UPDATE 11/30/09

The World Cyber Games is looking for the next set of games for the 2010 season!  The WCG wants to hear from YOU!  What fighting game do you want to see next year?!  Make sure you vote by clicking below!

This past weekend, Niigata Popy played host to one of the  recent TEKKEN 6 competitions in Japan!  Using the the familiar Tougeki / Super Battle Opera format, the 3 vs 3 team battle was played out in epic fashion!  Click below for all the vids!

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Kanachin has updated with a new tournament match video featuring Paul and Xiaoyu. Check it out!

  • Kanachin Movie Page – Click on image that says “CLICK HERE!” Then navigate to the MOVIE tab and select the one for TEKKEN.

From A-CHO, check out these 2 VS 2 team tournament matches from 11/17!!

More updates as they come!

UPDATE 11/29/09

It has been over a month since we’ve updated this section!  We’ve been extremely busy since TEKKEN 6 has launched!  But stay tuned as the TEKKEN 6 section of this site evolves into it’s own area filled with all the TEKKEN 6 info one would need!

In the meantime, here are some recent news updates from Nov. 2009!

Softbank Publishing of Japan will be releasing the TEKKEN 6 Perfect Guide next month (2730 Yen)! Now this might not mean much to most TEKKEN enthusiasts, but this guide will feature a full list of TEKKEN 6 Frame Data and other nifty lists for TEKKEN freaks like US! Once preorders open up on Play-Asia and other sites, we’ll be sure to link them here!  Speaking of Frame Data, did you know SDTEKKEN has data up for 3 characters already?  Check it out here.

The PSP version of TEKKEN 6 is now available on both UMD AND PSN!  See below for the official press release!

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The TEKKEN 6 console patch is out NOW!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  For full details on the changes and improvements to the TEKKEN 6 experience, click below for all the details!  Thanks TEKKEN TEAM and Namco Bandai Games, Inc.!

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ULTRAJUMPEGG has put up the third volume of their ongoing TEKKEN COMIC! Check it out after clicking below!

*NOTE: Don’t forget to allow pop-ups in order to view the comic from the site, and clicking on the American flag to view the comic in English.

TEKKEN 6 has been nominated for SPIKE TV’s 2009 Video Game Awards! Vote for it to win the BEST FIGHTING GAME category by clicking below.  Tune in to SPIKE TV on Dec 12th at 8PM ET/PT to see who wins!

IAMTEKKEN has put up the first episode of their video podcast series LEVEL UP YOUR GAME.  This is a new video series that will be aimed to help get new players up to speed quicker with the game and provide insight for/from veteran players regarding each of the characters in the game.  Check it out by clicking below:

Newest video updates:

  • SDTEKKEN YouTube – Yes!  We’re back!  Check out all the new match vids/mirrors of stuff we’ve seen on the web!
  • Hong Kong Tekken YouTube – Formerly known as FeiChunWong’s YouTube… The Hong Kong TEKKEN scene has moved to this new channel!  Check out all the latest TEKKEN 6: Bloodline Rebellion match vids!
  • KIOIN YouTube – Check some new combo vids from T6BR!
  • Tekken Gosu YouTube – Formerly known as KOREANTAKKEN on YouTube, the Green Arcade TEKKEN 6: BR matches are back!  Check it out!

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