 20 less characters than MvC2! And the day after the game released they announced a DLC you must pay for to get shadow-mode and a couple of costumes. Capcom is ripping everybody who is stupid enough to buy MvC3 and they will release more chars you have to pay for.

      Namco is bringing the biggest roster EVER!!

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:

        It’s coming out on consoles this year, BET.

      • DrBhup says:

        I hope you are right, man, but I don’t think so!

        TTT2 is hitting the archades in summer 2011. Then Namco is going to get feedback and tweak the game and do more modes for the console-release and stuff like that.

        It took almost two years from Tekken 6.0 to go from the archades til consoles.

        Just hope Namco learnd from that. To wait too many years the wow-factor for consoles drops and the game seems “old” from the beginning of its console-life.

  2. K-Keo says:

    hell yeah!! finally, some gameplay. did they get some new moves or are some animations just different? look interesting so far. can’t wait till it comes out in the u.s.

  3. shika1983 says:

    Was hoping we’d see the full character selection screen but maybe another day. ^ ^

    The characters seems to tag in/out quicker than the original TTT.

    Nice seeing the health bar regenerate…….. Makes the realisation that this is going to be released all the more exciting.

    Bring on more vids. ^ ^

    • shika1983 says:

      Opps …….. Didn’t realise there was more than one video. Seems like T.Ogre and Jun are blacked out at the moment as well as some of the stages.

      Also Panda has her own slot in the bottom left….. I could have sworn it was Combot. None the less the line up is pretty awesome !!!

      Has to be no doubt whatsoever about Jaycee=Julia….. Most of the moves shown are base Julia so no worries. Hope we can still use her traditional clothes (via customisation or otherwise)

  4. SeanAugust says:

    Two empties on the character select for Ogre and Jun, then? Julia seems to have kept a few of her moves in the transition so far.

  5. niggatrigga says:

    oh my lord is that it for the characters just true ogre and jun i was expecting namco to also give us kuni, dr b, alex, p jack, michelle, tiger fukin hell namco the announcer cant even say get ready for the next battle straight! TTT2 = pile of shit first tag is legendary oh well fuk it street fighter for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. KO says:

    My girlfriend name is Jun

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  8. NamelessNick87 says:

    I will be extremely suprised if Jinpachi, Jun, True Ogre and Jaycee/Julia are the only new additions to the game. Not pleased to see Julia keeping some of her old moves. I thought Julia’s change of fighting style was the perfect opportunity to bring back Michelle. I thought that Devil/Angel and P.Jack would definitely make it back. I will be somewhat disappointed if Kunimitsu doesn’t make the cut again (she really should have been brought back in Tekken 5) and Alex doesn’t return with an original fighting style.

    Nice to see Panda get her own space on the character selection screen, also strange how for the time being a lot of charcters still have their old Tekken 6 BR picture on there. The loading screen is way better than the in game graphics one from Tekken 6.

    Is the cage arena stages BGM a remix of ‘The Strongest Iron Arena’ from Tekken 4?

    Anyways brilliant post. Look forward to seeing move videos. I am getting super hyped over this new game.

  9. NamelessNick87 says:

    Oh and best Character Selection Screen music since Tekken 2! =D

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  11. mochii says:

    Lol you’re stupid.
    Nobody played Kuni in the arcades befoore.
    Harada said there’s a chance she’ll be in the console release. Ogre’s in it. -____-
    Why the fuck would be P. Jack be in it ?
    Besides theres prob. a customization option for Jack for that. And more characters are gonna be released on the home consoles. And Street fighter is not that great. Look at MvC2’s line and then look at MvC’s lineup. >.>

    • mochii says:

      Oh yeah and Combot is in there.

    • Schematic says:

      People didn’t play kuni because she was a bad character not because of the concept. Any character can be made with more flavor, design, concept and balance. The reason y people want them back wasn’t because the character was popular or any good. Was because they were unique characters to the series. There are characters honestly now that the series could do without and that are not really that popular but they are apart of tekken and can be improved.

    • Islaw says:

      meaning the Arcade version are for pros and the console version are for “for fun” players? cool :))

  12. ShinKen says:

    Check out Kazuyas electric its like it was in T5 DR yes baby

  13. Schematic says:

    You make black people look bad. For real. So your saying because they don’t put all those characters in it its gonna be a bad game? what the fuck happened to game play? lol Tekken already has a larger cast than the original MVC2. You think its easy to balance a game with 44 characters in it with tag moves throws stages and other shit. O thats right Namco is full of magicians. Or… they could be like street fighter and just do a piss more job of balancing it and have Sagat and Rufus win every tournament. Get off this site and go to Shoruken man your not a tekken fan your just a troll.

    • ChaosReigns says:

      Spoken like a Pro.

    • rj1001 says:

      Namco has always delivered in gameplay. But adding Retro characters DOESN’T hurt gameplay. Technically this has the same build as Tekken 5, the graphics have been updated, a few new characters have been added, but this feels like Tekken 5.7. adding 4 more characters and a tag feature on the same build as tekken 6 is a disgrace to tekken tag. just look at Heihachi, they swapped his head and changed his sound files and we’re supposed to take him as a new character. Quit flaming people who are scared this will be a half @$$ upgrade. “Niggatrigga”(lol) I feel where you coming from I want the gusto too, devil kaz, kuni, angel, alex, azazel, combot, and pre-tekken 3 customizations and stages.

  14. VeNoM362 says:

    Glad to see “JayCee” has most of Julia’s moves. VeNoM362 is a fan of pro wrestling so I’m cool with her new style. If you don’t like it, don’t play her,simple.

    Digging the music too, the stage with the statues and water is already one of my favorites.

    I’m just saying…

    • Tekkenlover says:

      venom362 i 100% agree with u bro

    • Mishima1 says:

      This stage is real! :-) is the “Trevi” fountain in Rome! Ehi guys is the so called “tekken assault” when in a juggle your partner do a ki charge and start a slow motion?

    • PSN: East_AZN_Nation says:

      HELLOOOOO “JAY CEE” = J. C. = Julia Chang = DUH GUYS!! Jaycee is NOT a new character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. lmao

  15. SonicRetro says:

    There’s a lot of months of preparing this game, so, there’s much more to be added. I don’t if Namco still have the rights of Gon, but I think it would be a nice addition to it, “just for the lulz”, if you may. Also, they should add, at least, Dr.B, Devil/Angel and Unkwown, although they already have Jun there, so, I don’t know they’re move. I think another good proof that Julia MIGHT be Jaycee, because Jaycee is a nickname for JC, that are the initials of Julia Chang. Just a thought.


    Wow nice footage. That christmas stage is awesome!

    • ChaosReigns says:

      I want to see gameplay in the Revamped Snow Castle stage from Tekken DR. It was an epic stage to begin with in Tekken DR, now it’s become more epic now that it’s in TTT2 and with a break-able wall.

  17. Jaytee says:

    the replay system of the oldschool tekken is back! :D

  18. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Jin looks so Gangsta!!

  19. Nando says:

    Tekken is the number one most played and bought fighter of last year.

  20. MiloNz says:

    Looks like the old T5 feel is back, that I like but then they started to do the new “Tag” mechanic thing and I was like o_0? it looked awful going all slow-mo. I hope that’s not the case; still early.

    Jaycee is Julia or Michelle or what?

    The Virtua Fighter DOA bounds are still there. I wished they had removed them or made them character specific like A.King/King and Murduk only.

    20% Tag + 40% T5 + 40% T6 = TT2

  21. thelonegamer says:

    Probably the worst thing I am seeing in the gameplay vids is how the KO at the end of the round is cut too damn short. I wanna see the opponent hit the ground before the darn replay starts. It’s like, stealing my victory!

    Anyway, I’m thinking this is only due to the AOU build version being very incomplete and early. But I really hope they fix that.

    Oh, and the Tag Bounce- really looks like they’re using Telekinesis or Magnet power to levitate the opponents… looks kinda weird. Again, hoping they fix this by the release version- kinda like how they eventually changed Rage from those horrible flaming hands FX in the early T6 builds…

    Otherwise… I wanna play this game so bad. Asuka and Lili, then Jaycee just for kicks since she’s hot. ^__^

  22. thelonegamer says:

    Also, Jaycee IS Julia, plain and simple. She’s there to challenge King and Marduk- maybe it’s fallout from their interactions during Tekken 5, or maybe she’s sympathetic to AKing. Hiding her identity is not her goal- it’s just her way of entering the wrestling/fighting league that King and Marduk are in. When in Rome, you do as the Romans do. It’s a pretty left-field twist on the character- and I love it. I am so interested in Julia now. Heheh

    • DropItToTheFloor says:

      It doesn’t matter because TTT2 is a game that doesn’t belong to the whole story that’s why Jun & Ogre are there :p

  23. Di says:

    New videos added.

  24. aleem says:

    i dont even know why people say brink kunimitsu back lol shes a piece of shit yoshimitsu is better but if namco had big bird people would say bring big bird back lol just goes to show how dumb sum fans are.

    On a serious note i am glad jun and ogre is back but they need to return DEVIl to the game roster as well to seal the deal

  25. kejo says:

    lol youtube vids are stolen from fomos

  26. DropItToTheFloor says:

    Kunimitsu is awesome! .. her fighting style is shit but her look is so unique. I just want to play her again xD

  27. Shorya says:

    I’m so glad Snow Castle made it back!!! i hope they don’t change the BGM, cuz its EPIC!!!

  28. sn0wb00ts says:

    are you 10 or just slow, noone cares so just stfu!

  29. Di says:

    3 new videos added.

  30. DropItToTheFloor says:

    you know what nigga? get back into ya cage n eat shit mothafucka

  31. deebo says:

    awesome graphics and im loving the christmas stage!

    hopefully we get some jun playable footage soon :)

    btw can anyone tell me how the new rage system work?

  32. Islaw says:

    the first video is the best example of the new Tag combo system :)

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  34. TTT2 says:

    The only thing i complain about is rage, and that new bound slow motion. Probably so that noobs can keep up. It’s ridiculous. Please take that away. Noobs wanna be good at tekken without any effort.

  35. Meeu says:

    just glad that moonlight wilderness is back. i had the best and the most awful memories in that stage.

  36. abner says:

    wow the new moonlit wilderness bgm is even more epic and orchestral than before

  37. DropItToTheFloor says:

    Anybody noticed that Wang is young too ? ..

  38. DropItToTheFloor says:

    Is the stage with with the statues and the dirty water a remade of Tekken 4’s “Temple Ruins” ??

  39. Idk says:

    Anyone else notice the voldo move Jaycee has? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhTwHx5nxSM

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