GGL National Tournament Begins Monday!

The TEKKEN 6 GGL competition is soon under way with the Practice Ladder now live and the actual Tournament Ladder beginning Monday, Nov 2nd through Sunday, Nov. 29th, followed by a Playoff Bracket beginning Dec 2nd and a Live National Final on Dec 12th in San Francisco, CA!  Register now to participate!  For more details, click below and be sure to click on the RULES tab after choosing a system ladder.

55 Responses to GGL National Tournament Begins Monday!

  1. DarthSolidus says:

    online tournament with that netcode? I don’t think so…

    btw. first^^

  2. SolRahlX says:

    Man… I think I’m going to dip out on this tournament. I’m not gonna get beat by scrub mashers due to crazy lag.

    I’m just hitting practice mode until they patch it… if they will .

  3. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    Alot Of People Have Just Played This For The 1st Time. Others For A Long Time. I Thnk Its A Bit Early.

    • chemicalRed says:

      It is a bit early; True , it will be difficult to newcomers, but also for veterans. Alot of changes have been made and there should be time to get use to them.

  4. xelnaga says:

    I might not enter on second thought. The website isn’t too well organized, and I am getting massive errors in their web coding. Besides, I cant play a guy in India, and will not let me call it off.

  5. imlinked says:

    Props to Namco for releasing the much awaited Tekken 6… but I would rather have waited a month or two longer for a FINISHED product.

    At the moment, the game needs a LOT of polishing and a quick overhaul of just what it is they are focusing on. Its retarded that Namco has forced SC to be played when this is a 3D fighter. If I wanted to play beat’em ups I would have bought it. Forcing people to play this to make customization viable is just retarded.

    The game seems like it was RUSHED. An unsuccessful port from arcade to console in terms of reduced graphics (at times, DRO looks better), a horrible netcode, missing features (practice mode recording), lack of forethought (Scenario Campaign to earn cash… really?), and the list goes on. What was Namco doing for the past 2 years?

    Focus more on the actual game please!

    Anyways, back on topic. GGL tournament is going to be a major flop with this netcode… what amazes me is that there was no way Namco couldnt have realized such an issue in their netcode, yet they teamed up with GGL to start this tourney.

    • chemicalRed says:

      I agree SC was forced.
      Initially I had looked forward to SC, even when I read bad reviews; Unfortunately everything they said was right. SC is highly repetitive, and it gets boring rather quickly because of that. I don’t play SC because I want to or because I like SC; I play because its the best way to earn money and items. I liked The Devil Within a lot better, and I’d of even gone for a T4 style Tekken Force instead. There’s a lot of reading as well , so after a while I stopped caring to read.
      I may be off subject, but I think Azazel was a bad idea as well. He’s really too much. The bosses are getting more and more ridiculous. Too many of his move are unblockable and most if not all of them do a lot of damage. He’s a nice concept, but he is not good for this game. If they’d of given him a healing ability then they might as well of made Godzilla the boss.
      I’d of preferred T5s version of arcade mode; it wouldve made ranking and acquiring money easier. And then that would mean we’d only encounter Azazel in Story Mode. And speaking of which, I preferred the old story mode setup (,separate from SC).
      I think the graphics are perfect though.
      The online definitely needs to be addressed.
      And I think items cost way too much… If they were cheaper I might not have to play that SC mode

  6. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    I Really Dont Care To Play SC Mode And It Does Seem Thats The Way To Go If You Wanna Earn More Money Faster, To Buy Those Very Expensive Items. Also You Must Not Be A Big Fan. DRO Doesnt Look Better Than This Game At AnyTime. Especially Thru HDMI. Maybe Its Just That U Are So Focused On Customizing instead of just playin the game. 4get about the outfits and stuff then just fight!

    • Do you need Glasses? says:

      How the heck can you and SolRahlX say the graphics in T4DRO doesn’t look any better than T6 at anytime? Do you even own a 1080p TV. The downgrade in resolution is apparent IMMEDIATELY with the jaggies rearing its ugly head everywhere as the game runs on 576p!!! Almost 1/2 the resolution and barely any better than a PS2 480p setting….yeah, T5DRO can’t compare at all [/Sarcasm]….

      • CONCRETE_BODY says:

        Yeah My TV Is Set At 1080 And Like I Said B4 Tekken 6 Looks Way Better Than T5DR.

      • CONCRETE_BODY says:

        Get an account/avatar with WordPress and stop using sentences as a name…..FIGHT ME!

      • Tekken6 in 576p sux!! says:

        Is your tv set to 1080P or 1080I??? There is a big difference between the two. There is also a significant difference in the graphical resolution between T5DRO(1080p) vs T6(576p). To say that there is absolutely no graphical advantage that T5DR has over T6 is absurd. What graphics you prefer is one thing but technical specs to technical specs, T6 does not have a 100% improvement over T5DRO. Tekken HAD always been the showcase of eye-candy graphics….this version falls below par.

      • concretebody says:


  7. SolRahlX says:

    Yeah I don’t see how T5DRO looks anywhere close to this game. The Netcode is definitely FAIL… Don’t really see how this online tournament is going to fair well.

    • CONCRETE_BODY says:

      I Haven’t Experienced The Online Mode Yet. BlindGhost Said His Online Battles Have Been Good For Him. Hopefully When My Net Is Back Up I’ll Be That Lucky.

      • chemicalRed says:

        Ive played BlindGhost; his Raven is very good…Yes, it appears as though he’s not having major problems with the online .

  8. anon says:

    I think I’ll be backing out of this considering the massive amounts of lag. I mean, I didn’t think it would be perfect, but DAMN

  9. The Devil kazuya says:

    Hopefully this tournamnet will illustrate how broken the netcode is for developers when the finalists are all lag abusing scrubs. Seriously Namco this is embarrasing, you obviously didnt change anything at all, or this rewrite was just writing the same broken netcode back into the game. (actually it’s worse because lag bar is not shared, they just removed the ability for you to see your opponents connection which is WORSE!)

    and no if you have any input lag on a green bar connection it’s not OK. Most of the people saying online is fine eventually admit there is input lag even on full bars.

    This year could have been the fighting game resurgence, but so far the only decent online game we have is Blazblue.

    Seriously namco go back to the drawing board or go hire a netcode developer like Ponder who actually knows what they are doing….


  10. Some Japanese Guy says:

    Yeah the online is garbage…yet Markman hasn’t said anything about it on this website. Nothing but praise for the game. Is he not allowed to criticize tekken 6?

    • chemicalRed says:

      LOL. I can’t say I haven’t thought the same thing.
      But I think The Devil Kazuya is right; He can relay our concerns to Namco.
      Ive no reason to be angry with MarkMan though; I’ll only be angry at Namco if they continue to give us bad online while claiming its been improved.
      Ive read a lot of responses to Teklen 6s online ; To sum it up , they all seem to say that the low quality of the online is inexcusable.
      Im a game design major in college, yet even now I know I’m not fully knowledgable in the design process…,and I’m not a 100% aware of their production process, but I think that considering the time it took for them to release the game that the SC mode wouldve been more polished (, if not the online as well)
      I say if they won’t get the online right next time, they might as well not even include it ( to lower the overall value of the game).

  11. The Devil kazuya says:

    Give markman a break, he is doing good work for the tekken community and he has access to the development team. I am certain he is making our concerns known, so fingers crossed.

  12. tekkenlover says:

    yeah markman works really hard and put his heart and soul to this what’s his faul… he is a diehard fan of tekken just like the rest of us…. we should be mad at namco BECAUSE THIS ONLINE FUCKING SUCKS… dude i cant even juggle… dude at least in t5dr i could juggle and someone from street fighter should come to namco and teach them how to make notecode i am so dissapointed at namco for screwing this up, i thought that they learned from t5dr that they should put more attention into online connection and make the online gameplay better…. i was wrong, and there is no freaking way that u can get a fair match from online due to this enourmance amount of lag, dont get me wrong tekken 6 is a great game and like so many people said. moreover, tekken 6 in my opponion is the best in the series i love the new bound system during the juggle and i love the rage system but when it comes to online connection i swear to god i get better connection in t5dr than in tekken6 , so i dont understand how u can get a good quality matches in online and have a good tournament. namco what the fuck??? u made us wait 3 freaking years and then gave us online connection that is worse than t5dr

    • chemicalRed says:

      Yeah, juggles don’t work so well online.

      Ironic how Namco introduces the ability to extend juggles with the bound system, yet juggles are almost impossible to execute online.

      • Nando says:

        I agree. The online is spotty at best. I’ve played on the PS3 version’s online with a friend. I currently live in the Seattle/Tacoma area, and my friend lives back in Mississippi and we played fine. There’s about six different levels of online synch speed (None/Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/High Green). Him and I were in the Yellow area and our moves and combos were flowing quite nicely. I also played last night against a Raven Host that had a High Green connect and that was pretty sweet… but as soon as I went into a Quick Match in a room later, the connections went to shit. I was definately missing alot of juggles and I ended up relying on spamming natural combos through the agitation of missing long bound laden combos.

        I know that the persons who you connect to are of the essence online, but JESUS, we should at least have the ability to choose the limits of our connection requests and keeping connected fights/ranked fights in country. I would assume this would help.

        I’m pretty upset at it. I hate losing a match to a Chreddy/LiLi/Steve button mashers when the connections are really bad.

    • The Devil kazuya says:

      Sorry but streetfighter IV is no good either in the grand scheme of things, but it’s at least playable Ill give you that.

      Really we should be expecting netcode on par with Blazblue, HD remix or VF5 it’s just so important for this game and the fighting genre in particular in this day and age

  13. chemicalRed says:

    I was gonna try this, but after playing online I reconsidered.
    Youre all right; This tournament is a bad idea

  14. chemicalRed says:

    Maybe they purposely screwed the online up, so we can all pay a dollar to play it in arcades…LOL… Just a thought

    • The Devil kazuya says:

      That could fly if it wasn’t for the fact that hardly anyone has access to the arcade and the the game didnt even recieve an official american arcade release…

      • chemicalRed says:

        I know… It was just a joke implying that theyd try to revive the arcade scene here with bad online… I highly doubt theyd do that.
        But its a mildly logical assumption ; What company wouldn’t prefer charging a dollar a game versus free online play?

  15. chemicalRed says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people say that installing the game helps improve the online… It really doesnt

  16. SolRahlX says:

    No one’s blaming MarkMan for anything. The man doesn’t work for NamcoBandai.

  17. Ayumi says:

    This site is like a newspaper.

  18. Sirjackalot says:

    We can’t blame markman he done nothing but provide us with one of the best tekken sites and information to offer. He works real hard in keeping this site up to date. Now namco on the other hand they dropped the ball on alot of things in tekken 6. First online sux huge balls almost as worst as dronline. Now what really gets me hot is they only let you rank up to 1st dan offline and then expect you to get higher ranks online. Well I could do that if the online wasn’t pure garbage. They need to send out a patch and in that patch they need to let you adjust screen position for the energy bar problem, let you go past 1st dan in offline mode, and try to make online a little bit better. If they can’t fix online then atleast let us get pass rank 1st dan in offline mode that was a stupid idea and needs to be corrected.

    • crazy skip says:


      only 1st dan?.. what kind of stupid idea is that?

      who ever thought of that is dumb! and i mean it in the most offensive way.. only 1st dan.. are you kidding me? what if people dont want to go online to play? what if people just want to stay offline and make the most of offline…

      its cool it tracks your ranking and all.. but online to get passed 1st dan… thats bullshit!

    • chemicalRed says:

      I hadn’t noticed it till you mentioned it; Offline ranking does stop at 1st Dan… You’re right; If online is the only place to receive promotions then online should be stable…But I agree that ranking should continue offline as well.
      But, yeah, I hadn’t noticed that till now… They really made a lot of mistakes on this game.
      If you really think about it T6 has three primary modes of play; Scenario Mode, Online Mode and Offline Mode… The first two weren’t polished at all… In a sense that means that about two thirds of the game failed… That’s sad… Sadly I’ve found that I’ll be limiting my gameplay to a few of the offline modes; Im afraid I’ll get bored with the game quicker than I should with the lack of a good SC Mode or Online Mode.
      Im the biggest Tekken fan there is… I was the guy in high school defending the game when people had bad stuff to say about it… but now it hurts me to say that I agree with that score of 8 Tekken6 received…and they were lucky to get that.
      Namco, get it right.

  19. soulfriday says:

    danm it took more then 4 years to make takken 6, why dois it have all this problems?

  20. chemicalRed says:

    Speaking of things Namco needs to improve, I hope they will at least do the following;
    Most of the televisions in my home are average sizes and the text in most of the game is so small I can barely read it… A lot of times I didnt read all the text in SC Mode; Not just because I got sick of all the reading but also because it was hard to make out what was there.
    Also the text for the rankings is quite small… Its hard to make out what rank my opponent is.

    Oh, and another suggestion; A lot of the characters have only two costumes… Its often that I want to customize my character while still having the option of using the original costume later on… What I’m saying is instead of just having player 1 and 2 versions of the outfits editable in Customization Mode , there should be a player 3 and 4 option as well… For those characters that have only two outfits square(2) is the same as circle(4) and x(3) is the same as triangle(1) , so why not let me edit 4 so that I can maintain 2… This way I don’t have to go and remove all the items when I feel like using the default look of a character… Why haven’t you guys thought of this yet?

    And if the 3D models on the versus screen are one reason load times have increased then I don’t think anyone will mind if you go back to just using the pictures… One thing I used to love about Tekken is that matches took no time to load…now you guys are borderline Mortal Kombat load times.

  21. chemicalRed says:

    And another thing; Costumes.
    I’ve heard a few people complain that the designs for the new characters weren’t what they expected from Namco; that they were aesthetically inferior to former concept… By now the look of the new characters have kinda grown on me, but I was concerned when I first saw them; Zafina looked simple, Leo looked like KOF character, and when saw Bob I wondered why Mario was on Tekken. Alisa’s design is pretty simple too and Lars looks like an amalgamation of many characters… Raven, Feng and Asuka on the other hand looked amazing when I first saw them.A lot of people, including me, also appreciated that Namco updated costumes for everyone with every iteration of the game. Each time the costumes were new and improved… Now we’re seeing the same concept from T5 to T5DR to T6 to T6BR (even though those were essentially only two games)… All I’m saying is T7 better not have the same concept… Namco that’s what separates you from Street Fighter.
    Sure we have customizations to mix things up, but let’s face it; The default outfits are way better than the customizations

  22. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    The Designs Are Cool. I Mean Its 40 Characters. You Think All The New Ones That Come On Every Game Will Be What We’ve Seen Since The 1st Game. New Styles. Nothing Wrong With That. What You Want More Of The Same.

    • chemicalRed says:

      I dont think thats really a good excuse.
      On Tekken 3 they introduced more than 10 new characters( I think). This meant all new designs as well as altering existing character designs, so they’ve done it before and I dont see why they can’t do it now (…especially now)… Theyve spent around 4 years on this game (if not more), so they had time , more so than on any previous Tekken game.
      If they can introduce over a thousand customizations I think maybe they can conjour up some new outfits.
      How many Final Fantasy games is Square Enix working on at once right now, and look how fresh and varied all their concept is. And Namco spends 4 years on ONE game and that warrants dealing us old designs? Cmon man, dont defend them , at least not for that.
      There will always be new characters; Its safe to assume the roster will grow… Thats no excuse to deliver the same stuff.
      Over a thousand customizations but they can’t deliver new outfits? Thats almost inexcusable.

    • chemicalRed says:

      And just to add to that; I dont think time is a factor when it comes to creating characters for them. What I mean is that it doesnt seem as though they alloted a specific amount of time to creating characters (,which I think is cool). Just look at how theyd released them; When T6 was first introduced there were only two new characters; Zafina and Leo. Later on came Miguel, and later after that came Bob. Then even later came Lars and Alisa… Seems as though they created and introduced characters as they saw fit, so considering this it seems as though there shouldve been sufficient time to improve designs.
      And seeing how they can create and introduce a character at anytime then if they thought they couldnt make these new ones up to par with the rest then they couldve held back on a few and polished a portion.
      I think it safe to assume Namco spent many months concocting characters, so I expect better from them. And to reply to the other comment you left below ; Yes, the fighters are international so dress styles will vary, and I will say that Namco has always been good at that, but that doesnt mean they can deliver desings inferior to older ones… Despite a characters country of origin, the newer character designs had ALWAYS surpassed the old; I dont see why that should change now.
      George Lucas’ art department can’t throw out a design for a Star Wars ICON in under two hours , and Namco can’t give us superior designs in posibbly a matter of weeks?
      But dont get me wrong; I like the new designs, all I’m saying is I expected a little more… A lot of times its you’re initial reaction that is the most dependable, and for the first time in my life when I initially saw the T6 designs I was kinda dissappointed, as opposed to the usual sense of shock and awe.

  23. CONCRETE_BODY says:

    Its Supposed To Be Where Fighters With All Sorts Of Styles From Across The Globe Are Entering The Iron Fist Tournament.

  24. The Devil Kazuya says:

    Seriously if you don’t have a monitor or high definition television it’s time to get one, because I havent noticed any issue with txt defination or anything….

    and by this announcment I assume the game is going to be patched to fix the shoddy netcode before the tournament goes live?

    Because at this stage it is a joke and is unplayable at a competivitive level. With 1 second input delay (sometimes more)you are actually punished for knowing how to play the game.

    Expect a whole bunch of button mashing scrubs using characters with easy mix up block strings to be winning at every turn.

    In a game thats all frame data, spacing, defence, punishing and juggles this is unacceptable….

    • chemicalRed says:

      I hate it when people make it seem that simple; Not everyone owns a high definition television and you cant just say go and get one , because its also not easy for everyone to acquire one… And I’m not gonna buy a HD tv for one game. Instead Namco (or any game developer) should produce the game to work well on all TVs ; That only makes sense.
      Im overwhelmed with college payments right now; I was lucky I could even buy the game…It would be unwise for someone in my position to by an HD tv for one game.

      And maybe the online may be patched in time for the tournament, but I think the claim that a lot of people are making here and elsewhere is that it shouldve had decent performance at launch.

  25. The Devil Kazuya says:

    yeah I understand man and I know its not that easy, but this isn’t just an issue with tekken, it’s kinda system wide over most games these day’s in Standard definition. In my experience. that was the point I was trying to elude too. I dont think ther eis much they can do with out pissing off the poeple who have HD tv’s so I guess its hard one for devleopers.

    • chemicalRed says:

      Well personally I’ve never had that problem before… I think all they have to do is make the font slightly bigger.

  26. Diesel Son says:

    imlinked The Devil Kazuya thank you and this isn’t a bash on mark man he has got nothing 2 do with this topic but really !!! 2 years an this is the final product I don’t know what to hope for anymore this is a big let down I went to that launch party an there was so much hype and the party was great but the full release is damn let down everything The Devil Kazuya & imlinked said is exactly how me and my friends that waited forever on this game for feel thank you u put it all in perspective and just 2 add no ranked play option in player match? how do take a step from DR FUCK I hope they fix some of these issues.

  27. Sirjackalot says:

    Question to Markman? Does Namco ever come to this site to see our complaints or will you or do you pass information on to them. Lastly do you think there is a good chance they will send out a patch for online or at least to allow us to get pass 1st dan in offline play. BOTH WOULD ROXXX but I’ll settle for either one Xp thanks!!!

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