Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA (PS3)


  • Taito Vewlix Button Layout
  • Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-W arcade stick
  • 8 Sanwa OBSF-30-W snap in buttons
  • Turbo button with three settings; Slow, Normal, Fast
  • Stick lever can be set as digital, left analog, or right analog
  • Quick disconnects on wiring for buttons
  • USB wired for PC and PS3 compatibility
  • PS/Home Button XMB(Cross Media Bar) navigation
  • Button layout:

[] /\ R1 L1
X O R2 L2

Additional Pictures:

ggl06 ggl16 ggl14 ggl11

ggl12 ggl13

* Images courtesy of Impress Game Watch

Where to Buy:

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30 Responses to Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA (PS3)

  1. d3v says:

    Geez, just when I’d just purchased the TE plus plexi. These guys really want me to part with my money don’t they.

  2. GK says:

    Is this “slimmer” than the HRAP4SA?

  3. Kikimaru says:

    QDs & all-Sanwa? LET’S ROCK!!

  4. dementia says:

    I heard they rumors of a cable storage compartment as well. Is that true?

  5. Justin says:

    Damn that’s sexy.

  6. Justin says:

    Someone please tell me is there such a thing as HRAP V SE? (special edition, following the Hori tradition?) Ha ha that rhymes.

  7. MarkMan says:

    No SE yet.

    I preordered 2. Can’t wait!

  8. Vincent says:

    What’s that gray button on the right? Weird place to put an extra button, whatever purpose it serves…

  9. Yoshimattsu says:

    Is it just me or do the stick and buttons look terribly close together? Otherwise, it looka totally badass!! All Sanwa, hooray!

  10. SolRahlX says:

    I’m torn between getting the HRAP V for 360 or PS3. The PS3 version looks so damn sexy…but I haven’t seen the 360 version yet.

  11. shenakuma says:

    Nice. I was saving up for the Pro 3 SA. Now I will be able to get this one for sure. fchk ya!

  12. Insane says:

    I already got a TE. But this looks so wicked I wanna get this one too!

    I love those white Sanwa buttons.

  13. medicalMECHANICA says:

    my god thats it…why HORI has my heart..to my ability is always being beat by them….aww and there goes my money..lol

  14. DK702 says:

    Hope amazon gets these.

  15. […] has unveiled new info on their upcoming Hori Real Arcade PRO V3 SA for PlayStation 3!  This could be the most accurate Taito Vewlix arcade representation to date!  […]

  16. no use 4 name says:

    hori cow!

  17. MarkMan says:

    It is back in stock at Play-Asia as of 12:12 AM PST on Dec. 24, 2009.

  18. Justin says:

    OK thank you.

  19. […] Less than a week after Hori released their latest stick design, they’ve already announced an exclusive variation featuring a different colored set of […]

  20. Morris The Grey says:

    Does anybody know if this is coming to the US? I was saving for the HRAP 3 SA which was on sale for $90 on Amazon but now its $108. I figure if its available here in the US then I’ll just buy the V3.

  21. […] now taking preorders on the Hori RAP PRO VX SA! Featuring the same Vewlix inspired design that the PS3’s V3 version uses, which was popularized by the game changing Mad Catz Tournament Edition series of […]

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