T5DR ONLINE Update Coming Soon!

The Japanese version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE will be getting a nice free update on March 18th! Included in this update is vibration support for Dual Shock 3 controllers and some new options to help streamline the online experience! You can now play a quick 1 on 1 battle through the ‘PICKUP MATCH’ option… Battle lobbies will now show room names instead of player host names as well. Also, if you don’t have a Dual Shock 3 yet… They will be released in North America on April 15th for an MSRP of $54.99. If you can’t wait, just import it from Play-Asia where there are already three colors available! Click below for more details!

Originally posted by Dir_en_grey on KOTAKU.COM :

Patch Date: 3/18 1PM Japanese Time, Free Download.
You will get the update when you start the game in your Japanese Account.
It makes no sense just to patch the Japanese players so I’m guessing everybody else should get the at the same time too.

New Stuff:

Pick Up Mode – Automatically finds an opponent for you according to the options you select for the opponent you want to fight, without having to wait in a room. Even if you opponent quits, the computer will find you another opponent with the same qualifications.

Name Your Room – Name your room like “Beginners Only” or “XXX Character Only”

Adjusted Rank Points – The ranking points will be adjusted to a more balanced value when you win/lose.

Room Search Options – Just like when you make a room, now you can also have the option of selecting the type of room you want to find when doing room search.

“Your Next” Alert – When lining up in a room, a new option will let you know that you are fighting next, either by sound effects or by controller rumble.

“Rankings OFF” Option – You can turn the Ranking Points Off now when you are fighting online, so you don’t have to worry about your Rank dropping when constantly getting PWNed. I know I’ll be using this cuz it sux fighting a friend and having both of your ranks dropping eventually when going back and forth.

More information as we get it!

FAMITSU.COM – Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE Update

53 Responses to T5DR ONLINE Update Coming Soon!

  1. Sheng81 says:

    Really good news, finally a real quick match. :)

  2. RoyalFlush says:

    Very nice.

  3. Guregu says:

    I hope they fix the issues that it has when using the VF High Grade Stick.

  4. MarkMan says:

    Oh god, Guregu, I HOPE SO TOO… That would make me SO happy.

  5. andreafrozen says:

    this is the confirmation that tekken 6 on ps3..is not ready for us. but how mach we must wait for this game??

  6. Spiriax says:

    Oh my god, thank you everyone on SDTekken for this precious information!
    I like all the new features, and I’m astounded that they didn’t have a Pickup Match-option from the beginning. Getting into a Battle Lobby can be an ass sometimes.
    Of course, that’s not the only good news. Everything sounds sweet. I just hope they could reset all stats and accounts to zero, then I could begin playing competitively again.

  7. TVHead says:

    will this affect any of the net capabilities when it comes to others lagging or yourself?

  8. MarkMan says:

    ^^ More than likely not… I don’t think this will include any changes in the netcode. The game is still P2P and both players will need to have connections configured correctly in order to enjoy the game with the least amount of lag/latency as possible.

    We’ll find out soon enough though.

    I don’t think it would affect Japan as much though seeing as they already have a VERY playable version of T5DR ONLINE thanks to their superior connections.

  9. Jonathan says:

    What about the US version?

  10. tekken lover says:

    oh come on if there is update they should first do something about this freaking lag

  11. SDTEKKEN says:

    ^^ I’m only going to post this once more.

    The game is P2P. So if there is considerable amounts of lag, it is either YOUR FAULT, or your OPPONENT.

    End of story.

  12. J 2 T says:

    They look pretty cool. ;-|

  13. tekken lover says:

    yo does any one know if it is possible to go from american tekken account to asian account since it the connection is much beeter and it is almost as if you were playing offline .is it evevn possible to do change and play with asian and open account over there . by the way what the heck is P2P?

  14. Kev!n says:

    Hopefully they fix it so people will stop unfairly losing -1000 points. What am I suppose to do when the game freezes? lol

  15. tekken lover says:

    there has been many times when i tried to finish some body with juggle but due to this f@%*# lag i couldnt fiish him off , instead he fell down he came up with counter attack and won the match which is totally BS cuz if it was offline i would have won and i am sure this happened to thousands of people

  16. Jonathan says:

    US version?

  17. Kev!n says:

    There’s a growing problem on DRO that Namco NEEDS to address. People have two PS3’s and use an account on 1 PS3 to get free points/wins on an account on their other PS3. PREZ_Manny’s doing it with his Asuka_Kazama account, CapitalMan in Europe’s doing it, ABDULRAZZAQ’s doing it, couple of people in Japan are doing. It’s just stupid, and these people NEED to be banned from PSN.

  18. Downplay says:

    So how much will Namco charge for this?

  19. MarkMan says:

    The update is free.

    Also, since the beginning of T5DR Online we’ve had cheaters… Namco has not done one thing about it then, and they probably won’t do a thing about it now.

    Sucks. :/

  20. Kev!n says:

    Markman, I’ve been playing your ghost on my PSP. How accurate would you say the ghosts are to you in real life?

    I’m surprised Namco hasn’t done anything about the cheating. Xbox Live is pretty good at stopping cheaters. I just wish I could get all them banned >,<

  21. MarkMan says:

    100% not accurate haha… that ghost was just a test ghost for TZ… all my ghost does is 2,1,2,1,2,1 and 1+2s all day…

    Just did it to help Castel get the PSP ghost section underway that’s all…

  22. Kev!n says:

    Lol, that’s funny cause it’s one of the most downloaded ghosts in the entire library.

    We should play DRO sometime so I can see how you really play :p

  23. Downplay says:

    You’ll get raped Kev!n. lol. I haven’t been playing much myself lately. Just been working on my ewgf. Got that right side down, working on the left with an arcade stick.

  24. MarkMan says:

    I suck at DR online, I don’t have fun with it :/ I just can’t stand even the slightest lag…

    If you’re ever in the San Diego area though let me know!

    I was playing with my brother today and landed Bryan taunt to f,b+2… I was like w00t….

  25. Downplay says:

    I am curious though if there will be a lot of the Tekken community playing Soul Calibur 4 when it’s released. That’s my better fighter.

  26. MarkMan says:

    I always embrace any new fighting game… so I’m looking forward to Soul Calibur IV… I just hope it’s fun in the long run and doesn’t end up like SC III…

  27. Downplay says:

    Aren’t they using SCIII’s arcade version? It was fixed tremendously from the PS2 game. Not to mention we’re seeing a “final attack” type of thing added in IV.

  28. MarkMan says:

    Even if they are using SC III AE as a base for the game… anything they don’t test themselves at arcades first (like what Tekken goes through), I’m dreadfully scared of…

  29. Downplay says:

    Well, there’s always the possibility of online updates. DOA4 did so here’s hoping. The game looks great. The new characters I like (minus the Star Wars blahness). The only thing I’m a little worried on is any additonal content that they made charge for. Costumes, custom parts. Oiy. And knowing me, I’ll buy every single one of them.

  30. tekken lover says:

    after tekken 6 i am more excited about street fighter IV rather than soul calibur 4 cuz. plus i heard the connection is much better than T5DR and the intersting thing is as sdtekken points out all people from all continents will play together unlike T5DR does any one know the release date for street fighter IV? plus i would really apprecaite if people take note of what KEV!N said and sent those basterd cheaters hate messages… that’ ll teach them

  31. MadCow says:

    Tested the patch just now. Seem very nice, but unfortunately it is only for the jap version.

  32. trini1212 says:

    “tekken lover” are u a f@$King idiot? the only reason you experience lag is because ether you or ur opponent connection suxsie p2p means person two person so if one person connection suxs u bout will experince lag. so these are my option if u always get lag with every match u fight its ur fault if it only happen when u play certain ppl its there not the game so ether u stay away from ppl with lag and stop blaming the game. i get lag like 10% of my fights my next move is to leave the room or kick the person out. looks like u need a better connection get cable best in my opion so far. i love the new update good for when u don’t feel like waiting 10 days just to fight one match. now i can get a quick match when ever i want. hope this update comes out soon.

  33. tekkenlover says:

    trini1212 your mama is a fucking idiot. i am in chicago so when i play someone far away say TX or LA you always get lag you retard and many of my friend in chicago complain about same thing so shut your fucking mouth you dum fuck

  34. PS32008 says:

    PREZ_Manny and ABDULRAZZAQ are cheaters… They screwed the Online Rankings and should be banned. Just look at the bottom of the Online US Rankings and you’ll see both of their loser names at the bottom… Yup, that’s how they got all those points.


  35. IllBreakurFACE says:

    First off:
    ive been reading all these posts about how lag is ur fault or the other players fault and i for one think thats total BS!!! ive played “Vurtua Fighter” online for the 360 and that game is completely LAG FREE!! and im talking arcade perfect. Now i know what ur gonna say… 360 has a service and thats y thier games are lag free blah blah blah. thats all Bulls%&*T If Namco Really wanted to make tekken lag free they could. With game like Street fighter 4 tekken 6 and soul caliber, Fighting games are making a comeback in the video game world and online is were theyre being reborn!!! sooner or later lag in fighting games will be unacceptable and Namco will have to do something because the fans wont stand for it!! So to any Namco reps out there who are listening FIX THE LAG IN TEKKEN ONLINE!!! ITS KILLING THE ENJOYMENT OF THE GAME!!!

    Secondly: to PS32008
    ive beaten ABDULRAZZAQ b4 hes not so tough…whats makes u think he cheats??

  36. MarkMan says:

    Virtua Fighter is not LAG FREE. It is NOT arcade perfect. It has a better netcode than T5DR Online, YES. But it is not perfect.

    The best thing Namco can do is learn how to implement better netcode for their online fighting games. Honestly GGPO has the best netcode out right now.

  37. Turpentine says:

    ABDULRAZZAQ and PREZ_MANNY are both serious cheats. They were both “Beginners” the other day – SHAME ON THEM! I don’t know about CAPITALMAN, as I fought him the other day and he whipped my butt 6 – 0, got bored and left. He’s got really good skills with Gun Jack and Wang. Wish I could play like that!

  38. tekkenlover says:

    illbreakurFACE i tottaly agree with aboutthe lag and unless sony doesnt use fast internet connection such as verizon or others there alwaysgonna be lag. but about ABDULRAZZAQ i think your own state ment answer question if you easily beat him then how he is dark lord, well because he has two ps3 several months ago he was not even in top 10 he was he invite himself to play against himself via two ps3 and get free point by beating himself

  39. IllBreakurFACE says:

    Well I my be a newbie when it comes to knowledge about net codes, but im pretty sure that its something that can be fixed with a firmware update. whether its a Sony problem or a Namco problem im pretty sure that if any of the company big wigs would play the game online half as much as the fans do they could see how frustrating it is to play with lag and they would do something about it. But i guess if ur not constantly feeding them money like the mindless sheep on 360 then they figure why would they bother, they’ve already made their money. If thiers a way we can get the word out to Namco/Sony about the lag b4 the update hits America that would be great!!! All the new features of the patch is nice and all but the major issue is the lag any tekken fan will tell u that. Maybe a petition or a letter or something other than just complaining about it in the forums!?! come on guys!!! lets start a movement!!! YEAHHHH!!!! we’ll grab some pickit signs and loiter outside of Namco inc.!!! HELL YEAHHH whos with me!!! lag free tekken!! lag free tekken!! lag free tekken!!

    @tekkenlover: if ABDULRAZZAQ does indeed have 2 PS3s then that is by far the most funniest and pathetic things ive ever heard. i dont think its possible to rank up off of a beginner because once u reach champion it will take forever to rank up off of anybody who is less than 1st kyu.

  40. MarkMan says:

    What you don’t seem to understand is that Korea and Japan don’t have this problem with T5DR ONLINE. They have superior internet connections and fiber optic networks across the whole country so no one is complaining like we are here.

    Seriously, I’ve seen people in matches on T5DR in Japan land some stuff that is impossible on a US connection (Kazuya EWGF, EWGF, 1, 1, 1,1, f,N,d,D/F+4,1 etc)…

    Nothing is going to happen from Namco Hometek in regards to Tekken updates. It would all have to go through to Japan. I’m sure we’ll see how their netcode improves with the release of Soul Calibur IV.

  41. tekkenlover says:

    ok markman then dont say it is my fault for lag cuz that is just immature statement . is it my fault to live in US not japan if lag happens? plus lag pisses off many people illbreakurFACE for example just like me ….. the real problems lies in the online service connection that sony offers to north america (NOT ON INDIVIDUAL AND THATS THE END OF IT!) . ….to illbreakurFACE brother i couldnt agree with you more about everything you said about lag many of my tekken friends on my buddy list feel the same way but as far as people like ABDULRAZZAQ and PREZ-MANNY goes they dont stay with their secondery player from second ps3 at 1kyu level, they rank up to lone wolf or breseker and somewhere around that then they try to rank up by using their primary character to get free point from secondery player it is easy to do if you money to buy two ps3 but they are not the only ones trust me on that

  42. To tekkenlover:
    One (this one is to all), it’s a glitch, two (this is to you tekkenlover) that is not how it is done. Not sure how Abdulrazzaq does what he is doing; but what you explained would be crazy to do, because it would take forever (not literally). But there is a game glitch, basically; thus, allowing for many points to be gained within a certian time period.

  43. Beside, we already know, and no one cares!

  44. Kev!n says:

    PS32008akaKev!n is not me, that’s Prez_Manny. Please don’t come here and post while retending to be me.

  45. tekkenlover says:

    to ps32008akake!n people who care about fair play do care about cheating and counitg them would several thousands ( america, asia ,europe) secondly i dont know how you come up with these wierd logics.. i seen people to go from 1stkyu to lone wolf or legend within three days so no it doesnt take for ever if you put time and then he send invite to him self using his second ps3 both of them abbulrazzaq and prez_ manny
    both so there

  46. THX says:

    So….. when’s this coming again???


  47. Kev!n says:

    It came out today!

  48. Afro_Samurai says:

    Wow Guys I did not kno that ppl cheated like that man I will let all my friends kno that rite away
    Prez Manny and thaty other personr wut we call cans Im a old skool player since Tekken 1 and always ready to have a good fight and would give most a hard time but im always lookin to face off against good comp. no cheaters with alot of points

    Add me as Friend: ROCKSOLID187
    BAKI_DA_GRAPPLER are my gamer tags hit me up and well have a good lag free minimum juggle fight.

  49. Afro_Samurai says:

    WOW PPL really do find ways to cheat online its insane fuckin bastards needs to fight straightup Im stunned….

  50. Kev!n says:

    to tekkenlover: What are you talking about?

  51. The REAL Kev!n says:

    I never said, “to tekkenlover: What are you talking about?” That’s an imposter… I won’t be posting here anymore so if you see anyone else posting under my name and pretending to be me (it’s flattering), it isn’t really me.

  52. apple ipad future…

    Hey mate, thanks 4 sharing but this page isnt vewable when using Chrome it is doubled up….

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