SoulCalibur V Quick Step Guide

Quick Step is one of the new elements introduced in SoulCalibur V. It makes sidestepping stronger than in the last installment, however, it’s still not as good as it used to be in SoulCalibur II (step-G anyone?). Watch a small Quick Step tutorial from Namco Bandai released today


Capcom X Namco Christmas Fight Club

Are you living in London? Are you a fan of fighting games? Are you willing to meet Katsuhiro Harada? If your answers are all “yes”, make sure to visit Namco Station early December. Check the rest of the entry.

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SoulCalibur V Character Creation Teaser

Judging by the characters met in SoulCalibur IV’s online matches, Character Creation was one people’s most beloved mode in the previous SC game. SoulCalibur V developers want to go even farther and are going to give us even more possibilities in the upcoming title. Check some of them in the Character Creation teaser video!