SDTEKKEN Will Interview Malekith!

August 26, 2010

While working on the interview with FightingGM we’re already announcing the next interviewed player. This time it’s going to be Malekith, currently one of the top European Tekken 6 players. Dear readers, you have one week to submit questions to the famous Dutch Asuka player, winner of SVB 20-X.

SDTEKKEN Will Interview FightingGM!

August 18, 2010

We’re continuing our series of interview with Tekken players. This time you will be able to interview one of the top US players and one of the best Lee players in the world, FightingGM! Please submit the questions in the comments below. You can send them until the end of the week.

INTERVIEW: Aris Answers YOUR Questions!

August 15, 2010

Thanks everyone for your patience! Last month at Comic-Con, MarkMan and shortboy got together with aris to ask YOUR questions! Click below for the video interview featuring one of the best Dragunov players in the world, SoCal’s aris!

WARNING: Language and content for mature audiences!

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Interview Rain With SDTEKKEN.COM!

March 29, 2010

SDTEKKEN thanks to Maxi Milian is going to interview one of the most famous Korean Tekken 6 players, Rain! But there’s more – we allow our readers to send their own questions! It’s easy – if something interesting comes up to your mind, post it as a comment down below. We’ll choose the most interesting questions and include them! The interview with Rain and our last one with GeN1us are the first two in our new series of interviews! Next time you’ll be able to both post questions and choose the interviewed person! Stay tuned with SDTEKKEN.COM for more information coming!

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