TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group A!

TEKKEN Crash continues it’s newest season with the action packed fighting from Group A! Fan favorite team Resurrection (Knee, Tongbal LOVE, and HoleMan) are back and battling against more hot TEKKEN Crash Teams! Thanks garyoak99 for the uploads! Click below to check out the Group A round of matches!

26 Responses to TEKKEN Crash Season 6 Group A!

  1. extracheese says:

    These A block Tekken Crash matches were the craziest matches I’ve seen in a long time. Can’t believe this wasn’t the finals.

    • extracheese says:

      My favorite players for this block were from Resurrection, Specialist, and for 3 Witches, I have to say, instead of Chanel, Gura (Lili) was the most noteworthy player there for this TC. The new weak link seems to be 200won now. Hope to see him improve even more, or have Only_Practice come back to the team. Other than that, epic, intense matches. :)

  2. HH says:

    Never seen ANY game matches like these. My hands got sweaty and couldn take eyes off for one second. It was like a movie.

  3. vince_08 says:

    where is onlypractice? i like 200won i do but i think he hasnt won a match so far. :(

    • garyoak99 says:

      His team got eliminated during the final qualifiers. Look below for embedded video of Only Practice’s new team playing in Season 6’s qualifier.

  4. Krazy says:

    200won should quit Tekken 6:BR! LOL he lost all match

    Guess Korea has no experience against Armor King.

    TONGBAL Shining again!

  5. Schematic says:

    This is really the group of death lol. But 1 question. why the hell did channel replace only practice with 200 wan. OMFG he sucks compared to the other guys lol. But honestly Rain and tongbal all the allstars of this group.

    • macshady23 says:

      maybe bec. 200 won is one of the best tekken player you moron, if you even know him.. dont talk like your fucking a PRO, 200 won dont have that experience in BR like others. the fuck you care if he keep on smiling, he has a great personality.. dumbass

  6. Schematic says:

    LMAO just saw the last video. I just wanted to know why the hell wasn’t 200 wan playing that good the whole time instead of smiling like an idiot. And as for knee lol what he did to channel during the second round was almost humiliating. Resurection was making a movie.

  7. Schematic says:

    Finally I forgot to mention. How the hell does that lili player hit so many hop kicks. he was like 90 percent hit rate with them.

    • Meeu says:

      c’mon give 200won a break. this is probably only his second season plus his Anna is not exactly the high-tier it was in t5DR. I’m still hopeful that he will find a way.

  8. Forest says:

    So who got eliminated? Great Lili. I was taking notes.

  9. Pillow says:

    Seriously this is the best episode ever!

    Gura Lili is GODLIKE

  10. DrBhup666 says:

    So let me see if I understand this correctly………..

    Was is legendary Knee with his god-like Bryan who lost to somebody playing with Lili?? One of the shittiest charcters in T6??! She is mid to low tier at best! And Bryan is the strongest character in T6. Bryan is so good and safe, he is almost broken!!

    (Lili is NOT a high tier as everybody claims. She hasn’t any safe launchers. Her punishers all lack range, even her hopkick has shorter range than her df2, She is totally lacking in low game area. She has NO poking tools besides df1. The only good thing is her sidestep.)

    Then he manages to win with Lili over Lars?? Maybe the fastest, strongest and safest character in T6?? The people in the audience are laughing and smiling because they can’t believe their own frikin’ eyes!!!

    That guy playing Lili almost killed the whole team Resurrection! Who is he??

    Please explain somebody, before my frikin’ head explodes!!!

    • Nigga Dick Jax says:

      Please stop this low-tier, top-tier bullshit.

      Tekken 6 is one of the most balanced Tekken games ever, just get over it. Look at Tekken Crash with it’s champs and characters. The winning teams all had a great variety of fighters.

      Anakin even dominated top players like Knee and Nin with Jack.

      If you got the skills, you can push every character to it’s limits, even wang or Zafina.

      • DrBhup666 says:

        Yes, T6 is the most balanced game, but still the tier list applies!

        Come on! Don’t you believe one character excels in some area than other characters??

        Now I see that the Lili player, whoever he is, just won over the whole Challenger team. He singlehanded killed all three opponents!! He is my new hero.

        Of course skill is the most important part. Nina is higher up in tier list than Lili. Still Nia got beat.

        By the way, nothing is wrong with Wang. He is great. People don’t play him because he is old and ugly. Yoshi is shit. Anna is not so great. The Kangaroo is wierd.

        But tier list does matter when playing with opponents at this level. When everybody knows everything and the weak points and the mindgames, than the tier list desides for the most part who has advantage.

        Lili has great sidestep and that’s why this guy won. His movements were god-like and he landed the hopkick 90% of the time because he sidestepped everytime before it.

        My new hero!

    • Schematic says:

      Wow u really don’t know anything about tekken lol. Bryan is not the top of the list either. He is a VERY slow character he makes up for it with everything else. Like great wall carry. arguably the best wall game in tekken. And the almost unfair taunt and/or jet upper which is a 14 frame launcher. Which is bull. But on paper. Lili is better than 99 percent of the cast. The reason y people don’t give her respect is not because she is not good which she clearly is because there are people like me and u who actually HATE lili as a character. I doubt u play her enough or against a good lili enough to know how bullshit she can be. But unlike u I’m honest enough to admit that she is better than my character. I’m assuming u have some jealous issues. She does a fuck load of damage. Her wall carry is nice. her wall game is nice. Her juggle damage in open space/wall is sick. her side step is the best. And counter u/4 is a safe launcher. So is d/f 3+4…. so is counter d/f 3. Down 3 is a good low. Your all wrong dude.

    • Schematic says:

      Also What makes Lars weak is the same thing u critize lili for. A lack of good lows. Same with Steve.

    • chemicalRed says:

      DrBhup666 and NDJ are both correct; Tier lists may prove that statistically some characters have more advantages than others, and in my opinion it is only during high level play such as this that those advantages are relevant, but it is also apparent that in high level play any character can be beastly depending on the player using them. Anakin is a perfect example, beating so many characters higher on the tier list than Jack using Jack. Personally I don’t care for tier lists for the latter reason. I’m sure Knee could pick up any character and beast with them if he really wanted to because he’s a solid player. You can’t always think of it as fighting a character; You have to remember your fighting a person as well.. And I don’t agree with Lili being one of the crapiest characters nor do I agree with Bryan being almost broken.. And yes, Knee lost to Gura, but id still say Knee was the better player.

  11. Jizmoon Face says:

    200 Won is good and his Anna was godlike in T5DR, to bad this is T6 and she just isn’t that good anymore.
    Oh and Rain is just sick

  12. mistmatch says:

    so whose in the winnings now?

  13. MarkMan says:

    For those who don’t know Only Practice supposedly stopped playing TEKKEN seriously, that’s probably why he is not competing in TEKKEN Crash S6.

    • garyoak99 says:

      No, actually Only Practice thought he wasn’t going to have any time to participate in Tekken Crash because of his new job. So instead of being a burden to his team, Only Practice decided to leave
      마녀삼총사 3 witches. Then after he started his new job, he realized that he DID have enough time to participate in Tekken Crash after all but his former teammates had already replaced him by then.

      So he formed his own team and made it to the final qualifiers here:

      If that doesn’t embed properly then here is the link to my Youtube video to Only Practice’s new team playing in the qualifiers in Season SIX:

  14. K-Keo says:

    200won is a beast for all those noobs who have only seen him play t6. yeah this is t6, but i’m sure he will realize what he’s doing wrong and work on it. i’m hopeful for him. anyway, that sucks about only practice. he was one of my favorite players to see.

  15. Shorya says:

    Final match at 5:49

  16. shop 71 says:

    You could not be more factual!!

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