Tekken 6 Paul Phoenix Combo Vid by Drake The Demon!

May 7, 2011

Drake The Demon is back with more combo madness, this time with Paul Phoenix (Last seen in Team ACE’s “Big Ace Planet” combo vid)! Click above to view the vid!

Tekken 6 Combo Videos by Eaglejin, ManjiNemesis & TMM!

May 6, 2011

With the TZCP finished a high dosage fo combo videos are in order, with ManjiNemesis with a Yoshi vid (The best video imo), Eaglejin with some Dragunov and TMM with a Lee act you won’t be disappointed! Click above and below to view (Click the YouTube button for copyright material)!

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Wireless Pads At Evo? Forget It

May 5, 2011

If you are going to attend this year’s Evolution tournament then we are warning you that you won’t be able to use PlayStation 3 wireless controllers. Fight Sticks, Arcade Sticks, controllers with converters – yes. Sixaxis and Dual Shock 3 – no. Check out the rest of the entry for details by Mr Wizard.

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Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 3!

May 1, 2011

The final part of the trilogy has finally arrived, with all the best combos saved for last! Click above to view the video!

Tekken 6 Community Combo Vid “The Divine” Part 2!

April 23, 2011

After a tiny wait for the second part to the biggest combo event of this year, here is part 2! Click above to watch the video! (I’ve decided not to review the following parts due to possible outbursts, but the combos were fantastic!)

Tekken 6 Mishima Combo Act 5 by TMM/ DVJ Exorcism Vid by EDT & Reviews!

April 20, 2011

PERSONAL MESSAGE: It had come to my attention that a few people had some issues with these reviews, I had read and acted accordingly to the “advice”.

The Mishima combo maker TMM, has recently managed to squeeze more combo juice out of the Mishimas for his new combo video! Whilst doing this review TMM himself suggested I add fellow Mishima combo team EDT’s (Egyptian Darkness Team) Devil Jin combo video entitled “Exorcism” to the review (written by TMM himself)! Click above for TMM’s video and click below for the Reviews and EDT’s video!

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Tekken 6 “The Divine Combo” Community Video Part 1 & Review!

April 19, 2011

As we heard before, Perfect Input member S.M.P. had organised a new Tekken 6 Community Video with the top combo makers in the business to join, he has released part 1 of the combo thriller with a lot of great stuff! Click above to watch the video (I suggest clicking the “Watch on YouTube” video button due to copyright) and click below for the review of part 1!

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A-CHO Japanese TEKKEN 6 Team Battle

April 17, 2011

Japanese amusement center, A-CHO held a TEKKEN 6 – 2 vs. 2 team tournament recently! Some top players from all over Japan gathered in Kyoto to do battle! Check out almost two hours of action with the above video and by clicking below!

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Tekken 5/BR Marduk & Multi Combos by KYSG Moramota & Review!

April 13, 2011

One of the legends from the famous combo team KYSG named Moramota has just released a new compilation of Tekken 5 Marduk combos and multi character combos in Tekken 6 BR with some crazy moments! Click above to view the video and click below for the review (Also with a few facts from sithlord, credit to him)!

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Tekken 6 Leo Combo Video by GuC11 [KYSG] & Review!

April 6, 2011

After his impressive Hwoarang Compilation video, GuC11 of KYSG has just released a new CMV featuring Leo! She/He hasn’t had much attention to combo makers and this does her/him justice! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

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Multiple Combo Videos From Orochimaru, TheBelmonthunter, DragonKen & More!

April 3, 2011

Although I wasn’t able to do any reviews, these Combo Video are extremely unique and this week has had a gigantic amount! The various combo videos are from Orochimaru, TheBelmonthunter, Golden Eggs, DragonKen and sanchezo95, Click above for Orochimaru’s video and click below for the rest of the hardcore material!

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Bound + Bound + Bound = 3 Bounds

March 29, 2011

Following our very own tmd02’s new Raven Combo Video (watch it in the rest of the entry) Deep Theater recorded a combo with 3 bounds. Yup, it’s possible!

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Tekken 6 Ling Combo/Tech Trap Video By Ling Massacre!

March 29, 2011

How the hell did I miss this! Ling Massacre recently made a combo/tech trap video for Ling Xiaoyu with some amazing work! Click above for the video!

TEKKEN 6 King Combo Video By Doree & Review!

March 25, 2011

After his insane WB! heavy King video last year, Doree from Team Turk Masters (also known as RatRodBike on Youtube) has released a sequel to the King hit and even better than before! Click above for the video and click below for the review!

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TEKKEN 6 Jack-6 Combo Video By tmd02 & Review by TMM!

March 22, 2011

Although I’m not one to be promoting my own videos too often, however The Main Man himself asked to do a review for my video, I humbly accepted the offer! Click above to view the video and click below for the review by TMM!

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MAX DamagermanY Results

March 21, 2011

Asia dominated DamagermanY with 3 players placing top 3. The other guest outside of Europe, FightingGM, placed 5th having lost to European’s best Devil Jin player, Devil Kazuya. Suprisingly the event became a festival of Mishimas because Ryan Hart using Kazuya tied the 5th place with GM. Three Mishima players among best 6 participants? This is rare to see and was a pleasure to watch on the live stream.


1st – JDCR (Devil Jin, Heihachi) [South Korea]
2nd – Hankuma (Leo, Kuma/Panda) [South Korea]
3rd – AO (Alisa) [Japan]
4th – Devil Kazuya (Devil Jin) [Italy]
5/6th – FightingGM (Lee) [USA], Ryan Hart (Kazuya) [UK]

Tekken 6 Official Community Project Trailer Edited by Tobi!

March 20, 2011

The most anticipated combo project of this year has an official trailer released by Tobi/DrunkenLotus! Get ready for the combo ride of your life and watch above!

Tekken 6 Manual Demo/Arcade Stick Tips by TMM

March 17, 2011

Here is a video with TMM himself describing input based material involving an arcade stick, and helps describe CDs and WDs. There’s also some combo footage too with TMM showing recorded footage of his inputs on stick and pad! Click above to view.

Tekken 6 Jin Kazama Combo Vid by TMM & Review!

March 13, 2011

TMM is currently on fire in the combo community, releasing yet another astonishing piece of combo art in the form of Jin Kazama (Long awaited by some due to his Mishima nature)! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

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Tekken 6 “Neta 39” Combos From KYSG Deep Theater!

March 9, 2011

Deep Theater from KYSG has released some great material in a short vid of clips he didn’t use for the upcoming Tekken Zaibatsu Community Project #2, Click above to view!

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