Kazuya Has Gone Devil!

Katsuhiro Harada has just posted a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video showing Kazuya transforming into Devil Kazuya! CLICK HERE to watch it!

33 Responses to Kazuya Has Gone Devil!

  1. Clipse says:

    SICK!! but this makes me wonder if Jin can do it to?

  2. L_Z_N says:

    I was stunned when I saw the headline..

    great news… :)

  3. withoutKazuyaTekkenain'tshit says:

    Aw! Dammit I just posted a link in the last post.


    Let’s see jin’s transformation now.

  5. ben says:

    i thought it was the full transformation of devil, but its still pretty epic =D

  6. NYtekken says:

    I honestly was expecting something more….just like that guy in the comment noted this is just Kazuya with wings…at least give him the tatoos just like DVJ….this could’ve easily become a customization…just my opinion tho…

  7. friedricewithtekken says:

    nah im not felling it

    looks like a freakin just an item move lol

  8. lolque says:

    really nice idea… but devil kazuya need some customisations…either transform into real devil or make kazuya look more kind of devil jin.

  9. Tekkenlover says:

    thats freaking awsome, harada please post more videos, we want more….. guess none of the players realized how to transformed to devil during the first gameplay test and namco had to do it by themselves, but i am guessing when kazuya turns to devil or change back to normal the transformation itself is some kind of parry move,

  10. […] Katsuhiro Harada – Kazuya with Devil gene – TwitVid http://www.twitvid.com/EUPK4 Katsuhiro Harada (Harada_TEKKEN) on Twitter http://twitter.com/Harada_TEKKEN SD TEKKEN https://sdtekken.com/2011/02/26/kazuya-has-gone-devil/ […]

  11. shika1983 says:

    Was brilliant seeing the vid because the problem with doing Devil Kazuya was going to be altering the move list great enough to make him different from Kazuya. Think the way Namco have done this is really clever. Hopefully they can make his skin purple and give him horns. LOL

    Makes me wonder if True Ogre will actually be Ogre on the selection screen but can then morph into True Ogre.

  12. looks really gay… not digging the fact that you now have 2 devils in one team… looks really boring…

    DVK should have his own slot and a different style..

  13. sn0wb00ts says:

    That shit is fuckin’ Ultimate!!

  14. Meeu says:

    well, this gives a whole new dimension to kaz’s gameplay. hoping they give him the DV a better look than just kaz with wings, and some new useful moves

    • Jimmy says:

      Since the game still has the customization system in place, I am hoping you’ll be able to alter both his human and devil version.

  15. TTT2 says:

    don’t get the idea? at least gice him full devill “outfit” And some devilish moves and TA NA! everyone wins

  16. MiloNZ says:

    It looks like its just an upgrade from his devil eye customization. It’s easier to do it this way instead of creating another slot. If you want full sprite DevilK then all you have to do is collect his other parts; tail, skin, horns etc.

  17. av2k says:

    lol, heihachi is like oh god.

  18. masoftekken says:

    Yes they are really trying to satisfy us old Tekken fans. I think this game is going to feel like tag should feel.

  19. AssassinX21 says:

    Eh, this will be useless, regular laser from standing is easy to notice and all you have to do is duck, fly up in the air etc. etc. all you have to do is ssl or ssr, sw. The only useful tool with it is the ground laser for oki or something like that…

    I also don’t like the fact that they’re using the same excat animations for DVK in Tekken 2? Lazy much Namco?

  20. juice says:

    trolls are trolling.

    tag 2 will be amazing

    stoked to see markman, filthierich, and possibly harada/murray? at final round

  21. shelmak says:

    People want Devil only because of his cheap game. He has long ranged 13 frame NC twin pistons (d/f+1,2) and long ranged godfist (f,n~d~d/f+2).

    The twin pistons must be removed and godfist range must be reduced.

  22. TTT2 says:

    Change the tag combos like in the trailer and get rid of this slow motion nonsense

  23. […] boss himself, Harada-san, has been tweeting up a storm as of late! Over the weekend he revealed the “Devil Mode” transformation for Kazuya and now he has shown some new images of Jun Kazama and True Ogre! Check […]

  24. Spitfire says:

    why cant yall just respect the fact that the game is still in a preliminary state? u got Harada on twitter pleading for dumbasses 2 stop spamming “can u bring back xyz” and “can u change this/not change this?” shit is annoying….and makes the developmental process more dreadful of them becoz they constantly have to stupid shit stuck on their mind about what they think fans might want versus what top players expect for a tournament viable fighter….this aint a fucking dress up barbie doll with babyphat, gucci, prada, timberland, and every other name brand clothing company on deck 2 dress the hoe as u c fit….let Harada do his thing and quit fuckin harassing him….

    • Schematic says:

      I agree I swear Harada might just say fuck it with this experiment of telling people anything about development.

  25. B-BOY JIN says:

    As long as the customization feature is a go, Kazuya looks just right. I just think it would be dope if Jin can transform and revert like daddy does, or maybe even AWSOMER?? What say you Mr. Harada-san?

  26. Daucle says:

    It makes sense that devil kazuya’s only got wings, remember in T2 (and TTT) he was complete. In T4 he tried to retreive his other half from Jin so maybe now he’s just got wings.
    If there were to be a devil kazuya he should be redesign and not be a naked purple guy. I liked the guy but nowadays I’m not sure that would fly.
    Or just make a younger kazuya then we can have our old devil but not both current kazuya and naked purple devil just saying…

  27. tekken says:

    this is a list of additional characters that should be in tekken 7 mr. Harada..
    Devil Kazuya like shown in tekken 4
    human jinpachi back alive and and teams up with Kazuya
    also heihachi should suddenly show his devil gene
    tere should definately be a angel kazuya in this game it will be a big twist
    Angel and devil should have a huge fight but fuse together and continue fighting in Kazuyas body
    Lars should definately get a devil form

  28. tekken says:

    Mr. Harada son,
    Try makin Lars interact more in the main scenario by giving him the devil gene

  29. Wow!!!! Absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing these.

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