Awesome Matches From S. Korea!

YouTube user, TekkenCrashS2 has been uploading a lot of awesome TEKKEN matches from S. Korea! Among them, famous players such as Nin, Knee, HoleMan, Malgu and more! I just spent a few hours of my holiday watching Misty’s Eddy take on Knee’s Bryan… Happy Holidays all!


8 thoughts on “Awesome Matches From S. Korea!

    1. Um.. and you are just some unknown scrub no one cares about. Misty has one of the best, unique Chreddy in the world. It’s not a surprise that there are other people of Knee’s level taking many games off of him in Korea. Besides, it’s been a long time since Knee got to face a Chreddy player of a caliber like Misty’s. That probably threw him off his game.

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