SBO2007 Results & Finals!

The biggest fighting game tournament series in Japan is already underway! Tougeki 2007, also known as the Super Battle Opera, is an international affair with talent from Australia, Korea, England, USA among other countries! Check out our quick report on the T5DR tournament by clicking below!

The three teams that represented USA were unfortunately all eliminated in the first round. The Australian team and Shanghai teams also did not advance past the opening round, however the UK team of Tissuemon(Marduk), Ryan Hart(Kazuya) and Cris(Julia) played fairly well before losing to Team KOREA later in the tournament.

This year’s team tournament featured a LOT of great matches and down to the wire moments! It was definitely a sight to see for Tekken fans!

The finals were televised LIVE in a few hours ago on a network stream from Famitsu Japan. And here are the top results!


1st – Qin Ja Rou su(Japan) – Second Generation Mainstreet Ryu(Heihachi), Taizo(Feng), Matador(Ganryu)

2nd – Team Soyon-Sama(Japan) – Soyondory(Devil Jin), RAUM(Anna), Takeyama(Ganryu)

T 3rd – Team KOREA – qudans(Devil Jin), NIN(Steve), 200won(Anna)

T 3rd – Team EARTH Representatives(Korea) – G-UNIT(Jack-5), Lee Mario(Roger Jr.), Help Me(Lee)

Be on the lookout for SBO2007 vids soon! Also Namco showed off a few game trailers at the event… One of them being a high quality/direct feed version of the Tekken 6 trailer shown at the Tekken 6 media event awhile back… we’re trying to get that online as soon as we can! Stay tuned!

Added 08/11/07:

Don’t forget to support Tougeki/Super Battle Opera and Enterbrain by preordering/purchasing the event DVDs when they are released! If you would like to purchase them, you can do so here at Play-Asia!

17 Responses to SBO2007 Results & Finals!

  1. Kikimaru says:

    Wait wait wait — Team KOREA did *not* win?!
    Japanese in #1 & #2 playing Tekken?

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  3. StoicGuy says:

    basically it went like this

    200won choked really badly

    Lee Marios team lost to a korean player on the japanese team they didnt actually lose to a japanese player on that team.

  4. Omer says:

    Cmon i want the Trailer, its so dry with Tekken 6 right now…

  5. Akuma says:

    That is good that they lost, considering that they didn’t deserve to be at SBO this year.

  6. INFORCER says:

    Japan is big on tekken now… Tekken 5 DR is the game I am guessing and still is big with them.


  7. Bud0 says:

    G-UNITS my favorite.. btw any updates on the Movie???

  8. Rahako says:

    Yes! Japan won!

  9. MaDPoWer says:

    Wow, they were all playing SUPER safe. Anyone know what kinda sticks are on those cabs?

  10. […] SBO2007 Results & Finals! [image] The biggest fighting game tournament series in Japan is already underway! Tougeki 2007, also known as the Super […] […]

  11. Call2Arms says:

    If you look closely, Team Korea had a K-Stick cab for them. And the other side had a sanwa/seimitsu on their side. I was looking closely at the sticks hahaha. I think they switched the cabs after Team Korea lost but I dont really know. They had them team intros and shit.

  12. MarkMan says:

    ^^ They’ve always done this for Korean players at Tougeki/SBO… it sucks that they don’t make that same exception for American players in other games. IMO if they are going to allow a control panel switch, they should allow us to plug in a controller port(which takes less time to do)… But, I’m just glad they even have events like this… I don’t mind how they run things… single elim = EXCITING….

  13. shoo says:

    We all konw real winner is korea not japs.

  14. Lain says:

    you’re right shoo.
    a team called FRS – Knee ( Bryan ), Nin ( Steve ), Holeman ( Devil jin, Heihachi, Dragunov, etc )
    they are the best.

  15. Kenshin3 says:

    Ganryu is the best now in tekken 5DR history.
    Because Matadoru’s ganryu always rank 1 in tournament.

  16. truth says:

    call2arms. markman, how do you know for sure that the bat top on the sticks
    isn’t for a sanwa? get this kind of info and perhaps we can blame it on qudans
    carpal tunnel issues ;P

  17. MarkMan says:

    @ truth

    They’ve been switching out sticks/panels since SBO 2005 for Korean players.

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