Tekken 6 Jin Kazama Combo Vid by TMM & Review!

TMM is currently on fire in the combo community, releasing yet another astonishing piece of combo art in the form of Jin Kazama (Long awaited by some due to his Mishima nature)! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

Jin Kazama Review:


  • Out of all the characters TMM has used in combo videos minus Armor King, Jin would have to be the closest to the Mishimas in terms of character usage, giving TMM a high advantage if you will.
  • The first combo proves the above pro evidence, with a great EWHF (Electric Wind Hook Fist) spam combo, the second to third EWHF hits looked almost JF (Just Frame) in order to hit them.
  • The second combo has a common trait of TMM, he shows off his perfected WD (Wave Dash) technique following a cool non B! juggle.
  • 1:04 shows a cool combo from Jin’s HS (Hell Sweep) with a SSL (Side Step Left) previous the HS to connect it, this was only thought to of connected only on Kuma (due to his head size).
  • The following combo has a lot of W! damage, something Jin can do no trouble.
  • 1:26 shows d/f+4 B! d+1, cc (crouch cancel) 1 ETC., something which you don’t see often in combo vids, unique in my opinion.
  • 1:52 has a unique W! combo with the use of Kuma, TMM used Jin’s WS+1,2 like Devil Jin’s d/f+1,2 B! in W! combos very similar to what Jin did, a great way to show the similarity of the characters moves.
  • The combo after was a very cool 9 hit combo, the main feature about it was the use of B! f,f, b,f+2,1,2 without the need to have the combo on an axis (for which many Jin videos have done so).
  • 2:22 has got to be one of the best combos in the combo vid, with the very flashy use of the universal WR+4 (While Running/f,f,f,f+4) as a 70% W! hit, purely awesome.
  • 2:31 was an awesome W! to W! combo with the usage of fellow Team Ace combo maker “Ogre Killer” jin’s W! 1, b+2,1 W!, still pretty cool.
  • The last combo has to be the main highlight of the video, with TMM discovering a full combo of the b+1,4 sweep for Tekken 6, a great combo.
  • With TMM’s current theme of Rammstein instrumental music, this track however has some segments which defiantly sound like retro Tekken BGMs, more along the lines of Tekken 1 & 2. If TMM chose this track due to the same recognition, great job!
  • This time around there was a much less amount of the Urban War Zone stage used which hasn’t been the case with previous TMM vids, good job man!


  • With all Jin videos currently online, he can’t escape the usage of b+2,1 in a lot of the combos, however it is perhaps Jin’s best W! carry.
  • Combos 0:57 and 1:45 were originally performed by Ogre Killer from his videos titled “Rebirth” and “Big ACE Planet”, the first being identical to Ogre Killers and the second with the only difference being a different launcher. As TMM himself listing credits as to what comes from where with these not included we can all be safe to assume that these were a mistake, as there has been plenty of mishaps in numerous top name videos (Including myself).
  • 1:26 has CH EWHF, d/f+4 B! which originated from RebelliJin, however this could also be a unawareness, even Ogre Killer used this in his video but originated from RebelliJin too.

8 Responses to Tekken 6 Jin Kazama Combo Vid by TMM & Review!

  1. abner says:

    awesome combos…terribad music though.

  2. concretebody says:

    Yeah I agree. The music sucks

  3. The Main Man says:

    Thanks for a superb review so fast! :)

    Man I was completely unaware of O.K. doing those combos -.- embarassing.

    The CH EWHF into d/f+4 feels completely unnecessary to credit as I thought of it myself, its just obivous.

    Thanks for the time you took to do this, cheeeerio!

  4. Art says:

    What a joke, awesome combos but the same stupid stages for every video.

  5. Forest says:

    I liked everything about this video including the music. People can always find something to complain about.

  6. Mishima1 says:

    As a Jin player I never seen a combo video with all this variations. TMM is always great. Thanks for inspiring me to improve my skills. ;)

  7. vmcoelho says:

    The worst con at this kind of video is that it makes me feel like a noob… the biggest pro goes for making me want to train harder =)
    awesome piece of work there, really incredible… just remebered a video a recorded in 2009:

    please, share your thoughts too guys :)

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