Rip Joins Fab And Anakin!

It’s official – Rip will join Fab and Anakin in the Tekken Crash Season 6 Royal Rumble competition which will took place on March 5th!

20 Responses to Rip Joins Fab And Anakin!

  1. Shirdel says:

    Awesome, now SolCal, NY & ATL are going to be represented.
    (Pity Texas isn’t)

    • Master Thespian says:

      I had the exact same thoughts but someone had to get left out. Plus, Kor spazzing out would be a bad look.

  2. xyz says:

    hopefully they add gm before its time for them to leave for korea. no disrespect but he is much better than rip.

  3. Puuchan says:

    GM crushed Anakin!

    GM should enter Tekken Crash

  4. AAK says:

    So how does this Royal Rumble thing work? Winner stays on? Who goes first? Are they going to play each other first, last, etc.?

  5. TOMGABSER says:

    I was really hoping GM would join in the Rumble.Well congrates to Rip though they’ll most likely get bodied.

  6. extracheese says:

    Hope there’s still a chance for at least one player to join in. More the better.

  7. Meeu says:

    . .. hehee. . .the more, the merrier!

  8. 0kills says:

    I hope they fix that sentence soon. “.. will took” is just so wrong :))

  9. Xcell_182 says:

    Korea and Tekken Crash is arcade only. No Pad. I agree when you guys say GM would do well but the he’s a pad player.

  10. Malice says:

    All three are pad players. I hope that they don’t get bodied while over there which will probably happen anyway since Korea plays Tekken on arcade machines, but who’s going to pass up on the opportunity to go to Korea.

    And it would have been nice to see GM there, but you still have three of the strongest US players going over there to compete. It’s good to see more international competition taking place.

  11. Mr Cow says:

    i reckon the the best USA team to send would consist of Crow,fighting GM,justframejames a team consisting of them would make it to semi finals maybe.

  12. josh says:

    Wowwwwwwwwwww, Rip???????/ Whatever..

  13. K-Keo says:

    so what are they gonna do if they plan to hit up green arcade or any arcarde in korea for that matter? no pads there! although i do know rip is capable of playing on stick.

  14. Schematic says:

    Fab and anakin are more than good enough for this trip. The only people in america really to beat the koreans before are Anakin, GM, Fab, JFJ. Don’t think Rip ever did or crow. Kor can go as well. JFJ is good but he got figured out and he has been having trouble lately. Fab can beat GM equally, GM can beat Anakin because he is really good at that matchup. If I had to choose it would be GM, FAB, Kor, Anakin…. and that would be it. There is a reason why NIN himself invited Anakin and Fab. And I spoke to GM and he said he got the ok to go its all about sponsorship now.

  15. Malgu says:

    Korea players humble but kick ass too.

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