SoulCalibur V Match Poll

November 16, 2011

There’s a poll at the SoulCalibur Facebook fanpage where you have to choose between Ezio vs. Viola and Natsu vs. Nightmare. It looks like after the poll is done Namco will publish a match including the characters who win. What are you waiting for? VOTE!

TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Official Tag Assault Video

September 19, 2011

Series director Katsuhiro Harada posted this video on his Facebook page! Check out all the different ways TAG ASSAULT comes into play! Enjoy!

Harada-san Posts First In-Game Footage Of True Ogre And More Teasers?!

April 30, 2011

Big boss, Harada-san is at it again! This time he posted the first ever in-game footage of True Ogre! This latest video shows off his in game model and all the detail on True Ogre’s arm (snakes).  Also! He just posted a very interesting teaser video featuring Ken Mast.. err Heihachi and Chun-Li Nina Williams! Check it all out by clicking the link below! Don’t forget to “Like” the page to see more content!

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