MAX DamagermanY Live Stream!

The MAX DamagermanY weekend is here! Players from all around the world are participating in one of the biggest Tekken 6 tournaments’ this year. Will Europe defend Frankfurt? Or maybe someone from either Japan, Korea or USA will get the title of MAX DamagermanY champion? Follow the link below to watch the event live!

16 Responses to MAX DamagermanY Live Stream!

  1. When Does The Stream Start?

  2. Di says:

    Soon, however, I’m not sure about the hour. It’s 11:20 in Germany at the moment.

  3. Settawuth says:

    Player form japan is only AO?

  4. Potemkin says:

    When does the stream start???

  5. f says:

    german chicks are the hottest. They have the most scrumptious little breasts ever. I want one in my mouth right now

  6. Hancock the magnificent says:

    Stream just started

  7. AAK says:

    Which international players came?

  8. ExtraCheese says:

    Koreans will win again. Calling it.

  9. AAK says:

    Ryan Hart vs Hankuma

    Match of millenium

    but JDCR destroyed everyone except Fighting GM who managed to go 3-2 against him. He would’ve won had he hit confirmed f+2,1…. that’s gonna haunt him!

  10. I love tekken and have been playing 4 over 10 years-Ican play with everyone but my favorit player is wang and I think am one of the best in the world. Post updated comment any time my username is HOUYUANA- hit me up if u want to get ur face beat in I dont play around waiting 4 ur challage!!!!!!

  11. jns90 says:

    Korea wins again what a surprise …. not

  12. devilpsp says:

    and Fighting GM has been OWNED By European! :)

  13. […] Asia dominated DamagermanY with 3 players placing top 3. The other guest outside of Europe, FightingGM, placed 5th having lost to European’s best Devil Jin player, Devil Kazuya. Suprisingly the event became a festival of Mishimas because Ryan Hart using Kazuya tied the 5th place with GM. Three Mishima players among best 6 participants? This is rare to see and was a pleasure to watch on the live stream. […]

  14. Farhan says:

    I want German chicks in my bed NAOOOOOO

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