TEKKEN CRASH returns with a new league season! TEKKEN CRASH is a popular Korean TV show by MBC Game that features a 3 man team TEKKEN tournament pitting together the best players all over S. Korea! Last season featured TEKKEN 6, while the new season focuses on Bloodline Rebellion. Click below for full details on the new season! (Thanks jin11!)

Originally posted by jin11:


1st – $5000
2nd – $2600
3rd – $1200

Broadcasting starts in July!  Below is a current list of teams that have qualified:

  • Triple V – KimShinYoung (Bob), ChunLae (Marduk), ParkWooJung (Jack-6) TEKKEN CRASH Champions
  • GeereumShin – Okay(Wang), MOQ(Bob), The Goonies(Miguel)
  • Ever saw GeereumShin – Chanel(Alisa), Nova(Leo), Mellow Breeze(Yoshimitsu)
  • Infinity 2 – Kingbaksa(King), Kunrodori(Lee), Nongbu(Alisa)
  • Specialist – Rain(Miguel), Prince(Kuma), Only Practice(Nina)
  • The Ripper – SuN CHIP(?)(Bryan), Judas(Hwoarang), go9ma_KILLER(Jack-6)
  • Highlight – Hole Man(Kazuya), Narac Hof(Marduk), Misty(Eddy)
  • Speed Star – Lee3(Wang), VanPung(Steve), 10000(Christie)
  • Hello Friends – kidJin(Raven), N(Nina), kaiji(Paul)
  • No Limit – Ccer(Zafina), JinXiaolove(Xiaoyu), JK Stylish(Steve)
  • Together with GroanGroan – Purijumo(Leo), ABC(Heihachi), Bohee(Steve)
  • Top Player – ShimShaJul(Lili), Deja Vu(Bryan), Tuhon(Steve)
  • Joke-Mangk – DrHwang(Bob), Piri(Eddy), Questioner(Lei)
  • Dubious – JisamoonAce(Devil Jin), Atung(Asuka), Bacus(Steve)
  • Superstar – Soyongdori(Devil Jin), Malgu(Law), Help Me(Lee)
  • Thunder Chicken – Hao(Feng), Triple H(King), Dj. YARM(Leo)
  • Laneis PC Cafe – Hirano Aya(Alisa), Eri(Asuka), Taeyeon(Leo)

More info as it comes!

22 Responses to TEKKEN CRASH Returns!

  1. Brian says:


  2. Blind Ghost says:

    Awsome, finally get to see what they got on BR.

    oh and First.

  3. Blind Ghost says:


  4. Tenshimitsu says:

    OMG Yoshi player qualified?!

    GOGO Mellow Breeze!

  5. ZeroX says:


  6. Aldrin says:

    one on the right is cute ^-^
    nice line-ups too

  7. Mershi says:

    i am rooting for jinxaolove and his team no limit.

  8. Aldrin says:

    can we watch this through live stream? or recorded at least?

    • Deus et Dominus says:

      last season was uploaded on jon747’s youtube-channel. maybe he’ll do it again for the upcoming season?

  9. chemicalRed says:

    Cool… I can’t wait to watch

  10. The.Phenom.Kid says:

    I wana watch too..

  11. 3deekei says:

    No Limit + Superstar FTW

  12. Treehugger says:

    I’m shocked to see only one jack-6 user and completely zero Lars and Jin users.

  13. Undeadewok says:

    Sweet. Who won last year btw!??!

  14. gdfhg says:

    i’m also puzzled by no lars…

    korea needs the anti-lars experience to face japan in sbo

  15. noside12000 says:

    No MadDogJin?!? and where’s Tongbal Love’s team???
    Are these the final team rosters? Thanks.

  16. tekken lover says:

    hmm…. why there is no lars player on the list?

  17. kernkraft99 says:

    I agree with no side, where’s tongbal love? u.u
    I’m rooting for higlight and superstar all the way to the finals.

  18. hwoarang says:

    maddogjin is living in the US and going to school here i believe.. which is why he isn’t going to be in this one

  19. romeoetjuliette says:

    I suppose that Nin is still the commentarist.

  20. Etha Ruttan says:

    Actually rare to find practiced persons on that issue, nevertheless, you seem like you no doubt know what you are writing on! Thanks a lot

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