A Holiday Gift From Harada-san! NEW TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Footage!

Leader of the TEKKEN PROJECT team, Katsuhiro Harada, revealed on his twitter just now the latest footage from TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2! Happy Holidays and enjoy! Could this just be a taste of what Namco has in store for us in 2011? Stay tuned, more goodies may be on the way?

115 Responses to A Holiday Gift From Harada-san! NEW TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Footage!

  1. Daniel says:

    Is it just me or does the new girl kind of resemble Christie? At least in the face?

    • toshi says:

      I was thinking the same thing actually. I’m wondering if there’s a connection lol. Heihachi looks pretty epic younger haha. Trailer is awesome!!

      • toshi says:

        Actually after thinking about it, I wonder if its an alternate costume/customizable char option. Just a thought.

    • Lambada says:

      Well, Tekken does suffer with models looking alike. I see this case with Steve Fox and Hwoarang at times.

      And one can’t say that she’s Christie or Julia in disguise because it seems to be that her body built is much more different, or maybe it’s my eyes betraying me.

  2. gerard says:

    ? ¿¿she is King I daughter???her name is Queen? — or La Mariposa from DOA series?

  3. harry says:

    the new wrestler girl looks like r mika from street fighter that new character looks like a street fighter character cmon harada san bring new epic characters not half naked women start bringing in proper fighters the graphics looked a bit sloppy in the stages look at the background props like the crowd in the arena stage the crowd aren’t moving they are like statues, what a joke stage a christmas stage what has happened to tekken nowadays, you need to make ttt2 a thousand times better than the original ttt and the gameplay seems proper slow get it back to the fast normal speed please and please namco don’t cock up ttt2 from the looks of this trailer the new half naked female wrestler character is really bad idea man i feel let down big time please namco i am begging you put every thing in ttt2 make people remember this game for years please! overall i am not happy with the new female character, the slow gameplay and the graphics need more polishing and the background props need to look proper realistic please namco put in everything you got in ttt2.

  4. cappoX says:

    all i want for this is a better practice mode and hei looks goofy

  5. keton says:

    harry is a comedian

  6. Diesel Son says:

    Yeah hei does look goofy an he still looks old just with black hair dye and the new chick is a swagger jack from DOA not really orignal on the look .Hope the console version and when ever that day is just all around better this time god I hope so.

  7. smith says:

    ignore harry. he’s a street fighter fanboy pretending to be a tekken fan. i don’t see anything wrong in adding a new female character unless you’re a sexist. you can also say the same thing about c.viper and rufus being similar to c. viper and bob, and i don’t see street fighter fans bitching about them.

    • smith says:

      i meant c.viper similar to nina, rufus similar to bob, el fuerte similar to king, law and fei long similar, etc.

      and btw, mika is a white blonde you dumbfucks! the new character in this is dark. the only thing similar is their outfit! i bet you idiots think paul and ken are similar and heihachi and gouken huh?

      listen up idiots! neither tekken or virtue fighter have all unique character designs!

      • JK says:

        Fact is: New character SUCKS!!!
        She does not fit in a fighting game.
        No stupid masked wrestling bitch is sexy, unless you are a freak. So the sex appeal is zero. They should have just added a BJJ dude.

    • JK says:

      Just shut the fuck up!
      Stop labeling others.
      They have their opinions, let them have it.
      You can’t prove an opinion wrong, you retarded son of a bitch!

  8. firsthingsfirst says:

    looks like tekken 2 heihachi on crack

  9. kotta says:

    new female wrestler character looks like vf and sf characters how fucked up, namco are really fukin tekken up right now it looks gay as fuk they need to change the outfit on the female wrestler serioulsly looks like r.mika from street fighter and heihachi looks like an idiot best heihachi i saw was in tekken 3 i guess namco are making a mockery out of tekken tag 2

    • JK says:

      I agree, bro.
      Ever since Tekken 6 it’s been totally shit!
      It’s no more realistic design, they focus on Dragon ballz now!

      Tekken is for kiddies now.

  10. ant says:

    fukin hell namco new female lucha libre are they doing a doa/vf/sf thing here its an awful idea bad character, heihachi on the other hand looks like a wimp namco need to make him more mean and ruthless.

  11. billy1987 says:

    im not really impressed with the trailer and the female character my god pure resembles r.mika and doa and vf character, not happy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. jillian says:

    blimey is this TTT2 it looks thrash it wont beat the original, tekken tag 1 is the best tekken game along with tekken 3. Expect another failure from namco, thumbs are down for me.

  13. Tekkenlover says:

    so thats heihachi well damn venom was right…..lol. who is this new girl anyway? i am guessing judging by the way she dress she might have similar style to king and armor king

    • VeNoM362 says:

      @ Tekkenlover, damn right VeNoM362 was right.

      Heihachi looks funny, just not use to his new look yet. VeNoM362 wonders if part of the reason they changed Heihachi was get him a new voice actor?

      As for the trailer, I’m digging the new gear for Miguel. Liking the new stages too. The tag moves were sick, double stone head, two of my girls got a move together (Lili and Xaioyu), but that tag move with Hwoarang and Baek was just NASTY!!!

      As for Lady Rey Mysterio,hhhhhmmmm…gotta see more gameplay from her. VeNoM362 might have to pick her up just cause she’s a wrestler.

      Lady Rey Mysterio doesn’t have a name yet?VeNoM362 thinks he knows who she is, he found her on Youtube.

  14. justin says:

    so you guys are bitching cus they added a new female character? you guys are fucking pathetic! nobody is forcing you guys to play her and it’s better to have a new character than nothing, c’mon think about it, is it better to have her or not? and i don’t thing the game would get any better without her.

    • JK says:

      Fuck you!
      They wasted their time on the new char, when they could give us something better.
      The overall quality has dropped because of the time-waster.
      You are bitching over the guys who are bitching… what does that make you? Fucking faggot!

      • OL says:

        Well, this is just your same retarded 10 year old. You just make yourself one of the funniest idiot I have seen on this site. Anyway, haters gonna hate. :P

  15. the fury says:

    it’s funny that these retards think the game overall will suck just because they added a female nacho libre character! lol

  16. Pantera says:

    Woooo!!! Armor King and that chick are gonna kick ass!!!

  17. Tysan says:

    Young Hei = Awesome

    New chick does indeed look a bit like Christie, cant stop viewing the new teaser!

  18. cleanrich says:

    next step> female mishima…

  19. zac says:

    there’s nothing wrong with the new character, if you don’t like her then don’t play her, it’s that simple. you guys are like spoiled brats that want candy immediately.

    i’m loving the tag throws harada san!

  20. TTT2 says:

    harry u asshole, stop posting the same thing with different names. and 4 all of u fags out there. stop living in the past. u like ttt1? then play that and stop complaining. TTT2 looks awesome. hei looks badass, new char looks interesting. the graphics are definitively more polished and i’m loving the level designs and the tag combos

    • JK says:

      New character looks as interesting as your old ugly mother!
      Fuck you! It is because of feminine faggots like you, that enjoy Dragon Ballz in an age of 30, that Tekken is a cartoon!

      Grow the fuck up! There is nothing interesting in an ugly bitch in a stupid costume!
      If you find that interesting, then you should go out more often.

      • Spiriax says:

        First you write “New character looks as interesting as your old ugly mother!” and then in the same post you write “Grow the fuck up!”.

        The irony. You just made my day.

        Also, I love that Tekken suddenly becomes childish and “Dragon Ball-like” because a female wrestler joins.
        But a kangaroo with boxing gloves and a guy with horns who shoots lasers is super cool.

  21. L_Z_N says:

    I find it weird to see Heihachi with more hair…after seeing him bald for around 15 years. But it’s refreshing.

    The music is similiar to the Yoshi stage.. I assume it’s written by the same composer.

    New moves, new stages, even new char. This trailer gives so much excitement for TTT2. :)

  22. chemicalRed says:

    Nice to see something new. That new character looks interesting, and Heihachi looks funny.

  23. Sure You Can says:

    Teaser after teaser.. im not too hyped, im more looking forward to MORTAL KOMBAT !


    Those Graphics are absolutely gorgeous!! Good job namco!

  25. Lambada says:

    Goodness, you people comparing this new girl to R.Mika are dumb, she is shaping up to be miles better than that wreck of a character.

  26. Schematic says:

    I really doubt anything Hirada does will satisfy anyone here lol. Just make a good solid game thats balanced and I’ll like it.

    • JK says:

      True! But still… hate that he is making the wrong choices all the time!
      He should make a game for adults, not for small kiddiez!

      That pisses me off! The direction everything is going…

  27. wazwuz says:

    I love the new hawaian shirt for miguel, it looks perfect for his fighting style ;)

  28. buddy says:

    people are complaining about how the new female character doesnt fit in the game..

    same thing a few years ago when people heard about alisa

    you can really sense their level of maturity

  29. kunibob says:

    I’m in love with that new character. I wonder who she is? I’m secretly hoping that Michelle has taken on a new life as a wrestler……..yeah, I won’t hold my breath on that.

    Exciting stuff. Looking forward to seeing what more is in store.

  30. vinsor says:

    seems heihachi finally visited a salon for hair coloring, he can afford it anyways haha

  31. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    Look at the fucking Street Fighter fans here. Seriously the animations and graphics are top-notch. It looks absolutely gorgeous. If you don’t like the new chars, then don’t play em’ there is more than 40 others to pick.

    Man wait for the Koreans to pimp up this game, there is gonna be so much crazy action. I hope they bring back at least 1 or 2 new Mishimas. I want Devil Kaz ^^

  32. deebo says:

    Im digging the heihachi in black hair

  33. AZYG4LYFE says:

    They even added a nice xmas stage!

  34. MiloNZ says:

    Looks alright but online game playability will be the deciding factor for me. SFxTekken will probably be better. GGPO ftw.

    Note: I’ve been a long time tekken player (T2) I just got into SF, don’t hate, both games are awesome; you just can’t compare the two.

  35. Islaw says:


  36. VeNoM362 says:

    There seems to be a good bit of hate for this new trailer.

    VeNoM362 has an idea for those people who aren’t pleased with TTT2 or Namco so far.

    Wait till the game is 100% done, then if your still not satisfied…(now heres the big idea I was talking about…)


    seems rather simple.

    I’m just saying…

  37. Cosmoslayer says:

    One of the orphanage children like King the 2nd?

  38. DrBhup666 says:

    Wow!! Just WOW!!!

    The in-game graphics looks sharp!! I loved the Lili and Ling tag move!!

    The beating of Steve by Baek and Hwoarang was SWEEEEEEEET!!!

    And that new girl… wow! Sexxxy!!

    Funny how they put in a christmas stage just for this season.

    Great game.. can’t wait.. only 2 or 3 more years til it is on consoles in Europe..:-(

  39. ruehl says:

    can yalls IP ban this joker JK

  40. MarkMan says:

    JK has been taken care of.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      markman is there anyway that u guys can block a person not only his username but also his computer… so he wont be able to change his user name and get back starting bs again…. that would be great if you guys can do it

  41. yup yup says:

    woah! Heihachi has devil gene now. Harada mentioned what chars with that stuff don’t get gray hair.
    Also i like’d winter map and looking forward for new map-based gameplay feature if there will be.

    xia and panda will slap your shit

  42. Meeu says:

    I missed the Hei in black hair. thanks Harada-san. hope the action is as fast-paced (or fast-paced looking) as the old.

  43. shane says:

    hahahaha what a shame namco killin TTT2 already there are people out there that are hating it i have to say i am not impressed with the trailer didnt make me say wow i felt namco tottally copied el blaze from virtua fighter and el fuerte and r mika from street fighter but namco interpreted the new female lucha dore in their way they definetly got their idea from street fighter and virtua fighter whats up with namco nowadayz they have to copy some game characters, well as a whole i think TTT2 doesent really look good compared to the first tekken tag and i feel tekken is dying and losing a lot of fans and namco are making mistakes more tekken fans are leaving and playing sf, mk9 and such, tekken is finshing tekken doesn’t feel like it once was when T3 and TTT1.

    • smith says:

      c.viper is rip off of nina, rufus is a rip off of bob, el fuerte is a rip off el blaze, ryu is a rip off shoto practioner, etc just letting you know, dumbfuck!

  44. david says:

    namco copied la mariposa from dead or alive 5 like it or dont like it but namco stole the look for their new female character she looks like some one sf, harada san you made me officially quit tekken today after seeing this trailer today i felt namco really let me down.

  45. rita says:

    I fear that the new female fighter it’s Julia. She was connected someway with King in Tekken 5 and i think “?” has her eyes.

    • rita says:

      Actually, she IS Julia. Look at the medallion.

      Well. One of my favorite characters crumbles before me. From a stylish XinJiQuan to “Lucha Libre”? Now i’m not so waiting this game.

  46. Schematic says:

    Wait til the game is done before you judge if the game is good lol. Just because they make a new character doesn’t mean they won’t bring all the others back from all the previous tekkens. Doesn’t mean shit. Just something new other than just gameplay. Which I like. You guys are such cry babies lol. The graphics are great. If you say otherwise you are a Tekken hater and you just want to start shit. Looks like the got the people from Soul Calibur working on the background.

  47. Lucky says:

    Nice new costume from Christie

  48. Schematic says:

    And the reason why people play tekken addressing the numbskill up top named Shane is because tekken has always been the perfect balance between fun, Technical skill and animation. Street fighter is all about reflex and fun, not much techicality. Virtua fighter has always been about skill and technical, But its animation is ASSSSSSS and its not as fun as tekken. Mortal combat has always been really fun but suffers from the same faults as Street fighter. Tekken is the jack of all trades and people love it because of that. It has all the fun of street fighter with the respect of a great technical complex deep fighting engine and now…. Great graphics lol. So go away Shane.

  49. illmatic says:

    damn can you people be more negative bout TT2? i get more hyped for this game with every new teaser, cant f*ckin wait! just put it out there already Harada!!

  50. illmatic says:

    oh and Heihachi looks sick. the one thing im hoping for is new default customs. you know you’re gonna play it so stop commplaining.

  51. machismo says:

    i hope that this new female luchador is julia in a new costume i hope she is not a new character because if she is a new character then namco have officialy made a fockery out of tekken first off all TTT2 needs to be the best tekken to date basically i think this game wont be half as good as the original tekken tag so namco need to serioulsly and i mean seriously work hard as hell to make this game better than sf,mk,kof,mvscapcom3, i really do think namco made a stupid mistake by adding someone that looks like el fuerte, r.mika and el blaze what jokers have namco turned out to be.

    • smith says:

      are you retarded? this new character doesn’t look like el fuerte or el blaze, they are guys and their costumes are different. and r.mika is blonde. the only thing similar is they’re all lucha libre wrestles.

      do you also think juri and hwoarang look the same cus they’re both taekwondo fighters? get your eyes checked! lol

  52. Lucky says:

    Important announcement from Harada?

    Thanks for tons of comment !! OK next !! I have something new to tweet about tomorrow night. so get ready! (Not a footage. But important)


  53. gerard says:

    she is like tiger dream..a female version of tiger mask xD ..maybe she is the daughter of king I or julia chang xD..

  54. Holy shit! that was awesome! Who was that catwoman like bitch! happy holidays everyone!

  55. arnold says:

    tekken has died due to this messed up copied female wrestler from street fighter what a sad day tekken has gone shit.

    • smith says:

      so i guess street fighter is dead too since they copied rufus from bob, c.viper from nina, el fuerte from el blaze, etc. right?


    Those graphics have surpassed even Soul Caliber’s now!

  57. spinmasterx says:

    1. the trailer as far as it being “good” not the game. I’m sure in a few weeks that trailer won’t look so cool. Obviously there is no way I can judge the game this early.

    2. Just because I’m stating opinions which happen to be negative doesn’t mean it’s “whining”. Heihachi’s hair looks ridiculous and that Luchador chick is very uninspired character design which is very easy to see. Despite there being customizations, it’s doesn’t mean that they can slouch on the character designs.

    Am I right or am I right?

  58. randygarside says:

    You, sir, are absolutely right!

    I agree with character design. Lately it’s been pretty bad!
    Heihachi looks like bozo the clown, while “queen” is as uninspiring as it gets. BTW! DOA4 already did her.
    Rather have a brand new moveset Ogre over her any day!

  59. Spiriax says:

    I’m loving the trailer. I like the music, stages, and most of the duo-grabs.
    But what is up with all this stupid whining?.. Why is it such a deal that they put a female wrestler in? It’s a FIGHTING GAME!
    Besides, we already have females which are a little wrestling oriented, like Nina! So is it the mask that is the problem?..

    • smith says:

      i know. street fighter, virtua fighter, etc. they have lucha libre wrestlers, so why can’t tekken add one too, nothing wrong with that right? and her costume doesn’t even have the same design as the other lucha libre wrestlers. these ppl need to get their eyes and brains checked! lol

  60. yashar says:

    heihachi lookz like a bozo he is designed like krusty the clown i am sure namco could of made him look better please redo heihachi he seriously looks totally out of the picture and the gameplay looks like tekken 6 i thought the graphics were gona be reworked don’t look it to me, namco better make this game good so far its looking crap as hell.

  61. justin says:

    WOW! people think the game will suck just because they don’t like heihachi’s mustache. lol it’s really sad that some adults are acting like spoiled children. and people judging the graphics from a low resolutioned youtube video… it’s really really sad…………

  62. tonyturgut says:

    hahaha oh my god new character looks like la mariposa from dead or alive 4 namco are such biters i cant believe they would go to this length this is my way of puttin it.
    p.s heihachis win animation just at the beggining when he throws both arms out looks bent and goofy namco have mocked tekken tag 2 already.

    • smith says:

      you can say the same shit about capcom, they copied rufus from bob, c.viper from nina, el fuerte from el blaze, ryu from a typical shoto practitioner, juri from a typical taekwondo practitioner, etc. they’re biters too! lol

  63. qasid says:

    namco need to make this game the best fighting game for a long time, seeing this trailer it feels out of place since harada san has took over as tekken project leader he has fucked all tekkens up from tekken 4 onwards big style and he is going to fuk this game up as obvious to. Well done harada san for fuking up another tekken game.

    • smith says:

      tekken 6 is number 1 in japan and korea and other countries except in U.S.A. cus it’s too complicated for them. wheareas street fighter 4 is only number 5 in japan. check out Amusement Journal! and it’s dead in korea and other asian countries! and most top japanese and korean players said tekken 6 is the best of the series, only scrubs say it sucks. so tekken doesn’t suck, you just suck at it and have bad taste in fighting games. even aris and mr. naps said it’s the best of the series. and mr. naps plays both tekken 6 and ssf4 and he thinks ssf4 isn’t a good game at all. lol

  64. […] detectives on the internet are on the prowl with the latest TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 trailer revealing a yet unnamed character dubbed as “?” ! Take a look at the above image. […]

  65. madcobra says:

    michael murray and harada san if you are listening you better make TTT2 the best fighting game for many years to come and one more thing you need to add more than 60 characters if you dont then you guys dont care about your fans if you dont add every single tekken character in TTT2 besides gon then you guys are a bunch of losers personally the trailer never really hyped me up i found it boring when i saw the kiddy heihachi look he doesnt look anything like tekken 2 heihachi in tekken 2 he was bold is well. Well anyways namco you better be working i dont want anotha crap tekken game!

    • ron says:

      even if they add all the characters from tekken 1 to 6 it still wouln’t reach more than 60 characters, you stupid piece of shit! LOL

  66. madcobra says:

    with every single tekken character in TTT2 there will be 6 characters so ron you are dumb bastard

  67. madcobra says:

    with every single tekken character in TTT2 there will be atleats 62 characters so ron you are dumb bastard

    • ron says:

      there are only 40 characters in tekken 6. so if you said there should be atleast 62 characters in ttt2 then who are those 22 characters missing? harada himself said there will be 40+ characters in ttt2 you dumb son of a bitch!

  68. freddy1988 says:

    harada san and michael murray i challenge you to see if you can make tekken the best fighting game in the world i am offering you a challenge i want to see if you can make TTT2 better than street fighterxtekken, mortal kombat 9, super street fighter 4 arcade edition, marvel vs capcom 3 i want to see if you can beat these fighting games i personally think TTT2 wont even stand a chance because of the crap trailer. Namco are tottaly failing tekken at one time was the best and now tekken has become then gayest crapest fighting game of all time, street fighter and mortal kombat will kill tekken all over so TTT2 is going to be a mock game.

  69. […] lá que Daishi Odashima anunciou um novo Soul Calibur (do qual ele é diretor)  e Katsuhiro Harada divulgou um novo trailer de Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Valeu Papai Noel Odashima-san e […]

  70. Schematic says:

    Its simple. There is Jin…. and there is devil jin…. then there is Julia.. and now julia libre. Its just her alter ego. 80 percent chance I’m right.

  71. shika1983 says:

    Finding the hairy heihachi weird TBH,

    Wrestler looks like christie to me.

    Like some of the stages. (especially the reworked Tekken 4 stage where heihachi fights miguel/feng wei

  72. U Know What says:

    Street fighter is better! NO! Tekken rules! Your a xbox fan boy! And you are a PS Gay boy! F U. We have Gears! We have GOD OF WAR! HALO! MGS4! Blablabla. not that anybody is talking about being a fan boy but games are games. If u like games, what matter does it make which console it’s on? U like sf? Good 4 for you. Don’t come in to a tekken site assholes. Are getting paid or something? did you make the Motha F game? No, ur just a bunch of idiots that can’t even play the game. U don’t like TTT2? fine, don’t play it! less scrubs online. (SF 4 Life!) = wow, what a morron, do you even think befor you write down all the shit u think. And that’s for all of you tekken haters. You even revisit this page so many times???? Most post are from you. F U all. Thank you Harada-san for bringing back TTT

  73. johnny says:

    okay so everyone can agree that whoever that’s complaining about :

    – tekken being shit now
    -TTT2 looking worse than TTT
    -the wrestler girl is a copycat of la mariposa or some bitch
    -tekken is for kiddiez*

    is OBVIOUSLY JK, making alternate names. also to JK, who uses Zs instead of S and decide they can call someone childish? ROFL dumbass

  74. Did anybody check out the victory pose at the end with young Heihachi and Kazuya? Lol, to be a member of the Mishima family. I’m digging the new lucha libre female. Anyway, I don’t wanna bitch or anything of that nature like some ppl, *cough* “JK” *cough*. However, it would be real nice to have a female Mishima fighter. Hope you reading this Harada or whoever. Make her Kazuya’s daughter or something, there shouldn’t be another member of the Mishima family introduced unless they lack the Y chromosome.

    • Spiriax says:

      I like your thoughts, but the only way I would personally like to see new Mishimas being introduced would be through a new generation. Jin’s daughter maybe?

  75. BlackVen0m says:

    hi all want to share a remake i made from this trailer with my own music i have created.. i LOVE the track they composed for this trailer AWESOME!! thank you! anyhow i made a remake with my own track to! hope you enjoy ;-)

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