INTERVIEW: Katsuhiro Harada And Michael Murray On STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN And Beyond!

We had the honor of interviewing both Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from the TEKKEN PROJECT at the recent Comic-Con in San Diego! We chat about the big unveil of Street Fighter X TEKKEN, working with the community, and what’s next for the TEKKEN series! Click below to check out the full interview!

Special thanks to Neil “shortboy” Aguilera for putting this together!

Did you guys like the interview? If you want to see more like this, let me know your questions and we’ll schedule another one soon ;) !

141 Responses to INTERVIEW: Katsuhiro Harada And Michael Murray On STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN And Beyond!

  1. Undead_Nemesis says:

    Harada is a G.

  2. […] INTERVIEW – Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray on STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN! INTERVIEW: Katsuhiro Harada And Michael Murray On STREET FIGHTER x TEKKEN And Beyond! We had the honor of interviewing both Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray from the TEKKEN PROJECT […]

  3. Delriach says:

    Great interview. Definitely would love to see more!

  4. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Harada is a G, but whats more of an O.G is that baby smooth Iron Press Do Markman is Sporting.

    Asian Boy Band much Markman ??

  5. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Great Interview though, I talk a lot of shit, but i appreciate what your doing for us Markman.

  6. DrBhup666 says:

    Wow, Great interview!

    Markman, first of all, I didn’t know it was called SF “cross” Tekken. I always thought it was vs.

    I have a couple of questions. Who’s idea was it to cross over these two very different games and why are they making two games? What kind of problems will arrive having a 2D and 3D game in mix?
    These are very interesting questions!

    I’m of course also veru curious about which characters will be in the game. That is a real dealmaker or breaker!
    Have the Tekken-team desided that yet? Could you ask mr. Harada next time if he knows who will make the cut?
    I’ll buy SFxT or TxSF only if they include Lili and/or Paul and/or Jack. So please mr. Harada can you include Lili?

    I’m much more interested in Tekken x SF but it is obivisually 3-4 years til it’ll come out. But this time they must include a great practice mode with video recording and just drop Campaign mode and such.

    Again, very good interview! Priceless info! Can’t wait til next time.
    Great ending by the way!

    • Shinobi Cyclone says:

      I coulndt agree more, no more Scenario mode, to be honest As hardcore Tekken Players i would love to get more Money out of Fighting Online or in Offline arcade than to get it Through Scenario mode, having to play Yoshi’s stages 500 times just so i can earn enough to buy items for my characters is enough to make me stick hot needles in my eye, and yes its no exageration, its pain stakingly redundant not fun ,flat out, not worth anyones time.

      i miss tekken bowling, or tekken beach volleyball.

      • Rebel640- says:

        Scenario campaigns cut-scenes were pretty good, loved to see jin and nina on those heavy bikes or that nice 4×4 that Lars drives.

        The mode itself is pretty redundant. I, as a fan, would like namco bandai’s energies focus on the game itself, and probably do a fun side game like tekken bowling (which rocked when friends are over).

        The campaign mode itself doesn’t add much to the game, other than the redundant gameplay in it.

        The customization is pretty good. a bit more options like be able to customize the color of purchased items, rather than having to buy different color version of the same item is a bit annoying.

        oh and the online play, PLZ PLZ PLZ fix the lag issue. when other fighting games work fine on the same connections and tekken is laggy, it feels so bad :s

        oh, and i really wanted this option. right now, in tekken 6, if a fight desyncs, we’re returned to the online mode.
        can’t the game try to establish a connection from withint the fight (instead of both opponents going out of the match), just pause the match, try to reconnect, and then resume the match, it’ll be really great :p

        i know you’re reading this namco bandai :p

    • VenoM362 says:

      It is called Street Fighter cross Tekken, and at this time no one knows who will be in Tekken cross Street Fighter. Namco has not figured it out yet.

      VenoM362 knows this cause he read Harada’s tweets.

      I’m just saying…

    • Michael says:

      I’ve read it ;)

      A lot of the things you mentioned were things I championed as well, it’s just that the development schedule and the limited time forced us to give up on implementing a lot of things we wanted to do.

      We are part of a large company that has it’s own needs an priorities.

      Now that’s out of the way, the more people there are that express their(reasonable and well thought out) opinions on game aspects, the more concrete data I have to make it a higher priority on the long list of things to get implemented.

      I play the game as much as you guys so believe me when I say I have a strong interest in getting some of these things implemented ;)

      The record function is a give; some of the opinions I would like to hear more about are
      1) 2P customization – I don’t think it’s possible to have 2 people sign in to one machine at the same time. How would you want it done? (ex: ‘borrow’ machine owners slots to store your customized character, etc.)

      2) Scenario Campaign – Obviously the hardcore players don’t need it but over 2 million people bought Tekken 6, so how many people actually play this mode?

      3) Bonus modes – Past installments had bowling and such. Would you be satisfied with more effort being put in to Practice and the main portion of the game, with scaled down bonus modes like just bowling and Tekken Ball, or 1 or 2 other minigames?

      Anyways, I’m listening!

  7. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Dude as far as Questions.

    Improvments to Tekken 7 Online and Customization.

    Everything else is good in TEKKEN 6.

    But we need more features for online

    Hope your Listening Michael Murray

    Things we need Improvment on is

    Deep Practice Mode, If youve Ever played

    Virtua Fighter 4 EVO Practice mode, thats what im talking about, that deep, i mean combo creator engine a recording feature, plenty of slots to keep your recorded combos for each character

    Customization :

    More things to color on characters, I can change howarangs pants , Gloves and top, but his footpads stay BLUE !?!?!? also need the Soul Calibur IV Color pallet so we can choose our own colors.

    PLzz oh PLzz Bring back the Custom Items from TEKKEN 5 and TEKKEN 5 DR and TEKKEN 6. if VIRTUA FIGHTER CAN DO IT WHY CANT YOU GUYS !?!?!?

    Online Features , Umm the Best way i can Describe it is…….Take SSFIV Online mode…Copy….Then Paste To TEKKEN 7.

    I narroed it down to the most things that need the attention i can tell you right now the majority of the site will agree with me on these things i just mentioned, as they are Universaly needed back in TEKKEN 7

    thank you for Reading…if you read it of course.

    Please confirm below if read….thak you. ;)

    • VenoM362 says:

      That’s pretty much the most important things that need to be done.

      Just one more thing, BRING BACK OFFLINE RANKS, no more of this 1st dan cap shit. Offline rank and online rank should be two different things like in DR. Ranking up offline is fun to do when your not playing online, its also good practice.

      Oh yeah, BRING BACK 2p customizations! It would be cool for a friend to bring a flash drive with their customizations on it to play on a friends system. You should be able to trade ghost like that too.

      Bring Devil back as a playable character, I mean Kazuya uses Devil in the story why not make him playable again?

      Continue to make Raven stronger, I like what he has in Tekken 6, just give him more safe moves.

      Also, VenoM362 would not be heart broken if at the start of Tekken 7 Bryan Fury blew Bob and Paul’s brains out with a fuck’n hand cannon! Then rips Alisa in two.


      I hope your reading this Mr. Micheal Murray and Yes MarkMan, keep the interviews coming.

      I’m just saying…

      • VenoM362 says:

        Oh yeah, nice touch with the sexy female voice at the end of the video.

        And VenoM362 forgot to say this…


        If 360 can’t step up their memory and graphics game then so be it!

      • coilover2005 says:

        ^ Offline ranking past 1st DAN = A MUST!

      • Shrimp says:

        See, the first two suggestions were so sensible, then you lost it.

        Michael Murray, I beg you, please consider offline ranks and customization improvements.

      • Jack Maker says:

        Yeah offline ranking should have been in Tekken 6. It needs to be in Tekken 7. I am personally beyond the customizing existing characters. This is dull and boring. None of the Tekken characters look like me. Furthermore, I am sick of dressing Bruce Irvin,Bryan Fury,Marshall Law,Lee Chaolan,Lei Wulong, and Leo looking like females. That is gay and I am not homosexual. Tekken 7 needs create a fighter mode,or custom character mode.

      • yup yup says:

        >Tekken 7 needs custom character mode.
        oh, look! schoolboy have an opinion

    • Shrimp says:

      I’m very passionate about the offline ranking cap being removed.

      That was the only big complaint I had about Tekken 6. I love Tekken 6 so much I can have fun despite Scenario Campaign mode being so integral, despite the loading times, the downgraded graphics and the online lag. However, I was really looking forward to getting all my characters to Tekken God.

      In my opinion, Tekken’s Ghost system makes it the best fighting game in terms of single-player skills translating to multi-player.

      If anyone from the Tekken team reads this, I would appreciate it so much if the offline ranking cap is left out of future iterations of the series.

      One other tiny complaint I had was that some characters couldn’t remove gloves or footwear from their costumes. I can totally understand decency boundaries; after all, I wouldn’t want Tekken to turn into DOA; but not being able to have bare hands and feet at this point in the series just makes it look like some artists were too lazy to do models for said appendages. I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but I would prefer a Soulcalibur IV-style customization system.

      Also, I would like to thank the Tekken 6 team for utilizing the Playstation 3 screen capture system. I think every game should have this, and I hope support for this feature will continue in future installments.

  8. doosnshadows says:

    I heard it was coming out 2011. That’s not 3-4 years from now. But anyway great interview. And if you saw the most recent trailer, you would know that Paul is in it. He fights Guile in the demo.

  9. akiGR says:

    Great interview! :P

  10. Rip says:

    Nice interview Mark!

    The only things I want in future Tekken games:
    1) Customizations on both players on console
    2) Tag mode

  11. Gou-Kazuya says:

    Markman@5:00 “…teyk dee taym…”

    Lol. You fobbed that one hard bro.

  12. RiD' says:

    That voice at the end creeped me the hell out O_O

  13. Yabusamaro says:

    Loved it. Hope to see more!

  14. Andrew says:

    The main question that I haven’t seen asked ” Is Tekken x SF development superseding Tekken 7, or us 7 in development, (as Harada seemed to indicate previously) and will be out 1st. Also, since the arcade scene is only still alive in very few areas in North America, ask if the next game will see a straight to console release, or have a much shorter window of arcade exclusivity like Tekken 5 or SF 4. The wait for a home version of Tekken 6 segmented the community in an almost irreversible way, creating a have and have not situation where people in cities with a machine had a 2 plus year headstart on practicing the game. That is not a strategy for growth, that’s a way to kill a community quick where you have a smaller and smaller amount of people who really care about the game, because they are the only ones with access to it. I love the Tekken series, and have been playing since the beginning (94-95) but the Tekken 6 situation really was a disappointment, watching you tube videos for over 2 years, while players near arcades with the game had 2 years of practice.

    • Jack Maker says:

      That is I want to see. Let the Tekken community crash and burn to hell. The community is just a bunch of fanboys who do not know what they are talking about. Tekken fanboys are the reason why Tekken 6 sucked not Xbox 360.

  15. yup yup says:

    Yo MarkMan! I hate your facial hair.
    Ching Chang Chong

    7 mins and 30 seconds of waisted time. I didn’t hear nothing new from that interview. Even no bitching.

    Michael Murray, if you read this: good noob tutorial, better online, more modes all playable online, tournament mode (steal it from SSF4), tekken ball (obvious), more customize options (check new VF they have glowing orbs and stuff).

  16. Devil Kazuya says:

    Shinobi Cyclone

    Umm Sorry SSFIV netcode is still not good enough. It’s still rubbish and it would preform even worse in a tekken engine. Blaz blues is ok but tis still not where it should be!

    But what they do need to do is have automatic online matchmacking while playing ghost mode like streetfighter iv has.

    The only solution is for developers to pull finger and get a GGPO style of netcode into ALL fighters. Look at Final Fight, and HDremix netcode, it is virtually flawless on a reasonable connection.

    Yes it’s difficult but it’s not impossible, the GGPO developer has said it himself. Get it done this is what is really needed to keep fighters relevant.

  17. Tekkenlover says:

    Outstanding interview markman 5/5. I loved it. You interviewed him as you promised, you should run for politics cuz unlike many politicians you keep your promise. Now as far as Alisa’s move goes her parry only apply to high grab, high kick and high punch that’s not useful at all and the duriation of her parry is very low unlike auska or lili people use mid punch and kick alot so her parry should also apply to mid attack, her up 4,4 is great attack easpecially against eddey and zafina but the thing is that if it it’s gaurded it put the opponent on crouching position and they can counter attack easily for example it can be countered by dragonuv with quick shoulder attack while raising or ling with quick kick while raising and so on, so her up 4 alone also needs to be a launcher , cuz it is safe and should do more damage than 57% when you do up 4,4- f2-11-d4,1 2. cuz most of her juggle launcher are punishable or easily can be interupted except down2 , as far as her low juggle attack goes which is down 3 4it is so slow to execute plus when she does that she doesn’t go to crouching position while perfoming this attack unlike beak,Bryan, feng, lili and ….therefore it can’t be easily interupted by opponent plus if opponent, plus I only get 43% damage if I do down 3 4, down4, 1 2. at least make her low juggle faster and make her go to crouch position while she is preforming it, and make it 46% damage , you can do down 3 4 then crouch then while raising do 1,2 then continue1, back 4,3, forward forward 2,3 which takes about 70% but that’s very hard cuz u have to be very close and sometimes u don’t go to crouch position fast enough so it won’t connect and if character it’s little bit to your right or left still won’t connect, I don’t want that cuz it’s doesn’t work most of time easpecially when you are playing online since it lags just make her have low faster low juggle kick that make her go to crouch position and at least take 46% damage

    • Tekkenlover says:


      • Tekkenlover says:

        I didn’t ask fir unpunishable hopkick u retard I only say her up 4 alone should be launch one read my post and again and don’t put word in my mouth.

    • DrBhup666 says:

      Holy crap!

      i understand you main Alisa. I think she is powerful enough because of her projectiles. What is that all about in a Tekken game?

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Nope anyone can doge her projectile with side step or crouching thats nothing

      • Kernkraft says:

        wtf are you complaining? hopkicks are -12 except miguel’s, she actually has one of the best being few characters that can punish hard and even fewer getting a KND on punish…

        low launcher?? omg, go back to T6.0 and spam hopkicks all day, you seriously don’t know what it takes to actually balance a game, alisa is retarded enough and you ask for an unpunishable hopkick?? omg

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Kenkraft u dint know Jack shit what I am saying do u ? I am talking about low juggle launcher calls harpon sweep which is down 3 4 it is really slow I didn’t even play tekken 6 and Alisa wasn’t even in tekken 6 know what u are talking about before u open ur mouth , I am asking for hopkick similar to bob Bruce Miguel feng Jin or lili zafina and most if chracters in tekken6 br so it’s ok for your character to have that hopkick but not others dude think before you post.

    • ha! says:

      your a dumbass

      • Tekkenlover says:

        Your mother is dumb ass

      • Shinobi Cyclone says:

        LETSS FOCUSS GENTLMENNNN !!!!! This isnt some bullshit thread they are watching this thread , keep all the hostility for another topic .

        organize your thoughts

  18. Krbonini says:

    Nice interview… I think is too early for Tekken 7, i still have like 25 characters in Tekken 6 that i would like to play with.

  19. Ching Chang Chong says:

    no question about Tekken 7?

    I want to sleep with tekken crash gals!!!!

  20. coilover2005 says:

    Great Interview Markman.

    Short and simple fix its for future to Michael Murray =)
    1) 1p & 2p customization + deeper color schemes

    2) Record feature + scroll to the next move feature (*** Ie…(Hitting R1 = forward 1 move, L1= back a move in Practice Mode) Major fix it right there.

    3) The obvious netcode probs.

    Thanks for caring Namco and thanks for taking the hotseat Michael =)

    • DrBhup666 says:

      You can allready scroll to the next move in Practice mode with R and L on the PS3 version.

      The record feature + 2P customization is the fixer upper.

      • coilover2005 says:

        I know that in DR you can do that, but in T6 I could never find a way to do this once you’re in the movelist section. Sure you’re not reffering to DR only?

    • Michael says:

      This is kind of a first for the Tekken team to have direct communication with the community so hopefully everyone will be adults and a lot of good will come of it ;)

  21. CeaserDeebo says:

    Harada seems like I nice guy, good job MM

  22. SG79 says:

    Good stuff. I think they’ve heard enough of how bad the scenario and practice mode were. I have no problems with the core game at all, so personally, I’d like to see more optimization in the home versions. They did a better job in the past achieving parity with the arcade version (though it was easier since they had one console to worry about). Loading times in particular on PS3 without installs (SSFIV improved tenfold over SFIV).

    A very minor pet peeve is the absence of the series’ longtime soft-reset on PS3 (select+start). It was in every home version since T1.

  23. gm fizzle says:

    lmao dating sim with holeman and hwoarang? lmao?




    Now could someone tell me what’s exactly wrong with the practice mode?

  26. Daopefish says:

    Make Tekken 7 ps3 exclusive… no offense to xbox users, but you can’t make games run on both processor architectures… and lowering ps3 graphics is definitely not the way to go. ( just like capcom does…)

  27. Martino Heat says:

    Yes I would like to see more of these interviews.

  28. Jack Maker says:

    Shrew you self serving Tekken fans. All you idiots think about is yourselves. That is why Street Fighter will win against Tekken. Plus Tekken will get beaten by unknown titles.

    • yup yup says:

      >All you idiots think about is yourselves.
      you say it so like it is something bad for you

      • Jack Maker says:

        >You say it so like it is something bad for you.

        Yes, because how can you expect someone to love something and that something is controlled by fan-boys that love to start war?
        I don’t see any girls playing Tekken. Tekken is ran by fanboys that hate women.

      • yup yup says:

        I think it is good what they don’t play tekken. Remember evo gals SSF4 tournament? Now that is what killing all competition sport. This bitches would be better stay in the kitchen.

      • Jack Maker says:

        yup yup said- I think it is good what they don’t play tekken. Remember evo gals SSF4 tournament? Now that is what killing all competition sport. This bitches would be better stay in the kitchen.

        Jack Makers responds- That goes to show why Street fighter beats Tekken. Tekken fanboys hate to fight strong female fighters. Those ladies can whip them Tekken fanboys. Yup yup have no respect for women.

      • yup yup says:

        No, this show directly opposite. I really don’t know no one good female tekken player. And it proofs that tekken is more complicated. Bitches just don’t have enough brains to master it. 100% manly game.

        >Yup yup have no respect for women.
        Of course i have no respect to them if they participate in “gals only” tournament. Prove what you have balls, beat Daigo, get on top 8 then we will talk.

    • SG79 says:

      Right because other series fanboys are different. So loving and open minded.

      You clearly sound like a fan so you’ve come to the right place. Stick around.

  29. MarkMan says:

    Michael Murray, if you’re reading this.

    Hire MarkMan to spread more TEKKEN love around the world. Like he’s going to do at Super VS Battle 20-X ;)

    Oh wait!


  30. Mishima1 says:

    Michael murray if you’re reading
    – bring back command capture
    – please stop stupid endings for serious character like Heihachi
    – improve online options and loading time
    – bring back tag mode and a funny mode (tekken ball)

  31. JinKazamasLady says:

    I think this game will be a great Hit and i am very looking forward ! Awesome Job !
    Thank you soo much for the great News you always have here *sory my bad english *

    Can someone tell me what he ask at least and what harada say? =D Please please , pretty please .

    sweet greets

  32. JinKazamasLady says:

    I am a woman and love to play tekkena nd i think I am not bad ! =D so please donnot judge us girls !

    • yup yup says:

      lol attention whore

      • JinKazamasLady says:

        =D Go girls Go ! Tekken is for us all ! I kick many guys asses with Devil Jin ! .. and sometimes with Jin ^^;

      • yup yup says:

        proof or didn’t happen

      • JinKazamasLady says:

        PSN JinKazamasLady >=D

      • yup yup says:

        you got girly psn, but actually you are a 35 years old guy with a beard

      • Val says:

        This is really funny lol!

      • JinKazamasLady says:

        I am a woman and I am not 35 =D ! And i have no beard xD . And someone played with me tekken 6 yesterday night . I was not bad at all ^.^ . I win twince and once perfect with my Baby Jin <3 =D ;). And the response of that guy was " You are not bad for a girl " That makes me happy =D ! I hope to play more tekken online so I can improve my playing .

        =) Sweet greets,

      • Kathy says:

        Hey, you’re the goto exerpt. Thanks for hanging out here.

    • Jordan_Balboa says:

      It is nice to know that a woman plays tekken but to compete seriously against guys who love that game is nearly impossible.Oh and i think i have fought you.

  33. shin says:

    As well as all those other great ideas I would like to see the use of different background music for each stage like what they do in smash bros & more open stages

  34. Angelina_BRA says:

    go girls! GO!!!

  35. chemicalRed says:

    Nice interview..Its good to know that Namco keeps an eye on these sites and reviews the opinions of fans.

  36. chemicalRed says:

    Im also wondering if T7 is still in the works or if that was the working title for Tekken vs Streetfighter.

  37. yayaya says:

    Michael Murray, please button up your shirt.

  38. […] SDTEKKEN zamieścił wywiad zrealizowany podczas Comic-Con 2010 z Katsuhiro Haradą i Michaelem Murray – producentami […]

  39. mistmatch says:

    OK my list of things to do in tekken 7 for harada:

    1) (most common) practice mode. (recording system…Etc
    2) 2P customization
    3) cut damage of juggles?(optional) not saying nerf it to the point of no use but just maybe like 10-20 damage?
    4) scenario campaign. just bring tekken 3 tekken
    force and itll be fine
    5) fix some characters frames. (hwoarangs pleasuhh)


    and thats bout it :D

    • mistmatch says:


      allow recording features for online play that are non-official. dont put them up for download on replay list but let the option be there incase someone wants to download a friend match or something. that would be awsome..

  40. Mishima1 says:

    Yeah, enough of stupid endings…
    BRING BACK STORY MODE OF TEKKEN 5 and make ending coherent with the prologues!
    And bring back a TAG MODE!


    Michael Murray, if your reading this.

    Make sure Tekken 7(PS3/360)runs on the crytech engine 3.

    • SG79 says:

      Yes, he’s going to persuade the company to go with an unreleased engine that has no Japanese support.

      Realistically, they’ll continue improving upon their own engine (SCIV was markedly improved over T6 arcade). Worst case scenario, they can work out a licensing deal with Capcom to use MT Framework… which incidentally is strictly Japanese.

  42. Shinobi Cyclone says:

    Fuk u n Fuk street fighter.

    4 moves per character v.s 128+ moves per character, 2D v.s 3D

    Do us all a Favor n go shit ur pants. Get the fuk out of here.

  43. SF X TEKKEN says:

    Japan best SSFIV player got beaten by US player who lives in Japan


  44. Justin Bieber Sucks says:

    I personally loved the interview. I’m glad to know that Mr. Murray pays attention to the voices of the community, and I love how ‘outspoken’ he is. I think the only improvements that Tekken should do is the storyline. Tekken 6’s story isn’t bad, but it just happens that it doesn’t have enough depth, but I’m sure it still connects to the players somehow. Maybe the next installment would have improvements.

    I’m just wondering though, if they can get licensed music from artists for their soundtracks/themes.

  45. friedrice/tekken says:

    How about a Pilipino tekken character!

    Theres lots of good filipino players man haha including me hehehe

    Thumbs up if you agree =D

  46. B-BOY JIN says:

    a fighting game long overdue… this is gonna be sooooo dope.

  47. abner says:

    since SFXTK has a tag mode, will TKXSF in turn have a tag mode itself? to sate the clamor for a 2nd game in the TAG series?

  48. B-BOY JIN says:

    i don’t think there will ever be a 2nd tekken tag, but for tkxsf, it’s probable that tag will be available in both versions. Shoot, there’d BETTER BE.

  49. Blind Ghost says:


  50. Blind Ghost says:

    Hey Michael Murry & Harada-san

    TEKKEN 7 Improvements

    1. P1 & P2 Customazation – Ability to export your customized character to another PS3. Make Rage Colors more accesible. because it is much difficult to get them on T6.

    2. Bring back customization items and Costumes from Previous Tekken Titles. a lot of players would appreciate the nostalgia

    3. Deeper Color pallet , best example would be the color pallet from Soul Calibur IV.

    4. More items to color, T6 is very limited on the clothing items that can be colored, Plz have at least 5 items that can be colored seperetly. due to only being able to color three items on the default costume on T6 some items on characters go un-colored

    5. Removing the Level Cap restriction of 1st Dan in offline ghost Battle. Less Breakble stages and more open/Wider stages

    6. Remove scenario mode and instead use Ghost Battle and online rank or friendly match to Earn Money to buy custom items for characters. that way the play time will go rewarded.

    7. Better modes for online , some examples are : Tournament mode , Team Battle mode , The ability to save matches to your HD from friendly rooms , not just rank. some of my best moments have been in friendly rooms

    8. Improvements to online such as : 6 players per room instead of 4 , the ability to allow a Player from the room to invite a someone from thier friend list ,also plz bring back the original mics from TEKKEN DR where they react to who is talking at the moment instead of just always appearing on at all times.

    thank u for listening Namco. Looking forward to your next Tekken installment.


    How bout they just get rid of SC mode and replace it with a more traditional Tekken Force mode.

  52. VenoM362 says:

    MICHEAL MURRAY!!!!!!!!!!

    One more thing from VenoM362…


    It’ll be nice to have it in the move list menu or somewhere to view in practice mode.

    If you can’t put it in the game then atleast have it in the strategy guide.

    All fighting games should include frame data, getting tired of looking for frame data everywhere. Haven’t found a complete list yet (atleast in english).

    Think that covers everything…


    I’m just saying…

    • Michael says:

      I hear ya. But, the team has never officially released frame data and probably won’t.

      Maybe the strat guides could put together something because it is useful to step up your game. I think Markman had a project to put this on this site, right? ;)

  53. VenoM362 says:

    Lol @ Harada’s twitter background!!!!

    “Onochin, go home and be a family man”

    BTW, if you didn’t know Guiles theme goes with everything…

    I’m just saying…

  54. B-BOY JIN says:

    We can also use mini games from previous installments such as Galaga in Tekken5, or Beachball/Tekken Bowl in T3/TAG. And “IF” either choice possible, they may be playable online. Tekken gamers need sum desert after we stuff ourselves. Thoughts anyone?

  55. mia smith says:

    WOW REALLY! now ladies and gentlemen as a women fan of tekken series i think there is nothing wrong with tekken 6 except campaign mode, and character creation. personaly i think for those who like the campaign mode shit, let that be optional way to make some money. and it think we should be able to create our own character from to their own type of skin color to what family they come chooses there style of fighting mix with watever ur gender is.

  56. mia smith says:


  57. B-BOY JIN says:

    as much love & respect i have for the history of epic battles i’ve dominated in the entire series of sf games, tekken remains KING.

  58. ASUKAGRRL says:

    NO SHIT! tekken is the bestest fighting game in history. i just dont like the idea of tekken x sf, i hate sf alot! and mia smith i agree with u to change and add on those parts to make tekken7 alot better, and also for it to come out early!

    • Tekkenlover says:

      Ayskagirl I think you agree with yourself since miasmith has the same avatar as yourself

    • Michael says:

      Why the hatin’ on SF? lol
      Harada-san is a big SF fan in RL, actually. It’s not just a marketing thing.

      I also play a bit of SSF4 online lately since we’re doing the tie-up. Tekken’s still my first love but SF ain’t so bad.

  59. mia smith says:

    well thanx then and i also thought there should be dojo practice mode, and tag mode which i thought was cool. and B-BOY JIN tekken series will always be king!

  60. §SEXY§ §ling§ §xiaoyu§ says:


  61. Kozeku-kun says:


    #1 no one wants Creat a Character Mode, That was one of the most Tackiest modes ever added to Soul Calibur and it remiant to be to this day.

    #2 make TEKKEN 7 Exclusive to the PS3, because if the 360 Can’t Upgrade to Blu-ray then they should be at a loss. thats not PS3 owners Problem.

    You can only do so much for a console before you give up on it, and since they dont want to upgrade to Blu-ray don’t Punish the PS3 owners for it. we bought a next gen console to play next gen games and to push the envolope not keep playing on last years engine.

    we Know tekken 6 Looked a lot better on The Arcade, further more we know that TEKKEN 7 Will Look even better than TEKKEN 6, so if you shoot Below the Bar we will know. were not stupid.

    there will be website making comparisons, we let the whole ” MOTION BLUR ” excuse slide this time, but we wont with TEKKEN 7 i didnt buy a PS3 to be playing last Gen’s Graphics.

    so if 360 Can’t Cut it then either release the rest of the Content Via DLC for the 360 or just make it Exclusive for PS3.

    Because i have a High end Console and i Want Games to Match that.

    • VenoM362 says:

      VenoM362 feels ya on that.

      Tekken with create a fighter, LAME!!!!

      We all know how that would go, everyone would just make up crappy verisons of anime characters and fighters from other games. They also would give them the strongest movesets so they would mostly have the same moves.

      You all know VenoM362 is right…

      Last time VenoM362 played SC4 online he fought like… 15 Salior Moons, 20 Ichigos, 40 Sephiroths, and 150 Clouds.

      Shit, it was very rare to actually fight a SC character online!

      I’m just saying…

  62. mia smith says:

    if u didnt read all of the peps comments to what i agreed to alot of people want to create their own personalized character and 2 tekken does not sound like soul caliber to me and im not tryin to punish the ps3 cause 360 sucked. and who gives a fuck bout ur high console. thank u!

  63. B-BOY JIN says:

    imagine after everything is said and done, t7 comes out and its has everything we asked for and the world loves it, i wonder how it would translate to the PSP…?

    • Michael says:

      How many of you have the PSP version of TK6? Tekken 5 DR sold well for the PSP, but TK6 did not.

      Is it because the PSP version of TK5DR was the only platform it was available on (for those of you who didn’t have it in the arcade), or is there another reason?

  64. J-Knee says:

    My thoughts for T7:

    1) Having your customized char and stage appear at the main menu was nice in T6, but I feel that the effort used to do that could have been better spent elsewhere (tekken ball/bowl anyone?). You can make it attractive, but keep it simple (we don’t spend that long looking at the menu XD).

    2) SC/Tekken Force Mode shouldn’t be the main method to gain credit for customizations as it doesn’t help the player improve his/her skill in a competitive setting (which is the heart of most, if not all fighting games). Give that role to ranked/player matches instead.

    3) Along with more customization options, give us the option to save multiple customizations per character and just access them at the character select screen (i.e. pressing the R3 button to open the customization profiles saved for the selected character). Oh, and make these profiles accessible to player 2 as well ^_^.

    4) Post official frame data so that players who feel like they have a good understanding of the basics can improve their game even further.

    5) Include a “challenge mode” where you can learn the basics of each character by drilling their “top 10” moves (or more) and some basic combos in a time trial (Tekken 4 had a mode like this, but did not show you combos).

    6-9) Better netcode, a more in-depth practice mode, improved graphics, and reduced load times have been discussed significantly already so there’s no need to elaborate there :P

    10) Although not too big of a problem in fighting games, an overhaul to the story could give the character more appeal in my opinion.

    Here’s to hoping that T7 will raise the bar even higher just as T5 and T3 before it…(every odd numbered tekken series seems to deliver more than its even numbered counterparts O.o)

    • B-BOY JIN says:

      i agree. Frame data is a MUST, and your theory for challenge mode is spot on. Venom, 20 Ichigos? 150 Clouds? Too funny.

  65. Jordan_Balboa says:

    The most important thing for the new tekken is an amazing story but to include if not all at least most of the characters.The mishima’s are the center and that is how it should be but we need something for the past tekkens,for example when paul was reaching the final,kazuya was the fear of everyone ( i still can’t forget his face before i fight him in tekken 2 )and stuff like that.Regarding gameplay and content maybe a little less juggles and the return of some mini games.All the others i think are ok.And the graphics rule everytime.Oh and i wanna know if we will ever see an image of tekken like it was in the E3 trailer of 2005.Jin was more real than a human

  66. Spitfire says:


    … just saying…

  67. B-BOY JIN says:

    WTF? Did some of you eat a slice of moron cake? Street Fighter trumps Mortal Kombat, and Tekken DOMINATES the fighting game genre, this is a collision of epic proportion, this ain’t your fly-by-night fighting game.

  68. Meeu says:

    inclusion of Frame Data in practice mode and . . . uh, a better story mode. my poor Heihachi’s been missing a dependable low. . . ah never mind. . . not complaining that one.

  69. rrrHERTONrrr says:

    To the community:

    It seems like for every two or three constructive comments out there, there are five pointless, hate comments. Let’s get serious folks. The developers are being nice enough to sit by and look at our suggestions. Let’s not make them regret it. Please.

    To Michael Murray:

    The return of the record feature in Practice is a must, I know a lot of other people have mentioned it on here as well, and I just wanted to throw my vote in for that as well.

    I’m not too worried about graphics, for me it’s the gameplay that is the issue here.

    That said: Scenario needs a SERIOUS revamp. The concept is nice on paper: move around in a fully 3D environment with the anoalog stick, fighting hordes of enemies. But using the same 2D, side-style fight mechanic from the main mode isn’t the answer here. Unlike most, I like the idea of a separate mode for the “True”, non-debatable story. It gives much more clarity for where the story of the next game might be heading.

    The solution? Go back to a different, 360 degree fighting engine like with Tekken: Devil Within. I know a lot of people didn’t like this mode, but it’s really the only good option when it comes to controlling the characters in a behind-the-back camera, 3D setting. It has the potential to bring a ton of new variety to the game where it was lacking in the Scenario Campaign.

    One last issue to bring up:
    Kazuya. No secrets here, Kazuya is my all-time favorite Tekken character, and has been, unwaveringly, since the original Tekken way back in the PSone days. That said, he has much more potential as a villain than he has been given in Tekken 5 and 6. Kazuya is a “hero” in the eyes of the world as of T6, right? So, he uses this unanimous popularity to take credit for the fall of Jin (who has no doubt been locked up somewhere) and take the Zaibatsu for himself. Now he has both of the world’s two big empires, and there is no stopping him. Imagine how much of an amazing antagonist he could be for TXSF or T7 (or both).

    I for one am getting a tad tired of these non-playable, guard-every-move-even-your-best-combo bosses like Jinpachi and Azazel, so what about Kazuya as a final boss? We have never seen his **full** potential,
    only small glimpses of it in T2 and TTag. Imagine how epic scale it could be:

    Kazuya has, literally, the whole world under his command. He decides (for some reason I haven’t figured out yet) to host the King of Iron Fist Tournament Seven. Kazuya is the final stage, and for his “rage mode” he transforms in to full-power, kill-you-before-you-can-blink Devil. He could even (since Heihachi’s VA is dead and they share many of the same moves anyway) kill Heihachi (for good) in the T7 intro movie.

    You know it sounds good!
    (Plus, who doesn’t want to see a playable match up between both Devils?)

  70. I’ve to unfastened at least 22lbs till June 18th I additionally
    play tennis and started taking the drugs right now.

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