SDTEKKEN & XBOX LIVE At Comic-Con 2009

Check out Episode 3 of Xbox Live At Comic-Con 2009 special from Inside Xbox! Check out the latest Xbox 360 games and a special interview with our very own MarkMan and TEKKEN 6!

Download this video directly to your Xbox 360 by visiting here:

11 Responses to SDTEKKEN & XBOX LIVE At Comic-Con 2009

  1. coilover2005 says:


  2. BLIND GHOST says:

    thats awsome man congrats ! markman.

    on a side note WTF happen to KEVIN CONROY !?!?

    man that fucker aged badly.

    anyway , think you can upload the

    interview to YOUTUBE MARKMAN !?!

  3. dara says:

    “Tekken is something everyone has been waiting for…” quoted for truth!

  4. kazuya01 says:

    Yo Markman tekken official was udpated and there’s some news screen shoots and pic’s ;D
    Check here

  5. Carmin Pierre says:


  6. Val says:

    Nah! Not everybody. Itagaki and his fanboys hates tekken. lol!

  7. BLIND GHOST says:

    i thin k itagakis more concerend with find a new job, since hes now a registred sex offender.

  8. Di says:

    Good job, MarkMan! :)

  9. fleas says:

    Itagaki hates just about every other game in the genre of a game he created. He likes Virtua Fighter because Dead or Alive was based on it, and he only liked Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3 out of all the Tekkens because around Tekken 4 came out, Tekken said it was better than Dead or Alive, and he got really pissed and said it was a insult to his family and he wants to drop 100 nuclear bombs on Tekken or some shit like that.

    Anyway congrats MarkMan!!!

  10. fleas says:

    Pretty sweet. Just what I was looking for. Bookmarked :

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