TEKKEN In Your Phone… Again!

Almost two years after the first Tekken game for mobile phones, Tekken 2 mobile, we’re getting a brand new game made by Namco Mobile, including: 2D graphics, Tekken 6 stages, Arcade, Story, Training, VS and Tekken Force Mode and lots of unlockables!
Check the rest of the entry for the game’s trailer and the press release.

The game is available for £4.00 and can be bought at NAMCO MOBILE.


Join the fight!
Tekken Mobile brings the hard hitting combat and iconic characters of the Tekken console games to your mobile.
Featuring an unprecedented level of depth and variety you will enjoy battling your way to the top of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

Unlock extra characters and custom outfits, even competing against your friends in a multiplayer VS mode.
Enter this all new Iron Fist Tournament and prove yourself worthy of the ultimate prize, in the world’s No.1 fighting game.

Completing Arcade or Story mode will unlock additional game modes such as Tekken Force or Custom Mode.
Gold coins can be used to purchase custom character outfits, these coins are earned by scoring highly in any of the competitive game modes.

Key Features:

• Highly detailed 2D characters and backgrounds.
• A variety of unique game modes such as Arcade, Story, Training, VS and Tekken Force Mode.
• Standard and Advanced combat controls to cater for player skill levels
• Bluetooth enabled multiplayer VS match making.
• A variety of unique character special moves and up to ten hit combo attacks.
• Unlock new outfits, modes and even create your own custom outfits.

Tekken Mobile™ ©2009 NBGI

17 Responses to TEKKEN In Your Phone… Again!

  1. Blind Ghost 2 says:

    FIRST! :)

    • Blind Ghost 2 says:

      Lame! so they decided to make this instead of “FIXING” Tekken 6, thanks Bamco.

      • Blind Ghost 2 says:

        First the shitbox360 and now this.

      • noodalls says:

        Looks like we’ll have blind ghost 3 shortly.

      • ICEYOUCOLD says:


        IS THIS SHIT?!

        And ghost why did you delete me off psn?!

      • DIGGS-86 says:

        Im not feeling this idea much either man but what the hell do you think is already wrong with tekken 6. because next to other fighting games that come out this is almost flawless. So bitch elsewhere if you are just ranting. And I mean that in the most non disrespectful way ….I curse alot lol.
        If you want to bitch about something. Look at how Street fighter made 3 3rd strike and then they make part 4 and (chuckles disrespectfully) go back to street fighter 2 style of gaming and then it is hailed best fighting game and people praise it! Now bitch on…
        Tekken 6 is straight bro.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Is that really you Ghost?

  2. cappo says:

    wtf namdai i like tekken but not like this

  3. DrBhup666 says:


    This is like taking two steps back!

  4. dbostick says:

    This looks very assish to me. Tekken GBA looked better.

  5. Dzul7 says:

    no. Doesn’t need this….

  6. Dzul7 says:

    but i’ll try this game…

  7. ICEYOUCOLD says:

    Namco stop what your doing.

  8. tekkenlover says:

    lol this is more like street fighter 3 than tekken even tekken 2 mobile was much better than this

  9. chemicalRed says:

    LOL. This looks bad

  10. Blind Ghost 3 says:


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