WCG Fighter Club II In New York

April 14, 2010

WCG Fighter Club is back! Visit Samsung Experience in New York City in early May and take part in the TEKKEN 6 and Dead or Alive 4 tournaments, both of which will be played on Xbox 360. Over $5,000 in cash and prizes will be given to the best players! Check out below for more details.

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WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 Casting!

April 7, 2010

WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 organizers are looking for the best all-around video gamer, so if you’re an avid gamer, at least 18 years old, have a valid passport, and want a shot at $100,000, they want you! Come pwn them at one of the audition locations! For more details check below or visit wcgultimategamer.com.

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Marin’s Baek Combo Video

March 25, 2010

Marin from the Dutch Tekken community has made a very entertaining Baek combo video with lots of strong juggles you probably haven’t yet seen. If you’re a Baek player you can’t miss it. If you’re not then watch it as well because it’s really great! Click below to view it.

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sithlord’s Feng Combo Video

March 20, 2010

sithlord has put up his new TEKKEN 6 combo video, this time round with some great juggles for Feng! Would you expect less from a member of the TEAM ACE?

If you want to be updated with latest TEKKEN 6 combo videos, check our LATEST TEKKEN COMBO VIDEOS widget in the right column!

Level Up Your Game: Episode 3!

March 16, 2010

MYK, TRUE! and Rip from IAMTEKKEN have already started uploading their third episode of Level Up Your Game video podcast! This time round they are taking a closer look at another new character, Lars Alexanders. If you want to learn about this character then this video is a must-see for you!

Global Championship Final Videos

March 8, 2010

TV02Channel has uploaded videos from last weekend’s TEKKEN 6 Global Championship Finals from Tokio. Be sure to watch the videos in case you’ve missed the UFRAG.TV stream or had some technical problems watching it and see how the players from all around the world competed to achieve The King Of Iron Fist Tournament 2010 title!

TEKKEN HERO “Best Of Best”

March 8, 2010

After a long break Jon747 uploaded some new Tekken 6 videos from the Korean MBC Game channel! This time the best players of the TEKKEN GOSU were invited to a live show to face each other in a tournament in the show’s studio. Check out the rest of the entry for the videos mentioned. Keep in mind that the participants are online players so don’t expected a high-level Korean matches you could’ve gotten used to. Yet, they are fun to watch.

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TEKKEN 6 At WCG 2010!

March 7, 2010

It’s OFFICIAL! The Xbox 360 version of TEKKEN 6 will be played at this year’s World Cyber Games! This is a third – after Dead or Alive 4 and Virtua Fighter 5 – fighting game in the WCG’s history thanks to the poll from a few months ago. Check out the rest of the entry for the list of games.

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Global Championship Final Results!

March 7, 2010

Thanks to stream provided by UFRAG.TV we were able to watch the Tekken 6 Global Championship Final hosted in Tokyo by Namco Bandai Games.

The 16 finalists were divided into two groups, eight players for each of the two consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360). In the PS3 Grand Final JDCR (Heihachi) from Korea, who came out from the Losers Bracket, won 2:1/2:0 against Feng played by one of the top Japanese players, Yuu. The second final was a battle between two South Koreans, Nin (Steve) and boradoldol (Baek). This fight was won by Nin, the Tekken Crash series’ commentator. JDCR and Nin will go for a round-the-world trip while Yuu and boradoldol are going to receive home theater sets.

The best player from outside of Asia was Gen1us from France, who came out 3rd in the Playstation 3 tournament.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the event!

Watch The Global Championship Final LIVE!

March 6, 2010

The Namco’s Global Championship Final is almost here! The battle between best Tekken 6 players from all over the world will be STREAMED LIVE AT TEKKEN’s OFFICIAL SITE! The stream is brought to us by UFRAG.TV and will start at 15:00 on Sunday March 7th (if you’re living in the US then it’s going to be Saturday March 6th, 10 PM PST / 1AM EST for you). The winner will go for a round-the-world trip! Be sure not to miss it and see how well Tekken 6 can be played!

Frame Data Section Updated!

March 6, 2010

Tekken 6 community has been doing a great job putting together Frame Data for various characters. Visit our Tekken 6 Frame Data section to check FDs for the following characters: Lars, Alisa, Miguel, Lili, Feng, Asuka, Jack-6 and Hwoarang. That’s not all – stay tuned for the new characters’ Frame Data coming very soon!

The Main Man’s EWGF Tutorial

March 4, 2010

EWGF has always been one the most well-known Tekken moves. It’s hard for beginners and there aren’t many people having a 100% accuracy with it, however, if you play any member of the Mishima family you need to know how to do EWGFs consistently. The Main Man, Mishima player from Sweden, made an excellent EWGF video tutorial. Check out the rest of the entry for this great movie and visit The Main Man’s YouTube channel for some fantastic Mishima Tekken 6 combo acts!

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MadDoGJiN’s New Combo Video!

March 3, 2010

MadDoGJiN and Engineer Jr. are back with a new amazing Tekken 6 Hwoarang combo video! Check out below this fantastic movie with a not-so-hidden message for South Korean soccer fans.

Level Up Your Game: Episode 2!

March 2, 2010

IAMTEKKEN is back with a new episode of their great Level Up Your Game Tekken 6 video podcast! The second episode covers up one of the new Bloodline Rebellion characters, Alisa Bosconovitch. It also included some system-related issues not mentioned earlier.

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TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu

March 2, 2010

Tekken Crash is not the only MBCGame TV show about Tekken 6. If you’re tired of watching very safe/patient top Korean match play and want to see the fun stuff, you shoud watch TEKKEN Hero: Korean Gosu show where some of the world’s best players play Tekken 6 online using fake nicknames against randomly choosen people. And yes, Nin is here as a commentator, just like in the Tekken Crash series!

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2/26 – 3/1: Mad Catz Promo – 20-30% OFF + TE Stick Key Chain!

February 26, 2010

There will be a special Mad Catz Store promotion (20-30% off fighting game products) going on this weekend! Mad Catz will be live in Southern California at this weekend’s Level|Up Tournament plugging this website promo and showing off some of their new Super Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko VS. Capcom products! Stay tuned to levelup-series.com for more details & if you’re in the Orange County area, come out and visit us on Saturday!

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Namco Bandai Games Hosts TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL!

February 22, 2010

Tokyo, Japan. March 7, 2010. The KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT. TEKKEN 6 Global Championship FINAL! Some of the world’s most skilled TEKKEN players will gather, along with 16 of the top placers from around the world… All to crown the Global TEKKEN 6 Champion! Click below for all the details and stay tuned to SDTEKKEN.COM for some HUGE TEKKEN related announcements regarding THIS event!

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Hori’s RAP Premium Series!

February 16, 2010

Hori has finally unveiled full details on their Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX arcade sticks! Available for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the officially licensed Taito Vewlix arcade stick will retail for a hefty 30,000 Yen ($332.72 USD going by today’s exchange rate)!  The stick will be available at the end of March and will be made available in limited quantities for the Japanese market only! Stay tuned for more info on when you can preorder this immaculate stick on Play-Asia !

Help Bring Virtua Fighter 5R To Consoles!

February 16, 2010

Our friends at VFDC are on a mission to convince SEGA to port Virtua Fighter 5R to home consoles. SDTEKKEN fully supports the fighting game genre and it’s community so we ask all our readers to help participate and spread the word! Click below for FULL details on how you can help get VF5R to home consoles!

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Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Announced For Xbox 360!

February 3, 2010

PlayStation 3 owners were recently treated to Hori’s latest high end stick offering, leaving Xbox 360 owners high and dry… Until NOW! Amazon Japan is now taking preorders on the Hori RAP PRO VX SA! Featuring the same Vewlix inspired design that the PS3’s V3 version uses, which was popularized by the game changing Mad Catz Tournament Edition series of arcade sticks… The VX SA features high quality, genuine arcade parts and is slated for a late April release! Stay tuned for more details once preorders go up on Play-Asia and other sites!

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