September 5, 2010

sithlord, the famous Tekken combo movie maker, has made interviews with two members of the worldwide known team KYSG which has been providing the fighting game communities with various fantastic combo acts with programmable controllers. Click one of the links below to start reading.

The Main Combo Video Man

September 1, 2010

August has brought us the first Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition with lots of great combo videos submitted. An extra poll was needed because of a draw between The Main Man and ZeroX03. The former received more votes from our forum users and we are happy to announce that The Main Man has become the first Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition Champion! If you haven’t yet seen his great video then be sure to watch Kazuya Combo ACT 11 down below. DORYAH!

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New Team ACE Combo Video!

August 22, 2010

An original concept along with some great combos? It’s rare to see nowadays. Fortunately there are people like Team ACE members who know how to entertain the viewers. After quite a long break they’re back with Big ACE Planet. Wondering what’s going on with the news banner above? Watch the video to find out!

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TZ Combo Video Competition Final Round

August 16, 2010

Congratulations to Diety Devil, Mad Hittman, OUTBREAK_YOKO, The Main Man and ZeroX03 for advancing to Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition finals! Now TZ members have 7 days to watch the finalists’ videos, read short interviews with them and choose the one that should win in their opinion. Click the link below to find all the information and vote!

Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition Round 1!

August 2, 2010

22 players joined the Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 6 Combo Video Competition! You can vote for their videos until August 8th. Top five videos will be choosen and you will be able to vote again in the 2nd, final round. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

Tekken Zaibatsu Combo Video Competition

July 26, 2010

If you are a combo video creator then you can’t miss the Tekken 6 Combo Video Competition organised by Tekken Zaibatsu! Do you want to know which of the videos the viewers consider the best? Read the rest of the entry to check the details!

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Low Parry Combo Ranking

June 3, 2010

Golden Eggs from Japan has made a video with Tekken 6 low parry combo character ranking. Who has the best low parry combo in the game and which character(s) shouldn’t parry lows that often? Watch the video down below and find out!

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Tekken Zaibatsu Tekken 6 Community Combo Act

May 31, 2010

This is what many people have been waiting for – the Tekken Zaibatsu Community has prepared a Tekken 6 combo video featuring some of the most well-known CMV creators of the past few months. Read the rest of the entry to watch this combo act!

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Kane’s Lili Combo Video Part 4!

May 11, 2010

After a long break Kane is back with the 4th installment of his Tekken 6 Lili Combo Video! What has the best American Lili player come up with? Find it out watching his newest video down below.

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Tekken Combo Challenge Volume 2

April 8, 2010

After replies from various player to the first Tekken Combo Challenge noodalls decided to make a new challenge. The rules are similar, however, you have to use u/f+1, u/f+2, u/f+3 and u/f+4. Click below to check the original solution and reply to this video if you want to submit your combo.

SDTEKKEN.COM Combo Video Library

April 3, 2010

As you already know, we created TEKKEN 6 COMBO VIDEO section where you can submit your combo videos so that we add them. To keep you informed about the updates in our library, we’ve decided to make a new Twitter account where we’re going to keep you updated with the videos we will be adding. Click the link below and follow us to be up-to-date with the latest Tekken 6 combo movies!

The 5 last entries from there can also be checked in one of the widgets in our right-side column.

Roger Jr. Combo Act By Guc11

March 30, 2010

‘Serious Business’ is the name of a new Roger Jr. combo act made by Guc11 from Team Perfect Input. Since there aren’t many combo videos of this character and because of fact that the Hungarian player has been providing the Tekken community with great combo videos, his newest movie is definitely worth watching and a must-see for the Kangaroo fans! You can either watch it at YouTube or download a HQ version from RapidShare.

noodalls’ Tekken Combo Challenges

March 28, 2010

noodalls has been doing a great job for the Tekken 6 Community, providing us with detailed information on the frames. Having seen sonichurricane’s SFIV combo challenges he came up with an idea of making something similar with Tekken 6. The first challenge is to make a combo including: d+1, d+2, d+3 and d+4 (all from neutral, so FC moves are forbidden). You’re free to use bounds and walls.

To submit your combo just make a video reply to noodalls’ video linked above. Below you can find the video replies which have been posted so far.

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Yoshimitsu Combo Video Collection

March 27, 2010

Although tournament-wise Yoshimitsu in Tekken 6 is not a popular character, he still has one of the most dedicated communities. If you are interested in playing him you can’t miss – a site where fans of this character gather. Inca’s Yoshimitsu vs. bible is another thing definitely worth mentioning. Apart from that the community has also made some really great combo videos. Watch them by clicking the link below.

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Marin’s Baek Combo Video

March 25, 2010

Marin from the Dutch Tekken community has made a very entertaining Baek combo video with lots of strong juggles you probably haven’t yet seen. If you’re a Baek player you can’t miss it. If you’re not then watch it as well because it’s really great! Click below to view it.

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sithlord’s Feng Combo Video

March 20, 2010

sithlord has put up his new TEKKEN 6 combo video, this time round with some great juggles for Feng! Would you expect less from a member of the TEAM ACE?

If you want to be updated with latest TEKKEN 6 combo videos, check our LATEST TEKKEN COMBO VIDEOS widget in the right column!

TEKKEN 6 Rage Death Combos Collection

March 16, 2010

When you are close to losing a round you know what to do – maximize your combo damage thanks to rage, which allows you to win a round even if your opponent’s bar is full. Recently some new death combos were found out. You can view them by clicking one of the links below.

TZMurakumo’s TEKKEN 6 Lee Tutorials

March 16, 2010

TZMurakumo has been providing the TEKKEN 6 community with lots of informative stuff and great Lee tutorials and combo videos. If you are looking forward to learning this character then you should definitely start with these videos. Click below in order to watch them.

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Turkish TEKKEN 6 Combo Video

March 13, 2010

Players from Tekken Turkey community have made a great half hour long Tekken 6 combo video with over 170 combos for various characters – this means that everyone can find some good stuff for himself! Check out the rest of the entry for all the four parts of their movie.

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Jack-6 Community Combo Video

March 10, 2010

It’s rare to see two such great combo videos released in such a short period of time but here it is! TekkenZaibatsu’s Jack-6 Community teamed up to make their video tribute to Jack-6 with outstanding combos by Sithlord, Ares, Crane, Brahma and The Invicible and fantastic editing by Ares! Watch this combo act by clicking one of the links below.

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