Updated 4/21/2008 – DR ONLINE Update Now Live!

Updated 3/11/2008 – T5DRO Update Coming Soon!

Updated 11/06/07 – T5DR: ONLINE Setup Guide

Updated 11/06/07 – Final Release Date List

General Information on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE, such as: Online Ranking Data Tables, LAG/Latency FAQ, T5DR ONLINE Tutorials, Tournament FAQs and more!!
News & Links regarding Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE and it’s release. News regarding our coverage and various other websites’ coverage of T5DR: ONLINE!
Matchfinder for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is almost complete! We’re still working out the kinks, but it will be finished soon! Right now only REGION 1 – SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA is active… so check it out!

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178 thoughts on “ONLINE

  1. GIVE THE EUROPEAN VERSION a 50/60Hz switch!!! ARGH!!!

    Tekken DR 50Hz inherited the “after-FIGHT” character freeze from Tekken 5.0, and is also noticeably slower. Why do we have worse version?

    How do they imagine playing online with somebody having a faster game? The European Online patch should contain this easy yet so much needed feature…

  2. I just want to ask if anybody knows if the downloadable version of tekken 5 DR is also avaiable in other asian countries other than japan? Like the Philippines? I am currently living in Manila.. I really dont have a clue if the online Tekken 5 DR version is avaible here.

  3. In responce to XGodFist’s comment.
    Yes, DR is available on the Korean, HongKong, SG, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.

    I reckon it’s pretty unfair that smaller countries are locked out of all shops just because they don’t have their own shop. Your best bet is to get a virtual credit card.

    I am from Australia and we have the European DR in our shops. It sucks because there’s lag in the inputs and there’s lag at the beginning of every round. I used Wirecard ( to get the Japanese version of the game. All worth it.

  4. Tekken is coming on August 1st in the Japan Store. I know I will buy the upgrade and Whoop some pa-tootie. Look me up as meln4ya or Know-No on August 2nd.. This is what it’s ALL About. Now I know why I bought a PS3 and trust me it wasn’t for the Hard Drive. Tekken is probably the most intense fighter ever, those who have complained don’t know how to play, this is more that just mashing buttons it’s about thinking and reacting, lets see if this online mode lets us do just that.

  5. I was wondering if somone can post helpful info on how to purches tekken dr online on the japanese PS-Store. I created a Japanese account but i cudent add funds with my creditcard.

  6. Does anybody know if the JPN will work with the HK version of the game as cant add funds to my HK account and have 1000yen on my JPN account

  7. Thanks yiggs for the info.. have another question.. we all know that tekken 6 will have an online version possibly does not need to download it anymore.. would u think this time namco will put the extra effort to make up for other country like the Philippines to final play online games? I mean if T6 is a dvd game and not just an download?

  8. Ok, so how exactly do I use this wirecard?? I live in Asia and looking for a method to pay my T5 DR. I have the money but don’t have the credit card. Somebody please give me a solution..

  9. Yeah, when did the release date get bumped back to the 23rd??

    I saw the ENGLISH version pop up in the Hong Kong store a couple of days ago, so I really thought the USA version would’ve been ready for this Thursday.

    BTW, any word yet on whether people with different versions can play each other?

  10. Did I see that coming? Yeah I did, cause they made us wait till March for T5DR period. Now online will have to wait…again. Japanese DR:O is fine with me for now.

  11. Theres still hope right? The PS store hasn’t been updates… I can still dream! And they did say MID Aug. Well… it is the middle of Aug.

  12. Well, at least ur getting it soon… i live in the UK and there isn’t even a release date released for here yet, just Summer… and i what i count as the summer is almost ova…

  13. what is it about this game 2 more days and this just comes out of no where i had a feeling about this is always something always!!!…..people should just get the jp ps3 and you wont have noooooooooo problems at all……

  14. Honestly… it looks like this is gonna be a repeat of when DR for PS3 was comming out…. Oh well… more JP DR with not alot of US players.

  15. nooooo,
    So it looks like the euro version will be released before the US version.
    Thats funny!

    omgosh… where is my effing praccy mode?!?!??!

  16. Wow does this suck.
    If it doesn’t come out on Thursday im probably just gonna find someone to split it with.

    The WORST part is that the ENGLISH version of the JAPANESE release has been out FOR OVER A WEEK already. So essentially, the language translation is already done.. which means that all the hold up is in marketing (releasing other demos etc) or setting up servers in the USA (which is unlikely because all they need is the central lobby setup). Whatever the reason is.. it sucks.

  17. @weSUCKagain: “So it looks like the euro version will be released before the US version.”

    where exactly did you get this info from? been waiting for this update for every now and looking to download it off the EU PSN

  18. First when it came in August it was “Mid Aug.” Then Mid Aug came and it changed to “Aug. 23rd”. Now Aug 23rd is tomorrow and we get “TBA”. What BS are we getting here >:\

  19. you see guys just like i said but i dont wana get into it…you should let namco know about this just to see what they say about the fans reaction…tba ha and we all know the same sh*t is gona happen with t6… is not to be blame for this only namco

  20. I don’t blame SD, Sony, or namco. I blame Bandai. ANYTHING that happens to a namco game, in my eyes its all Bandai fault.

  21. WOW, Well you guys better contact Mr Wizard @ to get a copy . He might let it go for 15 or 20 US Dollars. I’m pissed as well.

  22. bout a week ago, this website posted that Tekken DR will go online (USA) in Aug. 23, 2007—but THEN it moved to Aug. 30th. Dont be surprise if they changed the dates again. I swere they need to get thier info straight—

  23. i found out some guy who posted it up in’s ps3-tekken dr messages board section that he said it should be out on PSN around at 3pm today (6:00 GMT). hopefully that may be time of tha day would out lil bit earlier than that.. but i’m not sure. if not,then at 3pm by that time.

  24. Okay, so it’s nearly time…….F******* release the game already!!

    I’m so pissed, feel like destroying something!

  25. i was going crazy my looking on the ps3 store and i dont see nothing….first is problems with the date and now you have to wait til the after noon ? much f#$@ shit for this game!! first thing i do i wake to check….. nothing nothing nothign

  26. well if it should be out at 6:00 GMT then it should be in 30 mins then….

    oh well i have a bad feeling about this O_0!

  27. I think that may be around 7pm on the East Coast. When DR first came out in the store we got it at like 6:30-7:00 pm in VA

    PSN: vegeta1984

  28. Right, so about 4PM PST (7PM EST). There is a deadline for the PSN update, I think they have to have it updated by 5PM PST at the latest.

  29. when i got offline DR verison since came out around 5:40pm (i may be wrong,probably a quarter to 6pm sharp cuz my broken watch’s battery was fucked up) here in northwest florida. that was my luckiest time on my coast side. i was “110%” statisfied. but online patch.. i never get my lucky time when it comes.. (..sigh..)

  30. what the f****************k!!!!!!!!!!! no f************k waaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!…what is the mater with the ps3 store??????????????????? people are like in line for this update!!!always for last sec you!!! f************k tekken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Fuck this shit!!!!! Fuck Namco Bandai!!!!Let’s bomb their building seriously!!!I wanna break the face of the fucking idiot in the video who said its coming out today…Gay ass mother fucker!!!

  32. namco you fuck up you dont give a shit what the fans think or how we care!!!fuck you fuck you all day fuck the ps3 store they never on point fucking fags….oh tekken ill be out on the 30th you shit face unpro fuck the staf at the ps store you slow fucks!!!! you make me wana slam my ps3!!!! not even xbox 360…when they get or say that something is coming out it fucking comes out!!!!!!!!!!!yyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. so im fightin my opp. with like 3 full bars (green) but 2 bars (yellow) most of the time—even at green bars–I CAN NEVER land a full juggle cuz there’s ALWAYS LAGGING—and since the guy I’m figthin only have like 2 bars— I KNOW he’s jammin one button more than once juz to get ONE ACTION out…..n get this outta no where– RANDOMLY my bars would go RED or BLANK….huh???!! I know I dont have that suck of a connection–cuz I played Gears of Wars, Saint Rows, on 360 or even N4S Carbon on my PS3—-it never lag this bad–IT NEVER LAG PERIOD…. n I KNOW it sure aint my TV, cuz I got a 40″ 1080P Samsung (game mode enable). I played the ONLINE mode for bout an 30 min then I gave up—–was pretty much a let down, but I’m sure other people are havin the same problems….. *SiGH* I had such high hopes 4 this game………

  34. I can’t stress enough, if you’re a hardcore Tekken player(competitively) you gotta have two types of games, an online game and an offline game…

    My online game mostly constitutes of mashing and swearing…

  35. when is euro version to be realesed!?!? and is dr online p2p based or using servers… please answer me i cant find it any where!!

  36. hmm I juz realized I have the same LAG problem with my DOA online on XBOX 360—yet I can play all the other online games on both system juz fine…may be is juz fighting games that are over laggin–or does any body know how to fix this problem? I’m sick of smashin buttons lol..

  37. check out this nice info I found on IGN— hope it’ll help many other players (includin myself)

    >>>First of all I think I can help you guys a tiny bit.

    -First you CAN NOT USE HD TVs. HDTVs make it impossible to play almost any fighting game reguardless due to the lag on screen.

    -Second DO NOT USE Standard PS3 controllers. With DR they lag behind badly. Go out and buy a Pelican PS3 converter and Plug your PS2 controller in, that’s the only way to get ride of this lag.

    -Third after that there’s nothing you can do. Fighting games can never play online well period because they are the most technical of all games. [-]

    Hope this help**

  38. So what about the guys that continually kick ass? Are they just hacks that couldn’t play “real” Tekken? I think so… I think button mashers thrive online.

  39. sup…if you know the timing in combos it will work just as if your playing on land i do i all of the time…and know i play good!! the problem now is that when i win to much the host kicks me out of the room and like i said im not the best..just input your moves like your not online just be careful when you move around thats only if you have a bad conec…and who ever wants to go at it my name on dr is fantomize the game is so much better now so let me know or send me a text….i hope they come up with some kind of patch for this lag problem…..remember if you know the timing of your combos everything will go right..

  40. hiya liquid, i guess your right but when i do any combos with any player it like imposible to do, thats not like i dont know hwo to time or miss a botton but the lag is killing me the connection bar is black. Kinda suck i know but i hope there will be a patch to fix this lag. also it s sucks you got all beaten with low skill player since you know your good but still you lose ‘…..’

    Anyways if anyone know how to fix this lag please let us know …. thx

  41. well getting high scoor in this game is not the point i only want to show other pplz how we play this game we show em our skills etc and we see thier skills also but sadly this wont happen since we got this lag.

    my 2cp

  42. MuayThai… that thing you posted. It’s BS.

    When you play, it doesn’t matter if you have a crappy tv or 60″ LCD HDTV. You are streaming only the moves/inputs and not the entire video feed.

    Also the wireless PS3 controller is perfectly fine, I play tekken in offline mode and it plays flawlessly. I’m sure everyone agrees with this.

  43. sure liquid but i still have problem with lag atm, well i think i can help pplz here with connection. yesterday i remove my firewall and i got type 2 which i always get nat type 3, try to remove your firewall from you router if your getting nat type 3 in your connection test….

    Liquid ill add you to my friend list when im finish from my work em that 8 hours from now ( this post ) ill send you a masg before tyhat if i have lag or no :)

    prop i have lag cos i live UAE ( Duabi ) but oh well ill try to fix this today just to fight with liquid /winks … see you online today..

    my 2cp

  44. Ok this sucks even tho i fixed my Nat type from 3 to 2 but still im having heavy lag i tryed to play with someone from USA but its no way that i can even block his attacks althoug i know where he’;s going to hit but still i get a hit from it….

    im so dispointed with this i hope they will atleast fix this lag problem in the next update or next year “……………….”

    Sorry liquid i cant play with you but if you waana try im game tho but dont laff at my moves since you will see a robot fighting way heheeh

  45. hey dat stuff I posted was from, n yea it was BS cuz I tried it out n I didnt help much. I’m a big Tekken Fan, but I gave up yall. The lag is killin me. The only time I’m gona be playin diz game is when my friends come ova. otherwise the PS3 is juz gona be sittin derr collectin dust. If nebody know nething bout the patch 4 diz gay lag–plz update.

  46. my wireless control did some thing wierd last night it made my caracter move back the light was flashing and I could turn it off while I was online what the hell???? -_-

  47. Well i think its from us version since my friend have the japan version and he have like 0 lag like he’s playing offline but sometimes there is lag but not that lag like in US version…. guess im done with tekken online till they fix this lag playing with black bar and rarely yellow… hmm yesterday i updated my ps3 to 1.92 but still there is lag . a friend of mine said there were no updates and his system is 1.90 but mine is 1.92 hmm anything i need to know here post please if you know , Thanks

  48. sup cause your to far away i think when we play’d that was the slowest i ever play wow it was super lag namco should do something about this lag some type if update or a patch…oh about the control thing thats normal it happens to me

  49. yeh told ya , it was to slow but i had few games lastnight was almost perfect , atleast i showed the guy im playing with some nasty steve Djin combos hehehe hope this lag will be fixed soon playing with few pplz kinda sucks also.

  50. Thanks Brainwash gona check this today hoipe it will work but as for my Nat Type its 2 i guess its ok but im gona try what you post sadly i cant read it at work since they have proxy here cant open your link….

  51. I’ve been reading these post about the lag in TDR5 and I must say that this sounds like an excuse that guys who CAN’T compete make up. Your excuses are not good enough for me. I have noticed lag but NOT when both players have a good connection. My advice is to STOP downloading porn, movies, mp3’s and other bull crap when trying to play on line. I also play the Japan version and WOW same thing.. 2 out of 10 matches might be slow but still VERY playable. Just another reason why they delayed releasing this in America. STOP acting like A BUNCH OF WEAK AZZ BABIES..Man-up all I heard was “oh my god, it’s not coming to America but now it out, nothing but Bitching and Complaining. Look… #1 Learn to adjust and take a freaking loss.. #2 Get out of the room if the host has a bad connection…#3 find a person with a good connection and save him as a friend. It a sad, sad, thing to read nothing but excuses ALL the time from some of you about one thing after another. Some are just but others are just LAME EXCUSES.. NUFF SAID… OK Bye.

  52. Look me up online and teach me a lesson any of you if you are offended…. meln4ya both version….. I think I’m pretty good… need to play maybe 60 matches a week to be better. My point is just play and have fun not one of you guys are being issued a check after you power off your PS3’s…..

  53. when this game comes out in the uk im gonna dick on everyone!
    wang will unleash evil anger and smite thee with furious vengence!
    the generation of wang has arrived, and those who choose not to bow down before the wrath of the wang jinrey will forever experience to true force of hells grim tyrant!
    never again will people laugh in the face of the 105 year old killing machine!
    never again will they underestimate the power of wang_slaps_thepheonix!

  54. What the??? November 8th now!!!! I’m furious. What’s the point of bringing out a trailer! T6 will be out sooner than T5:DRO (a little bit over the top but still)

  55. Hey markman, hmm says on other sites that tekken 5 online EU game, will be released on an earlier date 25th of october and not November… O_o

  56. Would this site be ign? Cos they said tekken 6 would be released in europe in autumn 2007, while it said for japan it was TBA 08. I knew it wouldn’t happened, but it wasn’t the only newish game they made this statement with… It was a while ago, but still, its not the first time i’ve seen them wrong. I trust wikipedia more for release dates, if they have any…

  57. hmm its not up im in australia and its 8/11 here its lyk 12am in london on the 8/11 but still no sign of Tekken DR Online.
    Bandai and Namco or whoever distributes this stuff really needs to get their act together because a delay of about 3 months (providing we do get it on the 8th) is just unacceptable!
    We here in Australia and Europe are people too!

  58. Thing is – Can we even be sure it will be out on the 9th november then? So far, trusting namco seems to be a bad idea. They might as well be fooling around for another month, but i do hope it’s out for the weekend!

  59. I’d like to apologize to our European readers.

    I have no idea when the game is coming out (we’re based in the USA)…

    I just put up the date that European media put up for the game. I wonder whats taking so long?

  60. Yeah good question :/ Well i don’t believe anyone here is blaming you – we are just rather upset with Namco! they are the badguys around here!

    So no worries on your part :)

  61. Is it actually on guys? I can’t enter playstation-store all of a sudden – might be system overload cuz of so many tekken fans downloading? ;)

  62. i sometimes get a network error when i join a friends host which boots me back to title screen, why is that?
    asuming they have the same dr as me… does it make a difference?? or i need to setup my Router?

  63. Hmm .. i tried to find T5DRonline pack in my PSN store in Germany. But I could only find the full version, which cost 19.99€. Where can i find the expansion pack that cost 4.99€?

  64. Mad – Go to Games – Game Items and then you will find the T5DROnline upgrade.

    Download it and it should install automatic after the download

  65. I have to say, I played a lot of online competitors, and it’s tough. You have you use your skills and determination to win. All Characters have unique skills, pick the ones that you are good with. This is Andymat007. I am ready to challenge anytime.

  66. hey guys!!can you help me how to play Tekken DR 4 online pLzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!wat is the instruction and where i’m going to play that?! on PC?

    1. Hi Fanoftk,

      You must purchase at the Playstation Store online in your PS3 Tekken 5 : DR online pack once you have establish a Playstation account.

  67. i can not update the content list everytime i try i get this message: “Unable to update content list”.
    I can go online with the game to battle. I changed my router settings en put the PS3 in the DMZ, still no luck. Everything else is working ok, it’s only the content list in Gallery Mode that gives a problem, any ideas…??

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