T5DR ONLINE Impressions!

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is finally up on both the Japanese & Hong Kong PlayStation Stores! SD TEKKEN got a couple hours of hands-on time with the upgrade and we are VERY pleased! US fans don’t fret! T5DR ONLINE will be coming out in North America mid August! Click below for our impressions and some details regarding the upgrade!

Hi everyone, it’s MarkMan again… Just wanted to throw in my two cents on T5DR ONLINE. I downloaded the full 2,800 Yen version off the Japanese PS Store as soon as it went online, the first thing I did after I installed the 550 MB game was jump online.

The first thing I wanted to figure out was whether or not people outside of Japan could play against each other online. Fortunately, YES it is possible to play people all over the world with this version of T5DR ONLINE! I played a few matches against Japanese and Korean players then finally hooked up with some American players to test how the gameplay would fare.

I played a few matches with Tekken Zaibatsu’s very own MrWizard and we both came across a mutual agreement that T5DR ONLINE was definitely playable and as a matter of fact, the lag/latency was pretty good for a fighting game. Later in the evening I tested extensively with SD TEKKEN members Empty H4nd and Ace R., the result is a bit mixed. But overall one thing is for sure, the game is playable and the lag doesn’t make you want to slam your controller on the floor(as long as both you and your opponent have good connections).

The lag would vary from match to match but often times we would have matches that were close to perfect. I used a variety of characters & I was able to do land juggles that would require precise timing… that really surprised me.

Unless you have an awesome WiFi signal I would recommend that you use a wired internet connection when playing T5DR ONLINE.  Personally I found that wired was a big enough improvement over the PS3’s WiFi signal to warrant the change.

Aside from the ONLINE portion of the game there is also an updated title screen, survival mode, and the always important practice mode! The practice mode is similar to that of Tekken 5 on PS2 and even has the command capture feature, defensive training, and hit analysis that we all know and love!

Should you wait until the US version comes out? It’s really up to you. You shouldn’t be asking me this because I am a Tekken freak and would have bought it the first day no matter what. The US version is slated for mid August which sets it up for around Thursday, August 16th. If you can wait that long, do so… if not find out how to get it from either the HK or JPN PS stores!

62 Responses to T5DR ONLINE Impressions!

  1. gelshocker01 says:

    Having played a few hours from Hong Kong, the lag can be a problem, and I haven’t experienced perfect gameplay as per offline. But Japan vs Japan matches are pretty smooth, having watched them in the same ‘room’.

  2. MYK says:

    oh thank you Markman yet again! i really wanted to read an impression on the T5DR online. It sounds good so far, now just gotta save up for a ps3 and it should be good :)

  3. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    hey markman plz let me know how to get t5dr online on my Pal(uk) ps3 using Jap PS store, i dont where to find out abt it :(

  4. Sunstyle says:

    was woundering whats the Japanese Playstaion Store web adress?

  5. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    Maybe its somthing to do with change ur account setting and the country name then u just go to jap ps store

  6. t5droNOWPLZKTHX says:

    very nice. so when is the pal version coming out. :)

  7. Kazuya vs Jin says:


    Maybe that will work :D

  8. lucho_83cor says:

    I was wondering if somone can post helpful info on how to purches tekken dr online on the japanese PS-Store. I created a Japanese account but i cudent add funds with my creditcard.

  9. yiggs says:

    I played for a few hours. Australian internet sucks, interstate matches can lag up to 1 second + on inputs

    I was watching japan vs japan matches. looked like some of them were having problems too.

    Oh well, it’s the first day, might get better.

  10. Downplay says:

    Hey MarkMan. You have Bluetooth headsets to test the quality? I’m very curious to see if they work out well with the game. Trash talkin mwa!

  11. HarshaKazama says:

    Well can we use us credit card to download the dr online from japan store in ps3

  12. Apossum says:

    God I like anal sex

  13. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    i tried my dads visa card it didnt work on hongkong account management now im gonna try mastercard hopefully that will work and im not sure abt the address does it have to be right or i can put any junk i want?

  14. MrK says:

    We need a list of game sharers NOW :)

  15. MarkMan says:

    ^^ If you want to BUY a share off someone, I know the most credible person out there… He will help you get it running on your PS3.

    Contact him on AIM.

    Mista Wizard

    Tell him SDTEKKEN.COM sent you!

  16. Ace R. says:


    We need more US players online. Gogogo

  17. Koga316 says:

    I’m getting pissed! Is it impossible now to add fund on a HK account? DAMN! I want this so bad. I need a share bad but if I pay someone, it would take 3-4 for the money to hit me paypal account. DAMN! I’M SO ANGRY!

  18. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    I Just Remebered i fukd up my dads paypal account and mr wizard is sharing it using paypal :( now no way getting dr online on my ps3 b4 its hits the uk psn :'(


    I hate waiting :'(

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  20. Vercity says:

    Id buy a share if somebody got the HK version as have Tekken dr just need the online patch

  21. Gutter_Trash says:

    Thanks MarkMan for the info and impressions. I feel more at ease knowing that it is coming this month for NA. (my Practice mode must be in English :P)

    See you people in a few weeks!

  22. gelshocker01 says:

    Some updated comments about the lag: wired connection is MUCH BETTER. Don’t rely on the internal PS3 wireless adaptor. Having moved the modem to the living room, I’ve got interference on my terrestrial TV but hey, what’s more important? :-)

    Still not perfect but playable. Thanks NamcoBandai!

  23. Donovan says:

    anyone want to buy a copy of the tekken online?Its going for $25

  24. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    I finaly got T5DR online in my downloads on ps3 by the help of markman and mrwizard:D thank u

  25. […] T5DR ONLINE Impressions! [image] Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is finally up on both the Japanese & Hong Kong PlayStation Stores! SD TEKKEN […] […]

  26. brasco3808 says:

    why cant i connect to tekken any else getting a not communacating with server error?

  27. DomATL says:

    who can i buy it from, and how can u buy it from someone?

  28. MarkMan says:

    Contact ‘ Mista Wizard ‘ on AIM…

  29. ukyo says:

    i live in new york city how do i buy the full online version from someone??? anyone out there please get this running on my ps3 tonight

    greatly appriciated

    tekken fan


  30. 123 says:

    Wizard is douchebag to me. Beck when the non-online JPN version came out he bought other people’s shares for 5-10 bucks and resold them to people for $20.

    Only a fat loser would do that.

  31. Know-no says:

    123– I got tekken dr ONLINE from the wizard… It’s not that bad of a deal…. Just get it or wait until it comes out here in the states…. My guess is that it will be pushed back… LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE US……. WOW 1080p with online….. GOTTA LUV IT.. MAN!!!!!

  32. Kazuya vs Jin says:

    @123 Dont Say anything abt wizard he is just doing a fair business, if u think its expensive then wait till the us realease or go buy a share from sum1 else and they might betrayed u but wizard wont do that

  33. mkasher says:

    hi there , ya mr.wizard wont cheat u he is great person , btw how can i download TDR online from wizard ? where can i contact him and whats is AIM ?

  34. mkasher says:

    also what is the EXACT release date for TDR online in US ver. please tell me MarkMan? i need to know …

    everybody is waiting for it here and around the world ! its like a dream becomes true people i really cant explain how exciting will be if we got the us ver here so i really need to know the official release date for the US ver , i need to tell my friends and all the fans about it .

    also there is a note i’d like to say it here for all of u and markman and think about it , why they wont and didnt put a tag match just like tekken tag ? ? it’ll be DAMN great idea if they support an online CO-OP match

  35. mkasher says:

    so what do u think people ?

  36. heihachi says:

    rankings in online tekken are kinda from arse… u can abuse with your friend like stats 500-0 and get to 1st on rankings…. that sucks… please namco fix this!!!!! there is now currently 300-0 at 1st…. no doubt about abuse…

  37. MarkMan says:

    Hi guys, right now our SDT web team is out of town at a Sony media event, we will continue normal updates starting Monday… sorry about that!

    We do have some new Tekken 6 scans/info that will be up then!

  38. Haizek says:

    Hey can anyone tell me how to download tekken dr online???

    Will the giftcards work?

  39. heihachi says:

    wirecard will work fine… thats how i got it from japan ps store.. put to google ‘wirecard’

  40. MrK says:

    Really, who cares about t6 now? :) t5 dr online is killing it! I can’t believe they did release both t5 dr online and t6 information at the same time.
    While spending 1 year in arcades until it comes to ps3, the main attention will be with t5 dr online.

  41. mkasher says:

    when the release date for tekken online dr US ver ??? i heard this thuresday 16 is that true ?

    and whats is wirecard ? shall i make HK acc and put the wirecard u been talkin about if i want to download tekken onlinre jp ???

  42. lucky757 says:

    im a beast in tekken… i live in virginia beach , virginia and my name is VaBeach757 on my ps3 send me some friend requests or whateva….im online all tha time so holla at ya boy!

    ps im not just talkin trash i won tha state wide tournament for Virginia and im just lookin to play as many people as possible

  43. Sailorcancer says:

    OM GOMGOM GOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE COME OUT THIS WEEK TO THE PS STORE T________________________T

  44. LEGENDARYBONES99 says:

    Sailorcancer: yea i hope too. but wait… i heard here on SDtekken site that tekken Dr online US release delayed til on 23rd in next week? please…tell…me…if is not true..i’m sick n tired of be waitin for tha last 14 days straight… why didnt u guys tell us already? u should have post new release date update news! u guys ruined my thursday plan cuz my day off from work.. (sighed…)

  45. LEGENDARYBONES99 says:

    if u guys dont believe me..? here i got proof:


    and look at tha “RELEASE DATE”….

    now explain this..

  46. anon says:

    It looks like the US version of T5DR Online might not come out until Thursday, August 23rd. I got an invite to a Namco Bandai Games Inc. media event in San Francisco that will be premiering a few online titles, Tekken 5: DR ONLINE being one of them… the event it set to take place on Tuesday, Aug. 21st.

    I’ll be there for the event, so yea, I should be able to confirm by then.

    But if it comes out on the 16th, forget this post
    Well it seems that Markman himself isnt 100% sure about the release date yet.
    It *could* come on the 16th or may not even come on the 23rd as they’re guessing.

  47. huhu says:

    suck numco and sony. 23rd is unacceptable!!!!!!

  48. Skeloo says:

    Hiya all,

    Well guess we going to wait till 23rd till tekken DR will be released, anyway im looking forword to battle with lots of peoples =) if anyone waana add me to his friend list ( Skeloo ) >.<

  49. Dwizzle says:

    Dam, Like watchin’ fuken paint dry. Definitely tryinto get my Tekken on. OMFG I hate waitin.

  50. LEGENDARYBONES99 says:

    CURSE YOU,NAMCO!!! ::watchin some sh*tty tekken online videos on youtube..:: (…sigh…) <:oT

  51. randomxcore says:

    Come 23rd, Add me!

    Username : Daeta

  52. randomxcore says:

    Oh yeah, I’m in NY xD

  53. skeloo says:

    lalalala 5 more days

  54. Skeloo says:

    Username : skeloo

    omg comon guys add me >.< and lets battle on 23rd woohoo ( winks )


    Hay all,
    Can someone help me

    I Want Tekken 5 DR:Online and i have already the Offline version of Tekken from the Europese PSN store. Have made a Hongkong account and see only the full version now. How can i now upgrade my tekken offline europe version to the new Tekken online English version?. I don’t want to pay for the full price i only want the patch to go online from the store. Please help me.

  56. MarkMan says:

    Hi there, unless you have the HK version of T5DR you will not see the upgrade version in the HK store.

  57. trinityblade says:

    any idea how large the upgrade DL is (megs) ? and how large is the full game with the upgrade?

  58. Yung says:

    wow god i wish i can play want to play so bad guess i’ll wait for the us

  59. skeloo says:

    well 2 more days i hope they wont chnage there minds tomorrow!!!!!!

  60. Carl says:


    thanks to help us to think in other directions.

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  62. Luigi Faulk says:

    Thanks for the post. I hope you have a good day!

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